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12-19-1999, 05:55 PM
Folks, I'm not here to debate whether he should or should not go. Some people say we should just leave him alone and if you're one, then you won't be interested in this post.<P>There's a bunch from the clubs who would like to send Garth a message of support to let him know we'd like him to stay - not as in 'we demand you stay' but rather the way you tell a guest who says he's leaving that you'd be happy for him to stay, in case he thought you wanted him to leave.<P>Various projects have been suggested:<BR>1 - send a bunch of letters at the same time to GB Management<BR>2 - take out an ad in a paper which will include a message for Garth and names of fans <BR>3 - a web page with a guestbook<BR>4 - a Radio Request day<P>the key to any or all of these being successful is to get as many people as possible to participate. We need a team leader and a PR person for each project (I'll probably be on the AD project as one or the other). Then the PR person has to get in touch with every possible Garth fan club and web page and invite them to participate. You can even get in touch with the 'traditional' media, if you have an in. If anyone has a connection to the old fan club, so much the better.<P>To join one of the projects, send me an e-mail with either AD, RADIO REQUEST, LETTERS, or WEB PAGE as the subject. I'm compiling team lists. As soon as I have a team leader for a project, that person will compile that list. Send your e-mail to <P>grober@my-deja.com<P>note the dash in the address.<P>If you want to be a leader or work on the PR for a team, indicate it in your e-mail. <BR>We've tried a couple of times to get a group thing going and most of them have fizzled. Let's really do it this time.<P>Amazed<P>N