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dossy the aussie
01-06-2000, 01:48 AM
O.K. first of all this post is in no way aimed at anyone's comments on Planet Garth . It is derived from me being fed up with so called Garth fans critsizing him for Wanting to retire . These people make me sick , they are selfish and have no respect for privacy , here is a man who has devoted more than 10 years and a whole lot of talent solely to his fans , I honestly don't think Garth ever got into this game for the fortune or for the glory , he did it because it's what he chose to do with his life , and goddamit why shouldn't he go out on top , doesn't he deserve it ? Fair enough , he will cop some harsh remarks , but some of the stuff I have heard people say is downright childish . Personally I feel that Garth deserves a break and spend time with his daughters . Anyhow thanks for reading , Does anyone agree with me or am I on my own ??<P>By the way , thanks Planet Garth , it's good to have a place like this to get that off my chest... catch ya's<BR> DossyN

01-06-2000, 06:42 AM
I had the opportunity to say a few things to Garth at the C&C show in Dec. I told him that I would be behind him in what ever he did & that I had loved his music for 10yrs and thanked him for his music. He said "thank you for saying that". I think he deserves some rest too & he deserves some time with his wife & kids, doesn't everyone? I agree with you dossy.... Garth is truly an amazing person with a truly amazing voice!! I will always have my memories & CD's but I sure will miss seeing him, BUT, he has a right to do what he has to do!!!!!!! LisaN

merry prankster 01
01-06-2000, 03:42 PM
Garth hasn't retired yet though and he may not so I am waiting for the official announcement before I think about anything on this.<P>I hope he don't quit totally but maybe just slow down or still do an album once in a while but what he does is what he does. I do know whatever he does, retires or not, he will always be around and in the spotlight ocassionaly so there really isn't much to worry about, will still see him. So I think some people need to just relax about the retirement issue because it is not we will never hear from Garth again, he even said he would be a song writer and write movie scripts and who knows maybe act in some movies. He said he was retiring from music maybe not everything that pertains to entertaining. :)N

01-06-2000, 06:34 PM
Garth in more movies!? LOL! We want that!N

01-06-2000, 06:45 PM
I agree I don't think Garth is going to just disapear and never do nothing again, he will do some things, he said it himself.<P>I would love to see Garth in movies other than the Lamb, I think if Garth is in the Lamb there is a chance he will do more movies down the future. I read a interview during his ST with the Pads and they asked Garth if a baseball movie is in his plans down the road and Garth said he hopes one day he could do a baseball movie. So see Garth the actor is not out of the question, if it was Garth would not be doing CG in the Lamb.N

01-07-2000, 12:33 AM
Well, you have probably all stumbled upon some of my posts :o<BR>All I can say is that nothing has changed for me, (except that I don't think much about it anymore) I stick 777% to what I have written earlier :)<P>BrianN

Michael Myers_13
01-07-2000, 05:14 PM
Why can't Garth just slow down though or not tour as much. He is not the only artist in Country music that has family obligations, in fact the majority of singers do have kids and wives. Garth is no different than other artist in the industry and he could just slow down or not tour for a while but why announce a possible retirement and say he is basically through. Almost all singers in Country have slowed down soonere or later either for family, health, or for themselves but why quit totally. I could see if Garth was in rock or pop where the format changes very often and and wasn't very popular but he is Country and Country singers don't quit and announce retirements. I never heard of one Country singer retire, have seen some just disapear but they were young and just didn't make it. Country singers normally keep going till they die or just get too old. I guess that is where the difference is though, the older ones who are gone were Country when Country wasn't cool and they didn't do it for the album sales, tour numbers or nothing they just did it. I heard what Garth said on Crook and Chase, he said if he can't be 100% then why do it at all, sounds to me if he can't be the most talked about or do the biggest tour of the year then he wants out, sounds like a ego problem to me. Garth claims he puts a 100% of himslef in his music and what he does, so why can't that 100% be put into a smaller tour or an album here and there. He said he was going to write songs maybe so what is the difference, he is going to spend time writing songs for other people he might as well just put the songs on a album of his own then promote it on a few talk shows atleast he will still be consider in the business. <P>That is what I don't understand. Why he can't just slow down before giving it all up, he is not the only one with a wife and kids. I understand he wants to spend a lot of time with his kids but he could do that and still do some music, it has been proven.<P>But maybe Garth just don't want to do music no more???? N

Debbie from NZ
01-08-2000, 11:51 AM
I agree with the Aussie!<P>He has given us so much. He doesn't OWE us anything. It's his life and he should be able to live it the way he wants (just like the rest of us expect to be able to do). The only people he owes are himself and his family. I support him 100%.<P>Having said that, of course I hope he either doesn't go away completely or comes back when he's ready.<P>KiwiN