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12-17-1999, 06:43 PM
I am not saying this to offend Garth or anyone just something I put some thought to. Over the months and weeks garth has been on different talk shows and has been approached on this subject. A few weeks ago Garth told one interviewer that he was going to take a while off and see what his life was and now he said he MIGHT retire next year. He saids family and I am not calling him a liar or anything and nobody here can speak about Garth's family because nobody knows them but since Garth has been saying this before right before his first daughter was born and he found a way to do both and then again around Fresh Horses was out he said he might quick. Now he has the Chris Gaines album that has not done well and the majority of his fans did not buy it but that don't mean they care less about him just that sound of music on the album. Do you think this has anything to do with it???? I mean Garth was asked this question on what his plans were as far as touring while promoting the CG album just days after the release and everything was still 2000 off and he was not sure. Also remeber last year right after his tour while he was promoting Double Live and he said the millenium is coming and that he was not sure Garth would be able to survive it. Do you think maybe he thinks the CG project is his sign that he is through?? He is not done and he will find that out.??<P>I do think he wants more time with family but I also think if this was something about being a full time father that he would have known this at the end of his tour and he would have said he was planning on retiring in 2000 right after the tour and it also seems that if he is sure that he will indeed quit that he would go to Europe and see his fans there one last time, it seems he is big over there, can somewhere from there answer that? I would suppose he is if he was going to tour there on his 3 year tour. Yeah he said he wants to lay low then announce but if he will never do anything again in music and have every piece of his time for his children then I think he would or should go see them over there. :) <P>I hope he don't quit, if George Strait can do only 10 dates this year and only on the weekend and his touring will only last a little over a month and George is right along with Garth in size then Garth could do something silmilar or not tour at all but do albums and a few tv shows. I am not saying I want Garth to be just like George but it seems there are plenty of other methods and still be a full time dad. :)N

12-17-1999, 07:15 PM
Well.. the things I can think of right now are 1)Mama Brook's passing was a TRAGEDY 2)Chris Gaines maybe planned for years.<P>I think his decision to stay home for a good while has to do with his mom's passing. It's natural that when somebody had passed, people realized that they need to give more love to those who are alive. "IF TOMORROW NEVER COMES" ;) Besides, his girls are older now and if he don't be a good dad now, he won't have any chance when they grow up. <P>TommyN

12-18-1999, 07:46 AM
Kristen, I think you're right. I also thik this has a lot to do with the loss of his mother, being the sensitive person he is. I am from England and I don't have access to the show and I was shocked to hear the news but I don't think he will retire completely. I wish him and his family well whatever he decides to do and will still continue to listen to his music.N

12-18-1999, 10:27 AM
<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Arial">quote:</font><HR>it also seems that if he is sure that he will indeed quit that he would go to Europe and see his fans there one last time, it seems he is big over there, can somewhere from there answer that?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE><P>Well, he is big in Ireland, and I don't know how big he is in other countries, only that he made sell-outs through Germany in 1994 :)<BR>To me it all boils down to the point that he has lied to us about his tour plans. He said he would tour here in '96, when that didn't happen he said '98, and fabricated "world tour" merchandising.<BR>Here in DK "Sevens" almost went gold and they wanted him to come over and promote the album, but he couldn't because he was busy pleasing his American fans... in the year that was supposed to be Europes!!! :( :(<BR>Needless to say that I am <B>VERY</B> disappointed in him, and it will take a long time for me to rebuild trust in the man :(<BR>But I do respect his decision although it is dead wrong.<P>Let me quote him :)<BR> <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Arial">quote:</font><HR>But by May of '97, we had only seen one-third of the cities we were scheduled to visit in the first fourteen months. The reason (<B>Thank God</B>) was that one show in a city was turning into three shows, six shows, even eight shows.<BR>Because of this, all of Europe was knocked out, the same with Australia, New Zealand, and Asia.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE><BR>How do you think it feels like to read that in a booklet?? That he state here that he don't care about his fans outside North America!!<BR>That is a very hurting feeling, especially if you have used tons of money to get everything possible with him.<BR>I don't think he will come over here again, NEVER :( :(<P>BrianN

12-20-1999, 12:48 AM
Brian *Snap his fingers*<P>OK! Time to cheer up! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D<P><B>So, where do you think he will plan this possible HUGE sign-off show??</B> :) :) :)<P>If he doesn't want to come to me, then I have to TRY and come to him :D :D :D :D :D :D<BR>It's going to be VERY expensive so I have to plan a bit ahead :D :D :D :D :D :D But I have also other plans in USA :) :D :) :D :) :D<P>Let me know what you think :) :) :)<P>Brian :D :D<P>NOTE! This message doesn't mean that I have changed my opinion, just that I WILL se him in concert :)N

