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12-29-1999, 02:53 PM
News to me anyway about Garth's decision.<BR>from countrynow<P><BR>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>Garth Brooks' Children's Emotional Plea for Dad to Come Home <BR>Country star Garth Brooks is quitting music because his children begged him to do so.<BR>Earlier this month the top selling music artist made the public announcement he planned to hang up his musical hat in the millennium to spend more time with his wife and family.<P>But now the real reason for his shock decision is out - his young daughters wrote him a heartfelt plea to return home which brought the singer to tears.<P>The note, in crayon on white paper from his daughter Taylor, 7 and her sisters August, 5 and Allie, 3 told Brooks how much they loved him, but how much their mother Sandy missed him.<P>It read, "Mommy's sad, Daddy. We all want to be together. We love you and we love Mommy. Let's all be together. Come home to Mommy."<P>According to pals, the note helped Brooks make up his mind, bringing him to tears as he realized there were things more important to him than work.<P>Brooks says, "It's time to take the responsibility that I took on seven years ago when we had our baby, Taylor. I put my name on that baby and August and Allie followed. I've always justified it saying I was making a living for the family.<P>"Now the time's come to sit in and focus on that." <BR> <BR> <BR>N

12-29-1999, 03:01 PM
Wow, a letter like that really would hit you hard I would imagine. But I think he will still have time to work a little. I wouldn't want my husband around the house ALL THE TIME (and I love him very much.)<P>ElaineN

12-29-1999, 03:22 PM
Where did they get that from??? what scorce because it is out now in the tabloids, a big story on why Garth is quitting is in a tabloid so maybe it came from it and they stuck it on their site?N

12-29-1999, 03:36 PM
Hey I think they may have got that out of one of the tabloid notice how it says pal no source and i just went to the store yesterday and saw Garth on the front of a trash mag and saying Garth quitting show biz or something and why he was. I don't think that is something Garth would tell, if he wanted to tell he would have said it on Crook and Chase.N

12-29-1999, 04:16 PM
Yeah Yeah I just checked, two trash mags arE running stories this week. I didn't see anything about the note but it is not hard to come up with a story like that and I only checked 2 trash mags and there are more than 2 out there so who knows if it is in another one. I just find it odd that they say close friend, all the other articles from the Tennesean and newspaper gave a person name. I think Garth would have told us that and he would be sure and would said he WAS going to retire not he probally will retire. But who knows. I will wait and see what happens in a year. Hopefully he will still do albums at least. :)N

12-29-1999, 05:13 PM
I dont buy that story for a minute. Sounds like more of the typical trash coming from one of the rags. It's pretty low of them though, to bring the kids into it. It kinda surprises me too, that countrynow would add that kind of story to their site. I always before thought that countrynow was a reputable place for info. Guess not.N

12-29-1999, 05:40 PM
what kind of a friends tell the media stories like this?stories with his kids should be private unless he choses to talk about them!N

12-29-1999, 06:40 PM
That is right too. I doubt it is true. Garth and his family will be brought into this and the tabloids and other writers will go to town. It is going to be hard determining what written is true, I really think Garth is not going to subject much on this, if he does it will probally be on tv interview or radio interview if he is asked. I don't see him giving info out to writers to print seeing that they add on to the story. Also the story has Garth indeed quitting when Garth did not say he was indeed quitting he said probally which is a somewhat "if". It leaves a net if he deciides not to retire so I would say he is not really sure.<P>This is just the beginning of what will be written and said. I think I am just going to listen for Garth. I don't buy that one written though. :) N

12-29-1999, 08:18 PM
I have to agree with Alawishes, Apple31 and Cheryl :)<BR>Bringing in the kids in this story, now THAT is disgusting :( :(<P>I don't buy it for one minute :)<P>Brian<BR>N

12-30-1999, 05:04 AM
Just when you thought people couldn't sink any lower...<P>KerryN

12-31-1999, 01:02 AM
When I first read the story on the GBox, I felt guilty for being hesitant to believe it. I got the impression that everyone 'knew' it was true, and it just didn't click for me. I'm glad to see I'm not alone.<P>Garth Always,<BR>DanielleN

12-31-1999, 03:49 AM
Hi guys,<P>Someone posted on the g-box today that they heard GARTH HIMSELF on the radio saying his fans deserved an explanation and that Taylor HAD written him the crayon note telling him she and her sisters missed him, and after his appearances were done would he come home?<P>I may have misinterpreted, but it doesn't matter anyway - the choice is Garth's to make, and his reasons are his own, unless he chooses to tell us. It doesn't change the fact that I support whatever he chooses to do and wish the best and happiest year for him and his whole family.<P>KerryN

merry prankster 01
12-31-1999, 09:35 AM
I think it is phony, it sounds phony and it is written phony. I don't think Garth would mention his kids that much on his decision, he said on Crook and Chase that this is mainly his decision and that his family is respecting it instead of telling him what they want him to do. He would have brought up the note on the show. I don't even think Garth would say that anyways, he knows his kids would be put on the blame in articles specially by his critics and then it would make them be more involved in the tabloid stories that are coming out.. I don't think Garth has evened commented on the thing since crook and chase, when would he have done a radio interview right before Christmas, it would have been in Nashville maybe and it would have been out at the time of crook and chase not a few weeks later.N