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12-19-1999, 06:44 PM
Have not said much on this issue but I don't really think Garth will be going anywhere. I have my reasons, I could be wrong but I think Garth will continue to do music just maybe not tour.<BR> <BR>There is a article here stating by Capitol that if Garth does indeed quit that they have unheard music that will be new to us that they will release over time to keep them up in sales. I am sure Garth knows this too. Now Garth is always taking time on his music so I would like to think that if Garth does retire, (it is a 'probally' and 'probally' is still more of a 'if' then a 'yes') that the first time he hears from Capitol that their releasing some unheard music from him he will be right there making sure it is good songs because like he said in the past when you put your name on something you want it to be good. I am sure Capitol will indeed do new albums here and there too. I think Garth will be there making sure it fits his standards. Of course this will be a couple years after he has said he is through, (if he does) so by then that would be 2 years or so of him not doing much of nothing specially during the time his kids are in school so he may say hey let me record some stuff to go along with it. You never know.<P>Another thing is I wonder if Garth has thought this out a lot. Is him quitting everything for the good??? The Tabs I am sure will eat him alive with this and his kids too. The tabs are probally so happy right now. They will have someone to chase around like they did Princess Di, Elvis. If Garth quits to try to live a normal life they will follow him around take pics of him and his kids doing regular things. They will eat him alive. Elvis has been dead for how long???? and occasionally you will see a pic on a tab saying "Is this Elvis?" or something like that, imagine what they will do to Garth, he is alive!! There is not much Garth can do neither for that.<P>Another thing is after a year or so Garth will miss it, he said on C&C of course he will miss it he loves it. So when that time comes can he handle it. Yes, he said music is not the 1st priority no more in his life but it is not the 1st priority for any other artist neither but that don't mean Garth cannot love it a lot. In a few years when he misses it I say can he handle it, can he is just forget about it and go on and give his kids attention and be lost thinking about being on a stage? You know how it is, 2 things come up you love so much and you have to pick and then while your doing one you think of the other and you dont put all your attention the one thing your doing, doesn't mean you don't love it any less but you just love it.<P>I really think that and hope that Garth will find the way to do both whether it be by not touring for a while but still do albums or if he insist that he has to do a tour sometimes to make it really short and not too long. He can do all of those things.<P>I don't think Garth will be disapearing for long out of the spotlight. He will have to do some things that became obligations during his 10 year career like the Opry, a member has to do so many shows a year or something and I am sure he will do them and maybe a few more. He said that is a big honor and he will still do it so he will be out at least a couple times a year. Plus he wants to write scripts so that will bring him out, I think he will be in a few movies too in the future. He won't disapear off the earth, Capitol will repackage his music and they even said release new stuff so that may bring him out too. Don't worry about it. He did say probally which is still a big if and who knows what he will think of by then to do he may change his mind to just do albums. Plus we don't know what the future brings he could come out of it in a couple years. If he does retire it is not the end of Garth Brooks, like I said he will be around doing things and those things will not go unheard of. I do think he will occasionally drop by Crook and Chase or Jay Leno and say what he is up to and that he is ok and sing a song. He has 10 years of hits behind him if he quits, he is not retiring his past just his future and not even that with Capitol releasing unheard music. So don't worry, it is not the last of Garth Brooks, in 5 years if he retires he may be winning his Emmy award for best actor, screenplay, director, or another CMA award for Entertainer of the Year, who knows what will happen down the road but I do know Garth will be in it. :)N

12-19-1999, 09:48 PM
What bothers the heck out of me is that he haven't done the promised European tour :( :(<BR>He has done NOTHING for his fans over here the last 5() years :( :(<P>I agree with you on the tabs though.<P>BrianN

12-19-1999, 09:59 PM
I swear Brian you are going to see Garth if it's the last thing I do. :)<P>Lori N

12-19-1999, 11:06 PM
Well Lori<BR>Lets hope that this possible big concert will take place here in Europe :D :D<P>BrianN

12-20-1999, 01:51 PM
I agree the Tabs will not only chase him but they will go after his family now. I think the Tabs are jumping with joy over this announcement, they got someone to play with if he retires.<P>Plus he will not disapear if he quits, some post by people make it sound like Garth is dying or something, if he quits music he will have time for other things, he will have to do something eventually and even though he may not go back to music right away he may go and do something else. Also he will probally still do the Opry, I couldn't see him not ever doing that. Plus Capitol will release new music here and there, you can be sure on that.N

12-20-1999, 04:03 PM
You know Alawishes (cute name);<P>Like you said in different words;<P>If someone said I probably love you and I'll let you know later - it's not time to order the wedding cake.....now is it folks?<P><BR>HawkN