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02-01-2000, 05:44 PM
It's been another day of hell in my 15 yr. old life. (sorry no other way to put it!!) I had a HUGE basketball game tonight, and we lost by 5. Now instead of being 0-10 we are 1-9. I come home mad at myself for not having and good game. I go down to my room to listen to Garth because he can always makes it ok. He always is the upside to my down days. Tonight when I got home, I see a Country Weekly on my bed w/ Garth on the cover (looking good as always) and a grin comes to my face until I see what it's about...Will He Won't He...? I lay across my bed, turn on my cd player, and while listening to Garth and reading the article...I just start crying. I can't imagin my life w/o him...I've loved him since I was 5yrs. old. He takes all my pain away, and eases my mind. At the sound of his voice everything is ok. The thought of him not being around me...not hearing him or seeing his face on tv breaks my heart. I honestly don't know how i could ever live w/o him. I read everyone else's posts...everyone seems to be so calm about this whole mess. My question is how...How can u be so calm? No one else sees him as high or loves him as much as I do I guess. Garth is my world. The reason I always give 150% in all I do. The reaon I have such a passion for music. The reason I want to be better. My hero. One thing i love so much about Garth is the fact that he is human...he does hurt and feel and mess up...but he does it w/grace. If Garth goes...I don't think my "Tomorrow Will Ever Come." He is a main reason I'm still a part of thing thing called The Dance. W/o Garth my Dance would be over...I don't think I could make it, at most, a month. I too think Garth really does need to slow down...way down. He needs time w/ his wife, kids, and most of all right now, his dad. I don't however think he should just stop. I would like to hear from u guys about how to deal w/ this better...it seems like I'm the only one truly hurting about all of this. I ask one thing...keep Garth and his family in your prayers. He needs them. Whatever God wants him to do is what will be done. At the same time I don't think God will take him away from me b/c He knows how much Garth means to me. Sorry for going on and on...I just had to find a way to stop crying...and writing is a relese for me.<P>Thinking about Garth as always<BR>StephN

02-01-2000, 07:56 PM
Wow, Steph, take it easy, it will be ok. :) Garth will always be around one way or another. Have you anyone to talk to about these intense feelings you are having? I hate to say it, but I'm gonna, you are young yet. You are 15 and have your whole life ahead of you. Take it one day at a time. You just came home from losing an important basketball game. You are to say the least, wound up, right? Then you read that article and feel that Garth is retiring. Feeling as dissappointed as you do about your game, you are now feeling that Garth is dissappointing you too? Is that close? You, like the rest of us don't want him to retire, but it is his decision. We want him to cut back and spend time with his family too. I think you need to get some rest and you will feel better in the morning. Don't think that Garth has deserted you. You will always have his music and hopefully taped tv appearances. :) I have to say also that because you are a young adult, emotions are a real roller coaster and feelings change with the wind. :) DON'T ever think that you can't live without something or someone because you CAN. And you will. Think of all the positives in your life. Sounds like basketball is very important to you. Concentrate on things that makes you happy. Do you have a best friend or sibling you can talk to, or your parents? You should talk about these feelings, don't keep it bottled up. :) You will feel better, I'm sure of it. Take confidence in the fact that Garth will always be around, and that you WILL get over this little bump on the road called life. If you just want a non-judgemental ear to listen, you can email me. I'm not a psychiatrist or anything like that, just another Garth fan trying to help a fellow fan and lend some moral support. I am a mom of 3 though, and my youngest is named Stefani. :) Very nice name, btw. ;) You take care of yourself, I would really like to see another happier post from you on here. Keep you chin up, honey, things always look better the next day. :)<P>Ellie :)N

02-01-2000, 11:31 PM
Well, I guess you can be glad you doesn't live here in DK :) :D<P>I don't like his idea either (retiring & ST)<BR>I think he should take this year completely off, and think about things. :)<BR>Then he can come back next year ;)<P>BrianN

