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12-17-1999, 01:17 PM
I was just reading all the threads.. so many. lol. I have not seen any regarding what I'm about to write. I am ok with the fact that Garth will retire. Although I don't think he will entirely. I totally agree with what everyone has been saying about being with his family and stuff. But what I'm hoping that WILL NOT happen is that Sandy and possibly their girls get any backlash. :( Garth is putting his family first, as it should be. But remember Yoko Ono and how she was blamed for the breakup of the Beatles? I sincerely hope that fans or media would not stoop low enough to blame Sandy and the girls for Garth's decision. I definately believe it was GARTH and SANDY's decision TOGETHER. With perhaps input from Taylor who is old enough to understand things to a point. :) I'm sure this decision was not made lightly and <BR>probably produced some agonizing discussions.<BR>Anyway, I just thought this was a topic worth adressing. What do you guys think? Will people blame Sandy if Garth does retire for good?? I HOPE NOT.<P><BR>Ellie N

12-17-1999, 01:52 PM
I think that this is totally Garths decision. I think that Sandy probably had input, but I think that the decision was Garth's. I remember in an interview once she said she would walk away before she would make him give up something he loves. I just think the poor guy is burned out and he needs to do something else. Just think maybe we will see him directing a movie or something. That would be cool. I truly think that Sandy will not get the blame from the fans, but from the press and the tabloids that may be another story. Heck they will probably say Trisha was to blame for this too!!!N

12-17-1999, 02:29 PM
I would never blame Sandy in any way. I'm sure she had a large input. She and Garth have always been a team...<P>I know this is going to be as hard for her in some ways as it will for Garth. She's the one that's going to be there for him when he's missing the road. I think this will make them stronger.<P>I wouldn't compare her in any way with Yoko. Yoko was seen as a wedge that drove John to leave the Beatles. Sandy isn't breaking up anything. Garth is still there. She's been responsible for keeping Garth and his family together all these years. Without her stablizing force... Garth probably wouldn't have been the entertainer he is. Garth had been to Nashville and failed on his own. Then he returned with Sandy. They worked in that boot store together trying to make ends meet while Garth tried to make a go of it with his music. She even helped him write. I think she was as much a part of his business as any. She stepped back some when the kids came along because she had to give them even more of herself with Garth gone so much of the time.<P>I'd say she's more than earned some time with her sugarcane.N

12-17-1999, 03:43 PM
I don't think he will quit entirely from music, we still have a whole year till he either decides or plans it out more so who knows what will happen or what his final decision will be, he may find alternatives to handle the biz. I don't think Sandy will be blamed by a lot of people but I would think there are some out there that will blame her, nobody thinks the same or feels the same about Garth possibly quitting. I just hope if he does quit he can be that great Father he wants, you know he did say on Crooks and Chase that he still loves music and he still loves the touring so there will be times he wishes he was out there and I hope when he does it won't efeect his parenting. That is if he quits of course. I hope he finds away to ahve both.N

12-17-1999, 03:53 PM
I'm not going to sit here and blame Sandy for Garth's decision, but I sencerely believe she has something to do with it. I am so sick and tired of hearing that his marriage is on the rocks thanks to Trisha Yearwood. I know Garth and Sandy love each other dearly and I don't think Sandy would give Garth an ultimatem and say, "You either quit your career, or loose me forever." Maybe she could of very well did say something like that and he is in fear of loosing his girls, but whatever the reason for him leaving, is sad all together. I am truely hurt he is leaving and am not looking forward to him leaving and giving up his career. Yes, he is burned out and does need to rest and lay low for awhile, but not give up on his fans and leave! I think he needs to realize it is us who got him there where he is today. I agree he should put his family first, but not leave the fans. N

12-17-1999, 04:05 PM
This is a very interesting topic, but I would like to take a minute to remind everyone that conversation about Garth's marriage is off limits. It would be very easy for this topic to head off in that direction, so please, when responding, stay clear of that area. N

12-17-1999, 04:05 PM
I don't think anyone has the right to blame Sandy for Garth saying he MIGHT announce his retirement at the end of 2000. She has stood by him for almost 15 years through alot worst times and she has never forced Garth to quit the music. She is a strong woman and does not need people cutting her down to make it look like she is the reason he may stop touring. We love her as much as we love Garth, so please leave her alone.<P>CindyN

12-17-1999, 05:43 PM
I don't blame Sandy at all!! I could tell on opry backstage that Garth is still hurting pretty bad, though!! He was just not himself!<BR>And he did mention spending more time with dad and the girls and something about everything that is going on in his personal life!! I think it all has to do with losing his mom!! He loved her sooo much!!! It takes along time to get over something like that and most of the time we never really get over<BR>it we just try to live our lives the best we can without those we love!!! I think losing her made him stop and think about how precious time is and family!! He probally thought of all the times he had with his mom and dad while growing up and wants to be there for his girls!! Not missing those special moments and memories!! Our kids are only little for a short time then they are grown off to college and maybe marriage! I know I have a daughter who is ready to graduate and will be off to college soon! It has been 18 wonderful years seeing her grow to a fine young woman!! This is the time in their lives that they need us and how we can make a difference in their lives showing them we love and care for them!! Garth I have enjoyed the Dance as long as it lasted and now I wish you the best years of your life, enjoy your Dance with your girls!!!! And who knows after you get them all grown and on their own I will be ready for more of the dance if that is what you choose to do!! N

12-17-1999, 06:17 PM
Well I just hope he finds a way to have both, he don't have to do 50 shows a year or he don't have to tour every year or at all but he could still make new albums it seems every othre year or so, He could do them while his girls were at school like a regular job then he could just pick a few shows to go on thats all. It sounded on Crook and Chase that this is HIS decision and nobody else is in it but can ahve their say so so I think it is like they can't try to talk him out of it but they can give their thoughts but not say so. But hwo knows. :)N

