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12-15-1999, 11:45 AM
Hello everyone,<P>Some of the words I'm going to say in this post, some of my not agree with, but I really don't care. So here are my thoughts about Garth.<P>The Crook and Chase show got over with about 35 minutes ago and, like most of you, I saw the announcement of Garth's retirement, and I've also seen what some of you have posted in the last 30 minutes, and I've come to realize that you all (including myself) our very selfish. I know we want Garth to continue doing what he has done is the past decade but it's time. It's time for him to be with his family. It's time for him to be a good father, husband, and son. Now I don't want him to retire either but there comes a time in a person's life when you have to realize what's more important. Career or family? It doesn't matter if you flip burgers at McDonalds or if you're Garth Brooks, family is the most important part of your life, whether it be your kids, wife, husband, or parents, they are the most important. If you're wondering what the point is of what I'm saying it is this:<P>If Garth never does another album again that is perfectly find with me. I have every Garth album that has been made so I'm just going to put them in the CD player and listen to the reason why I'm a hugh fan of Garth's and what made me a fan.<P>Besides if he decides to take ten years off or whatever just think by the time ten years rolls around he will be about 48 years old. There is guy in country music who 50 years old and still tours around the country and if you have seen him live you now when comes down to performing that age makes no difference. I say this because this guy jumps around the stage and has wild show. That man's name is Chris LeDoux.<P>Sorry this is so long but I think WE ALL need to realize that Garth needs his family and his family needs him.<P>Thank you very much for your time,<P>Michael H.N

12-15-1999, 12:07 PM
I totally, completely, 100% agree with you. I just typed a whole paragraph about this under PCL's latest topic, so if you want to read what I have to say, you can do it there. But the main point is, he has given so much to us in the last decade. Let the man be happy with his family :)N

12-15-1999, 12:18 PM
I also agree with you 100% and said so in my post under the other topic as well.... it's rather long but says pretty much the same as you... along with a Garth-serentity prayer. *lol*... Read it if you like.N

12-15-1999, 12:18 PM
Well I will post my thought and I know some will not agree but please don't flame me I don't want a big fight over this here, if you want to take a shot of me don't do it here. I respect all of yall's opinions and I know we all come from different places. I come from a very disfunctional family with drinking problems, depression, behaveral problems(thats me), and thousands of other things. So of course my thoughts will be different from people who have perfect families, if there is such a thing also I am sure Americans here who get Garth most of the time will disagree a little from the folks over in other countries and other things. Here I go.<P>I am 18 not that smart and not musch of a people person so I don't get things righ in wording so bear with me. :) I am a person, I know there others, who dream of destiny knowing that I don't ahve a chance in anything.I don't have cheerleader looks or build, I have to left feet when it comes to sports, I am not a very bright person when it comes to school so I can't be doctor or nothing like that. I try to play instruments but I can't so I know I won't be special in life to nobody but I did try to find something. I see now that Entertainers are given gifts some last longer than others and I feel they should last. I would give anything to be able to do what Garth does and I know others would too out there. I am one of those persons who would just slow down if it came between quitting but thats just me. I see other artist out there with families and they still go but I don't think they go as much as Garth they have slowed some. It seems they are not scared too go down in numbers and this may be what ticks some of you off but if Garth loves performing so much he wouldn't mind doing 5 dates a year but yes it would not win any Entertainer of the Year awards but is that all it is about?? I know Garth likes being on top but being on top is nearly a saying and the numbers are just stuff on paper. Slowing down would not effect the albums or music just the numbers. I believe in destiny, maybe thats stupid, but its better than living your whole childhood life knowing you will not make any differences or matter to anyone, it gives you something to shoot for. I wish I had it. :)<P>N

12-15-1999, 12:21 PM
That is I agreed with GB85.<P>I don't think Garth owes me anything... and it would be his own personal choice if he doesn't want to follow in the foot steps of Reba and Jones and fade away gracefully... I don't think that's the Garth we know.N

