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12-17-1999, 02:46 PM
After reading another article today I really think Garth means what he says. He told his Capitol execs that he was done at the end of next year and I think if he told them he means it. What a sad day for country music and Garth Brooks fans!! They did say that they had tapes and stuff that were not released yet so maybe we can still have a couple of more Garth albums. He is making another album for the end of next year so that will be good. I am glad he wants to spend time with his family, but I am so sad he is leaving. Country music as much as I love it, without Garth will be on the downslide. Well God Bless him and I hope that he has so much fun with his girls, but by the time he goes back out if he ever does, I will probably too old to enjoy him. When Im 57 yrs old I'm not sure I can picture myself at a Garth Brooks concert and enjoy it the way I would now. I hope that at the end of next year he does a big tour and I can see his show one more time. Ive only seen him in concert once and that just was not enough!! Next time I was going to try for front row seats. Well I guess we will all miss him but I am glad he is putting his family first, I expect nothing less from Garth Brooks. N

12-17-1999, 04:01 PM
you are so right.N

12-17-1999, 05:59 PM
I just read a article here that was posted that had some comments from Capitol President Pat Quigley and he said he was not sure and would ahve to see it. I think we should wait for Garth he said he would probally be announcing his retirement sometimes next year so he really didn't say I will be retiring. I think if he told Capitol he was indeed retiring he would have told us the same and would have left out that probally or may he would have made it more official. :)N