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12-21-1999, 07:01 PM
A friend sent me these 2 little news excerpts and I thought you all would find them interesting. I found the first one interesting because you can see how much Garth not touring the last year has hurt concert sales. Not that Garth's not touring accounts for all the money... but I think that many of the artists saw that Garth wasn't out there as much so they were able to scale back a bit themselves. It's also interesting that Nashville is looking for Shania to help hold things up if Garth isn't in the picture. Gee... they havn't treated her any better than Garth in the past. Maybe they are thinking about some things huh?!<P><I>Country concert tours took a double digit hit in both gross revenue and attendance in 1999. Gross revenues declined by 16% while total attendance at country concerts dropped a whopping 28%. One of the reasons for the declines is that country acts were not touring as much as in prior years. Another reason is that some promoters don't report data for tours that lost money. The good news is that the genre had it's strongest new headliner act in 10 years (since Garth) as Shania Twain's tour was country music's biggest grossing tour, taking in $36.5 million in 1999. (Amusement Business)</I><P>In this next article it sounds a little like panic at Capitol... or at the least that the right hand (Allen Reynolds) doesn't know what the left hand (Pat Quigley) is up to. I sort of get the feeling that they may have been as surprised as anyone about this retirement business. Again... something I see as a hopeful sign that Garth was more 'thinking out loud' on the C&C show than discussing something that's already in the works. I mean it sounds like he hadn't even discussed it with his record company... so how DEFINITE could it be yet?<P><I>Since Garth Brooks hinted at retirement, there has been a great deal of speculation as to the impact on the country music industry if Garth actually did retire. After all, Garth accounted for 10% of all country music album sales last year. In response to this speculation, Capitol Nashville CEO Pat Quigley says, "We have a lot of Garth catalog initiatives and unreleased tapes....There are so many things we can do. He could be a very viable act for the next ten years." Garth's long-time producer, Allen Reynolds, who has produced all of Garth's albums except the Chris Gaines thing, disagrees with Pat Quigley's assessment, however, saying "Pat doesn't know what he's talking about. If [Garth] does [have unreleased tapes], I don't know where they are. There are some things we've cut and not used, but not very many, and certainly not enough to make an album out of. And there's nothing in there that I feel like we've overlooked." (Tennessean) (country.com)</I><P>Wow... 10 years worth of unreleased material. Even if we are talking about only 1 CD a year... hey... that could certainly tide us over until the girls get a little older ya know?!<P>Sorry this is so long... but I found it encouraging.N

12-21-1999, 07:39 PM
Snow......<P>I agree with you about Garth "thinking out loud". We are probably overreacting. And I'm very discouraged about the thrashing Garth is getting by his "fans". I think we should all give this negativity a rest. Let the man live his own life, and make his own decisions. We don't know how he feels.....and he probably doesn't know how he feels right now. He's a good guy, and I think we need to treat him better than we are right now. He doesn't deserve this pummelling he's getting.N

12-21-1999, 08:47 PM
That sounds cool Snow :D :D<P>BrianN

12-21-1999, 10:17 PM
Thanks for passing on the info, Snow. :) I agree with you and Crackers, and Garth certainly isn't deserving of all of the bashing he is getting. Well, "you don't know what you've got til it's gone," comes to mind! I think alot of people owe Garth alot more respect than he's getting, and I think he's getting tired of it all, and maybe he WAS "thinking out loud!" Alot of emotions going on about this right now, and we have to SIMMA DAN......NA!<BR>God Bless.<BR>AmyN

12-22-1999, 12:21 PM
Actally on the scaling back touring of other artist, they scaled back way before Garth started taking breaks, Garth always does twice as many or even 3 times as many concerts as George Strait, Reba, Brooks and Dunn. Garth has always ran faster than most artist and he really didn't have to. George started his festival in 97, and in 96 did only 8 shows that year while Reba did around 40 shows and Garth was in the 90 to 100 shows a year for 96 through 98. He has always done way more shows but I think it is that multiple night stuff in one city, other stars don't do it but they could if they wanted it just takes too long do a tour Garth's way. N

12-22-1999, 12:28 PM
How Garth did his tours is HIS choice - not ours!!!!! (He's also more successful than anyone else, so he must have known what he was doing.)N

12-22-1999, 02:32 PM
Oh boy.. I am glad that Garth did his way :D I got to see the forth night at Seattle!! And Seattle was originally scheduled for 3 days only :o Garth added another 3 days because of high demands :)<P>TommyN

12-22-1999, 02:34 PM
Garth is not the most sucessful artist in Country, he runs neck to neck with a lot of them. Shania for one, George Strait, Tim McGraw is getting up there too with the sell outs of shows. I do feel Garth's high album sales would not be where they are if he had not did so many limited editions of stuff, how many of you ran out and bought all 6 double live covers??? I bought 4 in all, I know I wasn't alone and I would have probally have only bought one if it had no limited editions I would have just wore the cd out then ran out and bought a new one if it was not limited.N

12-22-1999, 02:58 PM
I respectfully disagree.<P>Garth was out selling George Strait and Shania long before the Double Live album. I only bought one btw... couldn't afford them all. Wouldn't anyway... I buy for the music... not to store one away.<P>George Strait might have had more sales but took a long break when his wife was sick and dying... and then to be with his boys. Now that they are older he is back and picking up. Still his venues are not as large and not always sold out. Remember Garth can sell out an arena in a hour or less. Shania's concerts are also not always sell outs and certainly not in an hour. She certainly couldnt sell out a venue as large as Garths six times over.<P>Now I'm not knocking George or Shania... I love them both... and George is one of my favorites right up there with Garth... but he is not neck and neck with Garth in sales anyway you cut it. Shania isn't yet either... though she is certainly picking up. Plus... Shania is a lot like Garth in the way she dedicates her life to her music. Her husband is heavily involved in her business. She's still too new to classify her right along with Garth in success. She very well may eventually surpass Garth in sales if and when he retires. But she'll owe a lot to Garth in the way he opened doors for her type of country music and the types of action packed concerts.N

12-22-1999, 03:36 PM
Oh my gosh... I'm so sorry for the misinformation about George's wife... what on Earth was I thinking?! She is alive. I do remember a discussion on a country chat where they were talking about George laying low for a while to be with his sons. I guess I got his wife and daughter that died mixed up.<BR>I apologize! :o<P>N

12-22-1999, 05:09 PM
Before Double Live, Limited Editions for Sevens, Double Live, and Christmas were released, Garth had already sold nearly 62 millions. This number has not yet included the sale for Double Live, Sevens, Limited Series, Magic of Christmas, and Chris Gaines. <P>George has sold 41.5 millions and Shania has sold 26 millions so far according to RIAA. <P>George has been in this industry for years. Yes, Shania is selling like crazy right now, but she hasn't been around in the business for 10 years. Remember George's country festival is a huge success, but he also has many big names to open up his concerts. George did not do it alone ;) <P>I think Garth is the biggest SOLO artist in North America if you are talking about in terms of selling and tour wise. I know there are many who don't agree to this, but most of them don't like country anyway. So it will not be surprise when they say that. <P>Garth was at Seattle last year, I drove all the way from Vancouver to see him live :) Because the demand was soooo high, Garth added 3 more shows. I was so fortunate that I got to go for the fourth night ;) (a total of 6 nights)<P>TommyN

12-22-1999, 05:10 PM
Oh.. how can I forget <B>CENTRAL PARK</B>? :o<P>TommyN