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12-18-1999, 07:19 AM
Sat, Oct. 9, 1999<P>Dear Diary,<P>I havenít written to you in quite a while because my life has just seemed ordinary with nothing worthy to note. But today something happened that I just feel is a milestone.<P>I was working in the dining room, switching stations on my portable radio, when I heard the most beautiful song I had ever heard. The lyrics were incredible and the voice - well, it was beyond words. I had tears in my eyes. Now here is the kicker. I find out that I was on a country station accidentally. The singer was Garth Brooks and the song was The Dance.<P>Diary, you know I hate country music and you know that all I know about Garth Brooks is that he is a country singer who wears big hats and wins lots of awards. So why am I drawn to this artist and this song? There is something unexplainable here.<P>Don (my husband) says heís going to town. Do I need anything? I write on a tiny scrap of paper - GARTH BROOKS THE DANCE. He says ďhave you lost your mind?Ē Well, maybe I have but he comes home with The Hits. I throw it on the CD player and I am in heaven. This stuff is good (except for AHBA - what was he thinking??) I start playing this CD 24/7. I LOVE it. How could I have missed all this great music all these years. Seems there are millions of people who love this guy and his music. Well, count me in. Better late than never.<P>Mon, Oct. 11 - I got my mailing from the record club. I immediately turned to the country page and ordered all three Garth CDs they offered.<P>Wed, Oct 13 - Don came home from town with Chris Gaines! I canít believe it. Our whole family sat down together and listened to the whole CD. Everyone loved it!<P>Thurs, Oct. 14 - My sisters in California do not share my Garth enthusiasm at all. I e-mailed them that maybe I was going through a mid-life crisis or something but I had just gotten turned on to Garth Brooks. I wrote at the bottom - GARTH ROCKS!<P>Well, Judy asked if Garth rocks were sedimentary, igneous or metamorphic. She wrote ďthink Sting, think Bruce, think Areosmith, think anything, but for godís sake, donít think garth rocks.Ē<P>Sharon stated that ďChris Gaines is what you do when even YOU canít stand yourself.Ē How rude!<P>Then I wrote to them ďyou obviously havenít gotten it yet. I admit that I was quite late in getting it but you still have not arrived. There are millions of people who would like to walk in his boots or walk next to him walking in his boots. The voice is not your run of this mill country singer. It is magical, if you will. I didnít know this until last week...And when you are that talented, there are plenty of lives you could live and live them all well. Chris Gaines is a tribute to Garthís immense range of creativity. Not an ego trip, not a mid life crisis, not an escape from himself. It is none of that. It is exploring all that he can be. We should all be so lucky.Ē<P>Then Judy wrote back, ď That paragraph is the funniest (albeit in a most pathetic manner) thing I have ever read about someone whose idea of fashion is a cowboy hat and boots. Anyone who shares my mirth as well as dismay is indeed quite lucky, not to mention, operating an elevator that goes to the top floor. It is doubtlessly the gospel truth that this insane affliction of our dearly departed southern sister must only serve to remind us how lucky the rest of us really are.<P>ďHis mama probably died because she caught a glimpse of his hyper-inflated bank account and assets and couldnít for the life of her figure out where all the GD money came from.<P>ďI donít even want to think of walking in his boots, theyíre probably filled with chewiní tabacky.<P>ďThe only thing he is exploring is how to create a bigger sucker vacuum to rake in more dough.Ē<P>Well, the last message I sent to them regarding this thread was ďthis vitriolic diatribe against The Man, his Music and his Mama is a fitting example of the green god of envy rearing its ugly head once again.Ē<P>I am flying home Nov. 23 and I will try not to inflame my sisters by mentioning Garth.<P>Tues, Oct 19 - the CDs arrived!!! I was so excited I dropped them in the garage and broke every jewel case to smithereens. But the CDs were unharmed and I have been listening all day to some BEAUTIFUL music! I got Sevens, Double Live and Fresh Horses. God, itís like Christmas! I canít believe this man has been making this fantastic music for a decade and I never noticed!<P>Thurs, Oct 21 - I just discovered this wonderful place called Planet Garth. I got on the internet because I wanted to learn more about Garth and I find this place where kindred minds meet. They tell you when he is going to be on TV and tell about their Garth Moments -when they actually get to meet the Man. Wow! That would be incredible to meet him. During his world tour I remember that he played Birmingham and I canít believe I wasnít interested. Now heís not touring. I will just have to wait.<P>Fri, Oct 22 - I cranked up the VCR and started my very first GARTH video tape. I got him on GMA and the premiere of the Right Now video. I am going to try to tape all his appearances. I keep playing it over and over.<P>Sat, Oct 23 - he was on VH-1 Concert of the Century. He was fabulous. Where has he been all my life? I get a little jealous when I go to Planet Garth and read about all these people who have been fans for years and have been to lots of concerts. I bet a Garth concert would be like being in an electrically charged heaven.