12-15-1999, 12:22 PM
C&C is not on here yet on the west coast. Still have 45 min. to go. Obviously I know most of what is going to happen on the show. <BR>I am surprised by my reaction to his pending retirement. I had always thought I would be totally upset if he ever retired. But I find that I'm ok with that. I feel a little sad that there will be no more anticipation of new albums or tv appearances or concerts, but I understand his need to be with his family. I personally think that he will be back when him and his family are ready for him to go back. It's been a great decade for us fans, but maybe it's time for him to be a dad and hubby and son. He needs some Garth time. :) I just know that when and if he chooses to come back, I will be there to support him once again. Garth if ya ever read these posts... One statement I wanna say to ya: "Do What You Gotta Do." God bless you and your family, and thanks for the wonderful ride that was the 90's, The Decade Of Garth, I like to call it. :)<P><BR>A Fan Forever, Ellie :)N

12-15-1999, 12:22 PM
Well, sorry but I don't agree.<BR>It works PERFECTLY fine with Springsteen and his three kids, so I can't see ANY reason for garth to retire now.<BR>The only thing I think he should change is to stop writing autographs and talk with fans like he does.<BR>And he also has to tour sa little less, then he can be with his family like Bruce :D<BR>EVERY Garth fan would understand that if he said "Sorry, but I have to go home to be with my family". <BR>I don't understand why he feel like he has to dump us now and just stop it like that :) :)<BR>As I said in another post, I will be very pissed if he decides to stop :(<P>BrianN

12-15-1999, 12:48 PM
I am trying to say what Pilgrim said. I understand family is important and should be but yall say fade away. Any fan who would give up on Garth for doing lesser shows or lesser albums or lesser anything does not deseve to be a Garth fan. Sure he won't come out on top on numbers if he does but I wouldn't call that fading away. Garth is at that point where he has a strong loyal fan base. I think there is plenty of alternatives out there to still do both. :) Rather if it would be not going to nearly every city if he tours again and only doing one show in each or just doing albums every so often and no tour. He would have tons of time then. :) I don't think Garth is afraid to slow down, if he was he would not take the breaks he does. N

12-15-1999, 12:53 PM
I havent seen the show yet, just got home. First thing I did was check in here, and this is the first topic I clicked on. I cant say I'm surprised, since he has on more than one occasion thanked Sandy "for allowing me to finish the decade we started". I know that this is what Garth feels is best for his family....and I totally respect that. After all, his career is just that...just a job, and nobody but nobody should place a job over family, no matter who they are. But I'd be lying if I said that I'm not really sad right now. :( Sad for us, the fans, but at the same time I wish Garth well. I think we owe him at least that much. I supose I should go watch the tape now, before I ramble on anymore, but for some reason, I just dont even want to see it.N

12-15-1999, 12:57 PM
I agree with Kristen166, every artists says that they do what they do because their talent is a gift from God. Many saying that using their gift is their way to thank God. Garth doesn't have to do three hundred shows a year to use his talents. George Strait does 10-20 shows a year and everybody loves him. George Strait also puts out an album every five months--Garth has never had to do that. I don't think it'll be any different in the future. Garth has helped so many people with his music. I'm sure there are more that he can help. He's not going to help anyone, including himself if he gives up on his dreams. I know that being a dad is one of the most important jobs in the world but you don't have to be home 24/7 365 days a year to be a good dad. It's quality not quantity. Sorry if you don't agree with this, but this is how I see things. N

12-15-1999, 12:58 PM
I agree with everyone. *L* I think if Garth is meant to sing, he will sing. I think he was given his gift and he will rediscover that again. I just CAN'T believe he is done.<P> He needs some time with his family and he should take all he can get. I know what it's like to loose someone you love. It changes your whole life. I just believe he will be back. Hopefully sooner than we think. <P>Kristen, everyone has a special gift. You just haven't discovered yours yet. give it time, your still young. :)<P>Lori<P>N

12-15-1999, 01:13 PM
I agree with you gb85. and I'm happy that he is taking some time off for his family.... :)<P>Nelly<BR>I will miss seeing Garth on TV though :(N

