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12-20-1999, 11:16 AM
Hey y'all.<P>First of all, I have to tell ya I felt my heart drop and hit the soles of my boots when I heard Garth's announcement on Crook and Chase. With my mouth agape, a furrowed brow, and two teary eyes, I sat for a few minutes in the silent studio audience while we listened to Garth give his reasons. <P>After it sank in, the pain was still there but with it came an realization. No one knows Garth better than he does(even though he often contests that). I know he's thought about this a lot. And while I may not know, understand, or agree with every reason behind this decision, I'm in no position to judge the man. He needs to do what he thinks is best for him and his family.<P>The thing I'm most worried about is how he presented his reasons for retiring. I completely understand that he needs to be there for his girls, what parent doesn't? But...the way he's been saying that music isn't the first thing in his life anymore makes me think that he believes he needs to leave music to be a father. All I'm trying to say is I don't want Taylor, August, and Allie to be the reason "Daddy" leaves music. (This made more sense in my head, I think, lol) I think there must a middle path between music and fatherhood so that Garth could be satisfied to have both and not have to decide between the two. I hate to sound selfish or judgemental of Garth. I don't want to get a petition to "make" him stay or anything, I just worry that if Garth misses music enough, it might affect the way he acts with his girls. Even go so far as to resent them for what he "had to do." Again, I know I'm assuming a lot, and I don't want to make Garth out to be anything he's not, but this was just tugging at me. <P>Thanks for reading all that, lol.<P>NashN

12-20-1999, 11:40 AM
Hy there,<P>First of all, i am writing from Holland so forgive my bad englisch. But now about Garth. I just read it today in the newspaper and could only say "he is a wise man". I am about doiing the same. I will stop with my job and move to Sweden to live around the house with my wife and two children. I think thats the best guarante that something good will come out for the children. So will be the same for Garth's children. Especialy with a famous father it would be nice to have him arround otherwise he is just part of anyone else but not for the children. As far i could read from all of this news, there is still a music part in his life for writing and later on maybe again touring. So please let him be a good father (he don't need to work to earn his bread) and we will see that he come back some day.<BR>I just hope that before he stops he come for a concert to Europe (beter to Holland).<P>Robert fmN

12-20-1999, 12:46 PM
I agree I don't think Garth leaving the music totally is going to be the best thing a few years down the road. He will miss it, he couldn't even take 99 off so how can he spend the rest of his life without doing anything? :) I can see not touring but still doing albums but doing nothng at all acept writing here and there, he needs to do mroe than that.N