02-06-2000, 06:30 PM
What! This can't be!! To Garth Brooks, I don't know if you will ever read this, all I can do is hope and pray that you do. I am a huge fan of yours, and it is strange, but I also have a lot of things in common with you too. Anyways I will be eighteen, on Feb. 8, one day after your thirty-eighth birthday (Happy Birthday!) I have been a huge fan of yours ever since I can remember. It is a huge disappointment, to hear you are thinking of retirement. When you were here in Indianapolis, my Mom went to your concert with a friend of hers, I was so upset because, I wasn't able to go. My Mom wouldn't let me go to concerts then. Now that I am able to go, my dream is to see you in concert, front row center. I tell everyone that my dream will come true some day. Now to hear you say you are thinking of retirement, I fear that I will never get to live out my dream. I hope you will really consider staying in the business, a least long enough for me to see you in concert. If you decide you are really going to retire, I want you to know, I will always be your #1 fan, I will support what ever you choose. I know that you don't want to miss your daughters growing up. You will be missed very much if you decide to retire. <BR>Your #1 fan, with love,<BR>MaryN

02-06-2000, 10:37 PM
<B>Steph</B>,<P>WELCOME TO PG :) I understood how you felt about Garth wanting to retire. It is hard to take it, but I guess I have learned to accept it because he will eventually retire someday right? ;) Just enjoy what you have right now and make sure it is worth lasting in your memory forever :D<P>TommyN

02-09-2000, 08:17 PM
#1GBFan---I know EXACTLY how you feel about Garth's retirement...I have loved the man since I was 10 years old (I am 21 now). I have been through alot in my years (parents divorce-friendships that ended-depression wihtin myself-suicide and much much more) and the only thing that really kept me going was Garth's music. I remember this one time when I was at an exceptional low in my life and wanted to end it all when I put in Garth's new CD (Ropin' the Wind) since his music usually helped me out of slumps. I looked over the titles and decided to listen to the last track first since it reminded me of a song I had heard once by Kenny Rogers...anyway...I sat there in my room, with a bottle of pills in one hand and my life in the other, listening to this song and I just started crying...I realized that my life was worth a heck of lot more than I saw it as and that things happen for a reason. NO other song in my life has ever spoken to me before in that way. Yes Garth's music has taught me things and helped me see things in my life for what they are, but that night I learned the most important thing...That I was worth it and I might hit a few walls but "I could make it through them all". <BR> "The Dance" also showed me alot--When I heard that song it was around the time I was beginning to understand the meaning of "divorce" and I wasn't sure what I was supposed to think of my father leaving. Even at the age of ten I understood the meaning behind the words of the song...and I looked back on the times I had with my father and smiled and realized that just because he wasn't there didn't mean the time I had with him was anything less than what it was.<P>ANYWAY--one more thing to say: Though I have never seen Garth live in concert in all the 11 years I have loved him, and I have never met him...he will always find a place within my heart and be with me always through my life helping me to live and understand what I am doing. I will miss him greatly and hope to someday be able to tell him face to face that it was HIS SONG that has made me who I am today!!!<P>Blessed Be<BR>**GarthGal#1**N

02-10-2000, 06:02 AM
<BR>Steph,<P>I don't want him to retire either. I hate the thought of never seeing him in concert again. But if he does make that decision We will always have his music to listen to and if you're like me you can hear his songs a thousand times and never get tired of them. You can see his face on video. Think happy thoughts. :)Think stupid thoughts like me-my son and Taylor are the same age-they could go to the same college, fall in love and get married then we'll be related. :)LOL---it could happen.N

02-10-2000, 12:04 PM
Garth didn't say he was retiring he said he might so don't worry now wait till he saids for sure which might not ever be. Besides, Garth said he wants to pursue other things, which means, he will always be around openly doing things. It is not a BIG deal really. He can't even stay home a year more like forever. :)N

Jo Cloud
02-10-2000, 03:55 PM
Please Garth do not leave us we love you too much for you to leave us.And no one will be able too feel your shoes.You are the best country singer of all time.And you are very caring.I have only seen you in concert once and would love the chance too see you again.And hope fully I will be alot closer then I was the last time.I would love too be able too touch you and tell you how great you are.And how much I love your songs.<BR>Lov Jo CloudN