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12-16-1999, 07:21 PM
Garth made the worst of us become the best of us. He made our dreary, sick, boring days, lively. Garth was once the most popular star the country music association has ever seen. I for one have seen what I think is the best entertainer, performer the world has ever been. The World has been blessed by Garth’s music, and his heart, love, and gift for music will long live after Garth’s retirement.<P>If Garth does retire, like mentioned in previous posts, and on the Crook & Chase show, we will never forget what Garth has blessed us with. Family. Garth has taught us that no millionaire, no hero, no music, and no popular star live in him. He lives in his family. Garth has brought all circumstances to his career to a stop, to provide, love, and nourish his family. Garth doesn’t want you or I to be sad because of this. Garth wants to know, that he has touched each in a way that no one has touched us before. I for one, was taught that no matter how much money, stardom, and fan base I could accomplish, I will still need the most important thing in my life. Family.<P>I remember the first concert I had ever been to, one that Garth Brooks performed in Indy, Indiana. I was in awe to the crowd that had circulated for just one show. A three-hour show, that I though would be a total boredom and waste of time. I knew Garth was awesome, and at the time he was still my favorite, but I never thought the show would be worth the time to hassle around the traffic and crowd. How wrong was I. I walked in the arena two hours prior. I felt the electricity then, and it seemed like eternity before the opening act came upon the stage. Then when Garth rose from the Grand Piano, I lost my breath temporarily. I was astounded by the high tech and emotion Garth put into his fans. I felt as if we were family.<P>See, he still lives in me after his music. He will live in me until the day I die. And I am sure that he will live in each and every one of you until the day that you die. Please don’t let this make you sad. He did, and will always do well to us.<P>To all of Garth’s fans and family, God Bless.<P>SB<BR>N

12-16-1999, 08:14 PM
<B>sb</B>,<P>I know how Garth has touched all of us, but just keep in a thought that Garth might just take some time off. I doubt he would take THAT LONG though ;)<P>Yes, he does need the time off for his family, but I am sure he will do something or even compose more music during his break :D<P>TommyN