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12-21-1999, 12:03 PM
I believe that Garth should not me criticized for his decision to retire from the industry to spend more time with his family, I, for one, cannot get enough of Garth's music, but keep in mind, he did not say he was retiring all together, mainly from the touring aspect of the business, I have no doubts that at the end of his 9 months of "layin low", he will put out a great album for the new year, keep in mind, almost ALL artists have a contractual obligation to the record company that states they must release so many albums before they can be released, not to say that Capitol Records would not let Garth out of his contract, but then again, this is a buisness and Garth is the main revenue for Capitol which would take a major loss, just to let a man go of his stature, this is just a thought, and I do believe we will only miss him from the road, not from our ears.N

12-21-1999, 05:20 PM
I agree 100% :) :) :)N