12-17-1999, 08:28 PM
JLBGARTH - You've said everything I'm thinking! I know the tremendous hurt it is to lose my mother, my life, my everything. To lose a mother's love, if you're lucky enough to have a wonderful loving mother like I had, and Garth had, and to lose them is the most traumatic, LIFE CHANGING, nightmare of my LIFE. Everyone's different in their grieving. I have heard of spouse's who've died shortly after their spouse died, out of heartbreak. Well, that's exactly how I felt, and even though it's been 8 years, it still hurts SO bad! And Garth, with the TRUE heart he has, is probably going through the same thing I am. My children are who I clung to. We're all human. Being famous or not does not change your feelings of true love. I realized, I have to hug my kids so many times a day and let them know I love them so much. It has changed my perspective on life, and what's important, and for better or worse, I am a changed person forever. I just gave up a great job, because it interfered with taking care of my children, hours-wise. So I have to work nights at a job I hate, but it's worth it so I'm here for my children. I'm sorry this went on so long....I feel I know how Garth is hurting though. I hate to think about it. The rest of the family too. Peace all..... This is ultimately Garth's decision. I would not feel bad towards anyone in his family if this IS his decision. Godspeed Garth..... I've had the blessed chance to thank him in person for "The Dance," and I'd just like to thank him again. If we the fans could show up somewhere to sing to Garth, what a dream!<P>God Bless.<BR>Amy<BR>N

12-18-1999, 05:05 AM
I never thought to blame Sandy. I look at this more like a decision they would make together for the girls and what's best for them. <BR>My personal feeling is that his Mom's passing has made him look at his life & what's important. Also I think it has to do with his age & what he's been doing. I'm 2 years older than Garth & know from personal experience that the late 30's make you review your life. You look at what you've done & where you want to go from here. He's accomplished more than he ever dreamed of. I think he (like all of us)realizes that his girls are not going to be small forever & he needs to be there for him. And his marriage is important to him. I don't pretend to know anything about it except that they say they love each other & time together away from work is important to any marriage.<P>I, too, am sad by this announcement. But I don't think Garth will stop being visible. I think the touring is the problem not work per se. Maybe he just wants to stay in one place and not travel so much. He can record albums, do TV & write from one location & give the family a sense of stability they haven't had.N

12-18-1999, 07:50 AM
You're right about the age factor. At 35 I find myself re-evaluating everything in my life. I certainly don't feel old yet... that's not it. It just seems like the time to look at your life and decide you have really been going in the right direction after all... while there is still plenty of time to alter course.<P>-Deb<BR><I>"You know a dream is like a river<BR>Ever changin' as it flows ...</I><BR>N

12-18-1999, 12:32 PM
Just a couple points: :)<P>- sorry, Cheryl, forgot about the marriage guidelines. :o<BR>- I'm so glad that I agree with what everyone has posted so far...I would never blame Sandy, but we know that unfortunately there might be ppl out there who will(IF Garth does do the big 'R' for good) :) I just hope they aren't too nasty about it. :( <P>Have a Garthy day, <BR>Ellie :)N

12-22-1999, 05:13 AM
I think Sandy did have something to do with retirement if there will really be one. I mean, look at how much time Garth spends away from home. And after a 3 yr. tour like Garth had and he played several times at each venue, I figured he'd retire or do something else similar. Lets look at the big picture here. Whats the most important thing in his life? His children, and his wife and his family. We would have to come in a distant 4th place as fans. And thats ok with me. Its time he was a full-time father and just think of what the littlest girl of his thinks of him? Does she even know him like she should? And the relationship he has with his wife, after being away so long they're going to be almost starting over again. Spending time away from your spouse, so much time, does a number on you and it takes a long time to re-adjust. I applaud Garth for retiring and maybe when his youngest daughter is pretty much grown, like around 15 or so, then maybe he ought to come out of retirement. Of course by then there won't be the demand for him, no where near what it was on his last 3 yr. tour, but hey, thats ok, maybe it will be easier for us to get tickets this time! LOL! <P>Anyhow, I hope he retires for his family's sake and we'll all just have to get over it. Life goes on and some of you here will have to get a life, a real life.<P>If he does retire, I doubt it will be for as long as I hoped he would above, because it will be eating at him to be on top again. Geroge Strait, Tim McGraw, they'll all pass him by while he's retired and he'll be good and fired up, ready to get back into it again. Either way I don't think we can lose. Bless Garth for what he has given us, but now its time for him to be with his family. <P>SeaN

12-22-1999, 05:44 AM
I agree SeaLaunch...<P>Hey George Strait pretty much went away when his wife was sick and then died. He stayed pretty much retired for a while to be with his sons. He's just now coming back strong.<P>Why should Garth wait for a tragedy in his immediate family? Wasn't his mother enough of a loss? He could have kept up another 10 years or more but then he would have been looking back at all the time he lost with his kids. They would be too old to care about spending time with a man that hadn't made time for them before.<P>If Garth takes 10 years off... I for one will be here when he gets back.N

12-22-1999, 03:14 PM
<B>Snow,</B><P>I just had to pop in to correct this...George Strait's wife, Norma, is alive and well. His daughter, Jenifer, did die about ten years ago in an automobile accident. He has one son, Bubba, who just started college this year.<P>PaulaN

12-22-1999, 03:32 PM
Oh my gosh... I'm so sorry for the misinformation about George... what on Earth was I thinking?! I do remember a discussion on a country chat where they were talking about George laying low for a while to be with his sons. I guess I got his wife and daughter mixed up.<P>I apologize! :oN