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12-19-1999, 07:21 AM
PGers...<BR>Somebody posted on the Garthbox today that they were angry and upset with Garth for "not being dedicated to the fans" and for "letting us down" if he chooses to retire. I just wanted to share my response with all of you and ask if you thought I was justified in my answer?<BR>----------------<P>In response to whoever said they were angry with Garth "for letting down the<BR>fans"...all you have to do is log onto Planet Garth, or look in back issues<BR>of the Garthbox, or even other websites dedicated to Garth to see how loyal<BR>he has been to his fans all these years. I've read Garthmoments by numerous<BR>people where I couldn't believe how much time he took to talk to them, even<BR>when he said he had somewhere else to be, he stayed until the last autograph<BR>was signed. During the stint with the Padres in training camp, he stayed and<BR>signed autographs by flashlight (which I read he was actually holding in his<BR>mouth) until the last fan was gone. Every time he is in NYC doing different<BR>talk shows, you read how he comes outside to talk to the fans who have<BR>gathered, even when he is running on a schedule and doesn't really have the<BR>time. During his world tour, when there were thousands of people left<BR>disappointed because they couldn't get tickets to one show, he added<BR>one...two...three...four more shows so that he wouldn't end up with any<BR>upset fans. For God's sake, even when he is at his own home, where he is<BR>supposed to be able to relax, he welcomes the fans to come to the gates, and<BR>he goes out and talks to them and signs autographs.<P>Now, don't you think that every single one of those times, had he not<BR>stopped for the fans, he could have had that valuable time at home with his<BR>family? Do you think that he really got to be there for all of his kid's<BR>first words, the first time they walked, the first time they lost a tooth,<BR>etc? I'm sure he wasn't, and he'll probably regret that for the rest of his<BR>life. Do you think that some nights, Sandy stayed awake and wished that he<BR>was there for her? Do you think that some nights, his three little girls<BR>were wishing he was there to read them a bedtime story or to tuck them in?<BR>To kiss their "boo-boos" when they fell down and to dry their tears? I'll<BR>bet there have been Christmases where he wasn't home to help trim the tree,<BR>Halloweens when he didn't get to see his little girls dressed up, and<BR>projects from school that he never heard about. Why? Because he was always<BR>doing his best to please us, running himself ragged so that every fan who<BR>showed up to see him would go home with a smile on their face. If you don't<BR>call that dedication to the fans, I don't really know what to say.<P>I'm sure the word "retirement" does not mean Garth is going to shut himself<BR>off from the world. If anything, it probably means that he'll stop touring.<BR>I'm willing to bet that he'll continue to write music and to make<BR>music...the same kind of music that has brought joy to our hearts for the<BR>past decade. But for God's sake, let him be with his family. Put yourself in<BR>his shoes for a change and picture what it would be like if you saw your<BR>family for only a few precious moments a week. Mothers who have children,<BR>put yourself in Sandy's shoes and think of what it would be like to<BR>literally raise your children alone. Garth not only needs this valuable time<BR>with his girls, he DESERVES it. Ok, so maybe some of us will never have the<BR>privilege of meeting Garth...but isn't it the music that is supposed to make<BR>us happy? Why do we all have this unquenchable desire to say "More, Garth,<BR>more"?? I'm sure he'll still give us more music, but as far as the nonstop<BR>touring and public appearances go, you have to draw the line somewhere.<BR>N

12-19-1999, 10:46 AM
That is a great response, BigG... :) Good for you and the rest of us who are staying by and supporting Garth. I sure hope he knows how much the vast majority of his fans totally understand and respect his decision. :)<P>Merry Christmas,<BR>Ellie :)N

12-19-1999, 12:00 PM
Thank you, You know your way with words and I <BR>feel Garth's true fans will support him in what ever choices he makes!!! As from a Fan's<BR>point of view I could not find myself being<BR>selfish in his decision to spend time with <BR>Sandy, Taylor, August, And Allie!! They are the most important one's in his life and I feel he is one heck of a guy to say he would give it all up for those three little girls!!<BR>Remember about 12 years ago Garth was just a<BR>simple man from Yukon, Ok. so if that is what he wants again and to be their for his family <BR>for his girls will know what real love and life is, why can't he?? I know there are alot of us who remember or have at least heard of ELVIS and his life!! I think it was the fast pace that took him from us!!! If only Elvis could of pulled himself away from the stardom and pressure maybe he would still be here today to be a grandfather to his grandchildren but I think the pressure was just to much!!! I applaud you Garth for taking a stand to not let the pressure's of the celebrity limelight take you down and to not let it take the place of what is really dear to your heart! your wife, Sandy, your three daughter's Taylor, August, & Allie, Your dad, and the rest of your family!! Thank you for the time you gave us and the best music I have ever heard!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to <BR>to Sandy and Girls for sharing the last 10 years with you! Now enjoy your time together!! <BR>N

12-19-1999, 06:29 PM
Very cool Shannon! :) LOL, guess I should have stopped here before I read the g-box today....so like I said in my e-mail to ya....YOU GO GIRL!N