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03-30-2000, 12:45 PM
Here's what Trisha says:<P>Trisha Yearwood Says Garth Brooks Duet Album Is Off<BR> <BR> <BR>(3/30/00, 5 p.m. ET) - Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood have found tremendous success when teaming up in the studio. The pair have released two successful duets, including the No. 1 hit "In Another's Eyes" and the follow-up "Where Your Road Leads." Over the years the pair have repeatedly expressed interest in collaborating on an entire album of duets together. According to Yearwood, the duets project is currently in limbo. The singer says that she doesn't believe it will ever be completed.<BR>"It's not happening," Yearwood tells LAUNCH. "I don't know if it ever will and he may have a different opinion. When we toured together we had a couple of duets. We did a song called 'In Another's Eyes' and that was real successful, so we did another duet. My feeling is, and again, I don't know how he feels about this, if we were going to do a duet album, that was when we should've done it, when we were touring. If you do a duet album with somebody and you can never do it live, it kind of defeats the purpose in my opinion. I'm not saying it could never happen, but I feel like that was a really missed opportunity and would've been a good time to have it out and tour it while we were touring together. It would have made sense. Maybe that opportunity has passed. I'm not sure."<P>-- Jennifer Gerlock, Nashville and Gary Graff, Detroit<P> <BR>debN

03-30-2000, 12:48 PM
Thanks for the good news Deb :D :D<P>Then he can focus on a REAL country album :D<P>BrianN

03-30-2000, 12:59 PM
Thanks for the article!<P>I'd like to remain hopeful that it will come about someday.<P>It sounds like something they both really want to do, but haven't had all the cards fall into place. <P>They both have seperate careers that need their attention. When the time is right, they'll do it!<P>~Ann~<P>N

03-30-2000, 01:46 PM
Yeah..... I kinda agree with Trisha on this. If they can't tour together for the duet album, then it doesn't make too much sense ;) Well, this might mean that Garth HAVE MORE TIME for his own stuff :) :D<P>TommyN

03-30-2000, 01:59 PM
yeah, i rather have more JUST Garth stuff! :D(or duets with DIFFERENT artists! :))<P>aRiN

03-30-2000, 02:25 PM
W :)W that is very good news. I am so glad there will be no album with Trisha which will hopefully mean no more duets. I just cannot stand the woman, you should see how she flirted with Garth when they would be backstage and before the show and stuff on the last tour they did together. She sooooo wants him. Maybe that is wearing off now though. Shes nice as long as Garth isnt around, whenever he is around he is the only one she talks to and dosnt really pay much attention to anyone else. Plus I don't think her music has much originallity and she isnt a good performer.N

03-30-2000, 04:31 PM
I for one am disappointed that they are not doing a duet album. I love Trisha Yearwood. Regardless of how she does or doesnt feel about Garth, the woman in my opinion can sing rings around most of the women in country music today. I got her new album yesterday and it is totally awesome. N

03-30-2000, 04:45 PM
Hmmmmmm,<P>Makes sense - though a duet album could just as likely generate opportunities and invitations to sing together more.<P>They are such great platonic friends and Trisha is such a caring person with a wonderful musical range - I enjoy hearing them sing together.<P>HawkN

03-30-2000, 06:29 PM
Brian,I finally agree with you!!!!SusanN

03-30-2000, 08:52 PM
Thanks Susan :)<P>Finally???????<P>BrianN

03-31-2000, 12:34 AM
Just as long as he never<BR>never, never............ever does a duet with Barbara Striesand.<BR>I just about puke every time I see her dribbling over Vince Gill in their clip, she looks so insincere, and Vince has a look on his face like she's going to give him some sort of nasty disease.<P>Yuck!!!!!! :(<P>Ana :)<BR>N

03-31-2000, 12:46 AM
Ditto Ana :D<P>She is a fine example on a very bad human being :(<P>BrianN

03-31-2000, 05:34 AM
Thanks for the article Deb. I hope that someday they will get to work on that duet album afterall. I know I'll be first in line to buy it. Trisha is a class act. Garth has great respect for her, and rightly so. She has earned it.N

03-31-2000, 05:42 AM
I would LOVE a duet album! I really hope it happens, sometime. :)<P>Hmm, didn't I read somewhere that they already had three tracks done? What will happen to those songs?<P>LoriN

03-31-2000, 04:28 PM
I love Trisha's music, but I am very glad this album isn't happening. The phrase "too much of a good thing" comes to mind...after the 2nd track, I think I would have gotten bored of it :o :oN

04-01-2000, 06:39 AM
I like their duets. I heard Reba McEntire talking about her song with Trishia, Linda Davis, and Martina McBride. She said Linda was always with her, and the others were shown by video on screen. Said it had a special effect. It sounds like Trishia knows Garth will never tour, again, or at least not with her. So maybe he will release albums, but know that he doesn't have to tour to promote them. A million years ago songs were promoted by guesting on The Opry and about 4 country music shows.<BR>Donna W.N