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12-28-1999, 12:38 PM
Hey,Pgrs, I wanted to let you know my husband<BR>came home this morning and told me he heard<BR>a interview over the radio last night with<BR>garth and trisha they talked about their<BR>friendship and garths leaving music business.<BR>Someone called in and asked him if he was<BR>going to walk away for good he said no they<BR>were talking to someone who loved music but<BR>being a daddy was first on his list and his<BR>music was second( the way it should be.)<BR>He said that if the music part interfeard<BR>with him being a daddy then yes he would<BR>walk away. He said he wanted to do more <BR>duets and things like that that was not<BR>so time consuming it sounded to me like he<BR>wanted to do things that would he would not<BR>have to go out on the road to promote a<BR>album like he does. Well I hope that helps<BR>alot of you feel better about the big R<BR>by knowing that he does not want to give<BR>up complety just yet.<BR>Take care pgrs.<BR>Sheila :)N

12-28-1999, 01:30 PM
That is great news, I knew he would not totally quit. I guess he will still do albums afterall. :) :)N

12-29-1999, 10:57 AM
Are him and Trisha still going to do there duet album?? Last I heard it was off. Oh well as long as Garth makes new music and it is not going to retire completley I will be happy. :)N

12-29-1999, 12:53 PM
Alawishes, My husband did not say wether<BR>or not garth and trisha were still going<BR>to do their album it still may be up in<BR>the air.N