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12-22-1999, 07:36 PM
Forget about it for now.<P>When Garth announces it publicly, then we will get upset.<P>Don't worry be happy.<P>Just wait for it.<P>And if anyone responds to this topic <BR>DO NOT USE THE 'R' WORD!!!!!!<P>Garth may or may not change his mind, just wait until the official announcement is made.<P>and <BR>Simma Dan Na!<P> :D :D :D :D<BR> :D Glenn :D<BR> :D :D :D :DN

12-22-1999, 07:59 PM
Ok.. ok... I've kept quite long enough now. I've been too embarrassed to admit that I missed the SNL show. :( I gather that SIMMA DAN NA translates to Simmer down now... but can someone give me a quick summary (or even a long one) of what happened on the show... about the skits and everything.<P>I'm so sad I missed it.... PLEASE?<P>And you're right... we are being pretty premature about the whole R thang! As far as I know Garth hasn't had any interviews or press releases since the C & C show to explain things. Is that accurate?<P>I had an e-mail from a friend that said his friend is friends (hows that for 4th hand info???) with Garth said that Garth was very upset after the interview. Maybe it was just one of those days and things just tumbled out?N

12-22-1999, 09:46 PM
<B>Snow</B>,<P>LOL.. well, the show was great, but I'll other PGer to explain the show to ya ;) You know.. I am not really good at English and I am afraid that I might miss something that is really funny.<P><B>Glenn</B>,<P>YEP.. JUST WAIT AND SEE ;)<P>TommyN

12-23-1999, 08:52 AM
Okay <B>Snow</B><P>it is sad that you missed the SNL that Garth hosted :(<P>but LUCKY YOU<BR>I CAN TELL <BR>YOU ABOUT<BR>IT!!!!!!!!!!!<P>Simma Dan Na = Simmer down, now<BR>(you were correct)<P>It was one of the funniest skits I've seen in a long time<P>Sherri O'terri (I believe that's her name)<BR>was the lady at a costomer service desk (who takes returns and such)<P>people would come up to the desk and speak very nicely and before they could finish telling what was wrong with the product she would say SIMMA DAN NA<P>so it goes on like this until some one asks to see the manager (GARTH)<BR>he comes out and asks what the problem was <P>the guy says "I got this shirt and one sleeve seems to longer than the other" (or something to that effect<P>Garth says SIMMA DAN NA (which is funny because they expected the manager to be totally different than the sales representative)<P>Then Garth picks up the shirt like he is going to take it back and he smells it<P>His face grimaces and he says<BR>"Sir you do know the shirt is to be worn on the upper part of the body and not <BR>DRUG THROUGH THE VALLIES OF YOUR BUTTOCKS!"<P>then the costomer gets upset<BR>and Garth and Sherri both say SIMMA DAN NA<P>and then the people leave<P>the next people come up and Garth does the SIMMA DAN NA thing again, then he does things where he sounds out SIMMA DAN NA and points to different things that make the noises SIMMA DAN NA<BR>(and all the while he is using this silly voice but during this particular part he uses the silly voice and slows it down as though he were talking to a small child)<P>then those people walk off<P>the next guy says "I want to return this"<BR>and Sherri says "huh"<BR>and the guy says "TAKE IT BAK NA"<BR>then Garth says "I'm on it" <P>so now you know the story of <BR>SIMMA DAN NA<P>so to everyone <P>SIMMA DAN NA<P> :D :D :D :D<BR> :D Glenn :D <BR> :D :D :D :DN

12-23-1999, 09:49 AM
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! :)<P>Now I REALLY want to see it!<P>But I guess I should simma dan na!N

12-23-1999, 12:59 PM
That was a really funny skit. I watch it on my tape every night my dad gets the hugest kick out of it. You need to check for repeats. <BR>simmer down na,<BR>stephN

09-28-2003, 08:12 PM
Wow stuff changes a lot in a few years eh? Well I watched my old SNL tape over the weekend and then what happens, I sign on here tonight and being bored decide to see what the "guests" were looking at, and I found this *very old* thread. I didn't know all of this old stuff had "migrated" with the board through it's various formating changes. :)

09-28-2003, 11:44 PM
Hey Deb,

Just ask and you shall receive. This episode of SNL will be on Comedy Central on Tuesday, Sept. 30 at 5:00 p.m. ET Hopefully, you get Comedy Central.



09-29-2003, 12:56 AM
LOL - nearly 4 years later, her request is answered!

PG is being Googled, apparently. I've seen the Google spider crawling through the Planet a LOT lately looking at every conceivable link.
J. <--- waving at Julie :)

09-29-2003, 01:50 AM
Yeah I've seen the "Googling" as well. I tend to look at the user logs when I get on and no one seems to be posting, but people are shown as logged in. Gives me a sense of where the action might be, if ya know what I mean ;). But this thread was actually being viewed by a "guest" when I saw it; the Google spider usually says "Google" next to it (not sure how they made that happen, but whatever....

...I guess we can justify this thread as still being on-topic by saying that Garth is being Googled! ;)

Okay... I guess I'm just in a goofy mood tonight ;).


*runs from Joyce & Julie*

09-29-2003, 01:53 AM
well we all know how Ann likes to OOGLE Garth, so it does somehow seem fitting that he gets GOOGLE'd as well....


09-29-2003, 05:46 AM
Yeah, thats it! I wanna oogle his google while he smurfs my smurfin, smurf!


09-29-2003, 08:14 AM
Great, now you guys got Ann all excited again!


09-29-2003, 08:11 PM
Great, now you guys got Ann all excited again!

debThat's a permanent state with her deb.

I noticed that there were guests visiting some archived pages, and I checked them out as well. It was pretty interesting.