12-20-1999, 03:01 PM
Brian,<BR>I am so sorry that Garth didn't come to Europe for you to see him. He was trying to please all his fans on his tour dates. We have huge lines here when his concert is announced and he hates to disappoint his fans so he does more shows. I know at my concert line there was almost a fight!!!!Hopefully he will come to Europe so you can see him, but selfishly I hope he stays here in US so I can see him one more time before he quits touring. I don't think he meant to lie to his European fans, but he just tried to do too much. N

12-20-1999, 03:45 PM
Brian I wouldn't worry too much now, Garth said he may retire next year. Who knows what he will think of, he could change his mind any moment. He didn't say he was retiring he say he may. However I do think if Garth continues with his career and if chooses to tour it will be very scaled down. :) Which is a great thing if it means he will still do music. :) Let's just wait and see if Garth ever says he is indeed through for now then worry. I know I will not be going to his last concert if he throws one and I have seen him once in concert, his tours are not the important thing right now to me I just want him to continue making music. :) N

12-20-1999, 07:57 PM
I hope he will be back with less shows, for his own sake and for his family's.<BR>But I also know that he wont be back here.<BR>But of course I hope I'm wrong.<P>BrianN

12-22-1999, 02:24 PM
I also feel that his mothers death had alot to do with his decision. He's had a pretty rough couple of months that's for sure.<BR>Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't his mother give up singing to be there for her children too? Maybe he wants to give to his children, like his mother gave to him and his siblings. -Susan-N

12-22-1999, 02:39 PM
I think it could be something, but I do think three is more than just family reasons that have him wanting to quit. Yes his mom was a singer but I don't think she was big, I can't find nothing on her. Maybe she was just starting out, artist who are just starting out have to run at a very fast pace pretty much nonstop touring for atleast their first year after their first album is out, sometimes more if they don't get noticed very fast, Garth got noticed faster than a lot of artist do now. :)N

12-22-1999, 02:49 PM
His mother was also an artist on the Capitol label in the 50's. She had a little success but did stop for family reasons but still instilled a love a music in her children. Though... she did warn Garth about entering the business... that it was hard... he went ahead anyway.<P>I don't think it is only to do with Garth wanting to follow his mother's example. I think Garth associates his music with his mother. Right now the music is painful for him because of this. I think he will come to terms with it... if everyone will give him time and let him deal with it in his own way and with the help of his family.<P>Garth wasn't immediately discovered either. He played his share of clubs. Went to Nashville and was so disheartened he left in a day. He went back home and started over playing in clubs... where he met Sandy. After they married he returned to Nashville with her by his side. They worked together in a boot store while he wrote music and played in clubs. He did manage to hook up with a manager because a friend introduced him. He was so poor and unsuccessful at first that his manager actually had to pay entrance fees for Garth to get jobs in clubs. It was in one of these clubs that he was noticed by Capitol. They had previously rejected him along with all the other record companies. Good thing they came to their senses. So yes... while some artists take longer to get noticed... many have had a much easier time than Garth did. He paid his dues.... and so did Sandy.N

12-22-1999, 02:59 PM
I am not talking about getting notice, I am talking about after they have their contract and first album out and are promoting themselves to more people, Garth was faster gettig his fans than most artist. I am talking about being able to headline tours, ther are artist who ahve been in 5 years and still cannot headline their own tour. Garth was able to do that faster than most artist. I am talking about after the club playing. Garth was indeed faster obtaining his fan base right after his signing with a lable.N

12-22-1999, 03:04 PM
It took Garth more work getting a record contract because back when Garth was trying to break in the labels were signing 1 or 2 artist a year, now they sign twice as more then that in one year and a lot of them put one album out and just disapear because they didn't have it.N

12-22-1999, 03:05 PM
No... Garth didn't headline right away... he did open for other acts... Reba for one... bless her. It's one of the reasons he's so grateful to her. He played fairs and the whole 9 yards. I don't think it took him long after that though... he just has too much audience appeal not to do well.<P>Compare him to the Dixie Chicks though. They toured with George this year... but will have their own headline tour this year. Don't get me wrong... they paid their dues as well down in Texas but didn't hit it big until they added the third girl to the trio. She's the reason they really got noticed.N

12-22-1999, 03:07 PM
You are right though that it didn't take him 5 years to headline.N

12-22-1999, 03:11 PM
I am not saying Garth was the fastest ever but he is up there in being one of the artist who headline faster than other artist. I think Garth was headlining in 90, 91 and he broke in with his first album in 89.N

12-25-1999, 05:13 PM
Could it be Chris Gaines came to give us a message from Garth, because maybe we haven't been paying attention?! Will Garth and his message survive their retirement? I wonder...N