<P>Wed, Oct 26 - Ooh, la lah. He was on WB Music awards. I am still listening to my Garth CDs day and night. <P>Fri, Oct 29 - GQ Awards. Canít get enough of the man!<P>Wed, Nov 3 - Heaven just came down to Alabama! I went to town and found the Central Park video at Walmart! OMG, heís unreal. And I got to see him sing The Dance! I could die right now and be happy. What a show that man puts on. These fans who have been to concerts donít realize how the rest of us are hurting!! This video is going to get worn out real quick.<P>Sat, Nov 13 - Saturday Nite Live. Simma don now! What a crack up! The man can act! At Planet Garth I got to read about some of the PGers who got to go to the taping. Itís not fair that these fans live close to NY and LA and Nashville and get to have these opportunities. Actually, I am very happy for them and hope to join the club someday.<P>Thurs, Nov 18 - Heís been on Hollywood Squares all week but I have missed it until tonight. It was great. They were showing pictures of his butt and he was so funny. I am already on my second tape!<P>Mon, Nov 22 - Jay Leno. What can I say. He sang Baby Jesus. What a wonderful voice. The Christmas CD come out tomorrow. I will have to get one.<P>Tues, Nov 23 - before I caught my plane for LA, I run to Walmart. The saleslady had not even opened the box yet. I made her cut it open and get me one of those babies. Stat!<P>I was not able to listen to it until I was on my layover in Dallas. The people at the gate must have thought I was crazy with those earphones. Wow, a whole new Garth!<P>On the flight from Dallas to LA, they had earphones and channel 8 was playing Chris Gaines and having Garth explain the whole project. What a great day this turned out to be. Now, if I can just keep my enthusiasm at bay so as not to disturb my sisters....<P>Tuesday, Nov 30 - I am on my flight back to Alabama and have a little time to reflect. While I was in California, I got to tape his appearance on Rosie and the mockumentary of CG.<P>It was excellent to see my family, enjoy Thanksgiving with them and attend my brotherís wedding. My parents are getting older and I donít know how much longer I will have them. If Tomorrow Never Comes....<P>My step-mom gave me her copy of The Chase. Someone gave it to her a long time ago and she didnít want it. More new music. I guess I donít have to be so jealous of long time fans. With this ride I am on, itís like Garth puts out a new CD every few weeks!!!!! I get new Garth music every time I turn around!<P>Thurs, Dec 2 - Garth and the Magic of Christmas. Oh my. He looked so cute in red! He sang Belleau Wood. How beautiful. <P>Friday, Dec 3 - I forgot to mention that he was on the Sports Illustrated Awards the other day. He sang The Dance as a tribute to those who had died during the year. How beautiful!<P>Mon, Dec 6 - my husband surprised me by putting Garth wallpaper on the computer! It shows him with his guitar during a concert. I could look at it all day. I made a copy of it and put it on my computer at work. Now everyone at work knows I am a Garthnutt!<P>Fri, Dec 10 - gee, Diary, I havenít been writing much. I still tape anything I see about Garth. I sent an inquiry to PG about where could I see Garth videos. One PGer told me where I could get the schedule of Garth videos showing on CMT. Now Iíve taped him doing Itís Your Song. What a beautiful tribute to his precious mom. I know he must be missing her terribly during this holiday season.<P>Sat, Dec 11 - We went shopping today and I got Garth Brooks , No Fences, Ropiní the Wind, and In Pieces. Of course, my family will be wrapping them up and giving them to me for Christmas. I canít wait. Itís just like Garth is in the studio and recording four new CDs just for me! I only know about 2 or 3 songs on each CD so all the rest of the songs will be BRAND NEW!<P>Wed, Dec 15 - I had set the VCR to tape Crook and Chase and when I got home from work, I sat down with my husband to watch. I donít know why my husband stayed and watched (he is not yet a convert!!). You just can not know the emotions that went through my 46 year old body when Garth said the ďRĒ word. Tears are falling. My dance has only just begun. He moves me. I went to PG and got consoled by like minds. <P>Sometimes when people are depressed they go shopping. Well, I have never done that until tonight. I got on Amazon.com and ordered 2 videos - Garth Brooks Video Collection Vol. 2 and This is Garth Brooks.<P>Thurs, Dec 16 - the people at work can see that I am sad...<P>Friday, Dec 17 - today my daughter turned 15 and will be getting her permit. This made me reflect on how quickly our precious children grow up. You can only spend time with them during the short time you have them. Then they are gone to start families of their own. I was fortunate enough to be a stay -at-home mom when Tiffany and Taylor were young. I even got to home school them. I wouldnít trade that for anything. <P>I believe Garth is making the right decision to spend more time with his family. He will make more music if and when he is ready. We fans will always be there for him no matter what he chooses. He needs to do what is most pleasing to the Man Upstairs and that is what he is doing.<P>Thank God for The Dance, you never know how itís gonna go, how itís gonna end. But thank God for letting us dance.<P>N

