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01-22-2000, 01:19 AM
Last year, I didn't even know who Garth was. Then my boyfriend came home with his Sevens CD, I loved Two Pina Coladas....and my love grew from there.....but anyway, last year before I even knew who Garth was, my boyfriend came home with two tickets to his concert in Buffalo, NY. Well it happened to be on a Thursday night, so I told him I didn't want to go cause i had to work in the morning, he ended up GIVING the tickets away. Needless to say...a year later I am kicking myself in the a**, especially since he announced his retirement!!!! I am forever heartbroken in New York...N

01-22-2000, 02:44 PM
What a bummer :(<P>Atleast you have discovered him :D :D :D :D<P>That's a huge plus :)<P>BrianN

01-22-2000, 02:48 PM
I'd be kickin' myself too because his shows compare to no other that I've attended anyway. Who knows you might get another chance to see him one day :)(hopefully)<BR>Go out and get yourself the "Live in Central Park" video, it's the next best thing to being there. :)<BR>Welcome to PG<BR>-Susan-N

01-29-2000, 03:39 PM
I kick myself just b/c I don't go to too many concerts :( But I agree... atleastly you have discovered Garth's music :)N

02-09-2000, 08:34 PM
In all my 11 years (i am 21 years old) of loving Garth Brooks I have never seen him in concert. Yes I am disappointed that I may never will, but I except that and hope one day he might choose to sing again...until then I live for his music on CD and his preformances from TV. That is all I have the right to ask for from him!!!<P>He will be sorely missed by all (myself included) but I respect his wishes and am glad he is doing it...I know what it is like to grow up without a father in my life and I understand why he would not want that for his daughters. I wish him well in all his envdeavors and will keep him in my heart forever and so should you. Treasure the times he has given us and smile.<P>Blessed Be<BR>**GarthGirl#1**<P>N

02-10-2000, 05:44 AM
I'm kicking myself too. He played six shows in the area and I only got tickets for one. If there ever is a next time, I will see all of them. N