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12-16-1999, 06:15 PM
When I heard the news from Crook & Chase. I didn't know whether I should be happy or sad. Considering that I just started to get to know him and being a fans not very long ago. <P> :)Happy :) because he is going back to his wife and his lovely daughters. I personally know how it feels as a daughter to have a father who is alway busy with business. Today at home, and tomorrow at the end of the world. I admire Sandy for staying with him through out the years. I admire her courage. Seeing that he brings Sandy on stage to meet the fans are so sweet of him. It makes me smile when he talks about Sandy and his daughters. Seeing that the fans sings to Unanswered Prayers and him just playing the guitar, makes me feel very good inside. He has accomplish something beyond anyone's imagination. It's time that he spend some quantity time with his family. If he decide to sing in the future that's great.<P>I'm :(sad :( because I will miss his music and his appearance on TV. It makes each day of my life worth living.(don't get me wrong) It just makes the day more meaningful and challenging. It's great to have someone to look up to. I look up to my dad, the only second person I look up to, is Garth... You know, wanting to be like him. Not as a singer but as in the business area, the personality, and.... I have learned a lot from my father, I have learn a lot from Garth and I have learn a lot from all of Garth fans.<P>Well that's my thought. I didn't want to comment at first but.... None of my friends like Garth and his is the only place that I can go to, to talk about Garth. Now, I want to thank all of you too. I think we should be happy for what he has given to his fans and accomplish and not because he is leaving his fans. :)N