12-18-1999, 07:40 AM
What an amazing post... I don't have words to describe the effect.<P>I'm just so looking forward to the new project this year... I know the ride is not over just yet.N

12-18-1999, 07:48 AM
NewestGBfan-This is beautiful!!!! If Garth ever does visit this site this is the one post I would hope he would read!! You speak for so many of us with the impact of his music and the love for the man that creates it. I felt the true pain of the verse in American Pie "the day the music died" when I heard of his possible retirement. For me Garth IS music and life without music will be hard to face. N

12-18-1999, 10:03 AM
Very cool :) :)<BR>and happy belated b-day to your daughter :)<P>BrianN

12-18-1999, 10:49 AM
Your words and thoughts are so moving. We all feel the same. Enjoy Garth's music N

12-18-1999, 12:48 PM
WOW! What a great post. You a writer by any chance? ;) WELCOME TO PLANETGARTH! btw. :)<BR>Lucky you that you can listen to all of Garth's cds for the first time. The anticipation of hearing a new song the first time.. the garthbumps.. the butterflies in the stomach(for me anyways)... the feeling of awe after it's finished...the wanting to stand up and clap and yell...all sorts of cool emotions when ya listen to a Garth song for the first time. ENJOY! <P>Merry Christmas...<P>Ellie :)N

12-18-1999, 02:28 PM
NewestGBFan,<P>You almost make me wish I had never heard of Garth before today, so I could experience him all over again. You are lucky to have so much to pick from. I remember getting so frustrated that the albums didn't come out soon enough or the specials were too few and far between. <P>I put on Chris Gaines tonight and blasted it as loud as I could. It really made me feel better. I just can't give up and say he will never record again. I can't face that.<P>LoriN

12-19-1999, 01:54 AM
Wow!<BR>I feel almost exactly the same as you, Newest fan!!<BR>It's been about 10 weeks for me too!!<BR>I found out about Garth through Chris. I fell in love with Chris first, but I'm only just starting to really get into Garth too. I've since bought 3 of his cds (Double Live, The Hits, and the Magic of Christmas) AND Chris's cd as well.<BR>I love nearly all the songs on all the cds (that AHBA song really annoys me too!!! such a pointless song...sorry!). I will eventually buy Garth's box set so I can get the whole kit and kaboodle!<BR>I haven't experienced all the wonderful things you have (living in Australia you don't get all the specials etc). But I was sorry to hear Garth talking retirement. I understand his reasons for doing so, if I had kids I'd want to spend lots of time with them too. I don't think he'll leave the biz entirely, but he will come back when he is ready. I may have missed the beginning, but I'm not going to miss anything else!!<BR>Best wishes Garth, whatever you do!<P>Kerrie :)N

12-19-1999, 06:05 AM
Wow is all I can say NewestGBFan!!!!!!! You just about said it all for all of us. <P>TOM<BR>Also Welcome to PG!!!!!!! :) You too aussie_chris_fan!!!!!!! :)<BR>N

12-19-1999, 07:36 AM
That was a beautiful post, and it brought back all the memories of how I felt when I first heard Garth :) But don't worry...your dance is just beginning!! If you'd like, I have a bunch of tapes of old tv appearances...I can loan them to you if you want to watch them :) N

12-19-1999, 09:42 AM
You guys are just fantastic :) This place has been like a home away from home.<P>BigGfan4life, yes I would LOVE to borrow some of the old stuff (of course, it would be new to me!) <P>Merry Christmas to all of you and remember the reason for the season.<P>Elaine<P>N

12-19-1999, 10:32 AM
Great post! I am also sad that he is retiring, but I am glad at the same time, because he needs to be with his daughters. I truly believe that he will be back in a few years, because he seems like that kind of person. Are you a writer? That was beautiful. I feel like that all the time. And like someone else said, the ride is not over yet! :) :) :)N

12-21-1999, 10:07 AM
Just think. Some of us "old" fans are jealous of you for not having enough time to take him for granted. Now we are kicking ourselves in the butt for thinking he would always be there making more music for us to live our lives by and to make our morals from.<P>Happy Holidays to you and I hope you enjoy the rest of your GB experiences.<P>JenN

12-21-1999, 10:39 AM
NewestGBfan, I say the same as the others, what a wonderful way for US to be able to relive Garth through you. <BR>I wish someone on here would give you "CAPITOL RECORDS ADDRESS AND LET YOU SEND WHAT YOU HAVE WRITTEN HERE TO THEM." With all hopes that Garth would get to read it. Or if anyone would be seeing him in any of the upcoming events. I just wish he could relive it himself THOUGH your eyes! I still say there IS A balance for him and the children, I will always believe it can be done. Too many other entertainers do it and I believe they are wonderful parents too. Look and Tim and Faith...geee...both entertainers! <BR>The man needs to grieve and spend time with the family and then COME BACK to us too!<BR>SOMEONE GET HER THAT ADDRESS!!!!!!!! :)<BR>TriciaN

12-21-1999, 02:08 PM
Welcome.<BR>Welcome to a place where everyone shares your feelings. A place where everyone wants the same thing-to meet the man. Glad you gave Garth a chance. I think if everyone would just listen to his music, he may have surpassed his his goal of 100,000,000 albums a long time ago. N