12-15-1999, 01:20 PM
Thankful Anonymous you said what I treid to say. If it is love then numbers shouldn't count same as if they believe it is a gift. It should be to touch people's lives. God or destiny should not be used for numbers or being on top. George is not the only artist who does 20 dates a year, many do. Garth does not do albums every year so then he don't ahve to tour every year. He should do a few dates to promote an album. Making an album is hard probally but his kids go to school he do the writing recording then. Tour a few dates in a summer take time off. He does tons of projects at same times. Do one thing. I don't feel he has to totally quit if he don't want to. Slowing down would not make him fade any less then if he quits all together. They say it is a gift but then it is like if he has to just slow down a tad bit he can't do it period because like he said if he can't go the all 100% he can't do it that sounds like a numbers being on top thing to me. :)N

12-15-1999, 01:24 PM
I am really upset. I understand completly why he is retiring, but I'm still really sad. I think it would be just as cool if he decided not to tour so much, but still did the CD's and TV shows. Nobodies dad is home all the time, but if this is what Garth feels he must do then he should go ahead and quit while he's on top! I'll love him no matter what, I'm just sad.N

12-15-1999, 01:28 PM
:( As I said in the other thread I am very SAD about this :(<P>I cannot take the thought that people can say we are <B>Selfish</B> :( I am not <B>Selfish</B> for being a devoted fan and I don't think anyone else is,It's pretty hard to take when your favorite singer is announcing his Retirement :( YES I agree he needs to be with his family but as <B>Pilgrim</B> stated HE can have a Family and stay in the business that he Loves so much.And I for one hope he takes his 8-9 months off to be a Hubby and A Daddy and then come back and BLOW us all away :) And still be a family man!!<P>Take Care<BR>SueN

12-15-1999, 01:54 PM
Well I have to admit that I was sad after watching the Crook&Chase show this afternoon-not only was it the last show for Crook and Chase on TNN, but Garth's announcement about retirement, too. I also agree with the posts that have been made here-Garth needs this time with his family. But I also don't believe that he is giving up on the music entirley. As Loriane said, retirement cane mean different things. Garth and the music are one and the same. It's inside of him. He just needs time right now; time to be with his family and time to deal with the pain of the past six months. He needs to slow down on the music-that's understandable (Could any of us go at that speed for ten straight years?). But he will be back. As a visual artist I know that the art is a part of you, you can't deny it or put it away. Sometimes I HATE art, but I HAVE to do it. You can put it away for a while, but there is always something that makes you return to it. Now Garth has this passion inside him and it's MILLIONS of times stronger than mine. So I know that by saying he is going to retire, he really just means that he needs to pull back for right now, that he just can't keep going like he has for the last decade. I think all us fans agree that he needs time with his family. He deserves to experience some of the joy and happiness that he has given us over the last ten years.N

12-15-1999, 02:22 PM

12-15-1999, 03:58 PM
I agree with everybody because I don't want to see Garth retire. But do we all have the right to get mad or say he should tour 20-30 days a year? Garth has given so much of himself over the last ten years. I'm sure it has caused some friction with his wife and children always being on the road.I do believe that is a very hard life and I'm sure it takes it's toll on a family. I think he just needs some time to be Garth, the husband, father and son. I hope a few years down the road he changes his mind and decides to record and tour again but if he doesn't that's OK too. None of us should ever expect anyone to live their life the way we think is right. It was one hell of a ride while it lasted. I hope it will continue someday but if it doesn't all I can say is "Thanks for The Dance Garth!" and I will always be a fan. Jackie N

12-15-1999, 04:06 PM
<B>Ok.. I can't believe I didn't catch THAT SHOW!!</B><P>I already told my friend to tape it for me because I had a final this afternoon :( AND HE FORGOT ABOUT IT :( :( :( This really pissed me off big-time!! I did see the last part when Garth sang a couple great classics, but that was it.<P>Now, I am still surprised when I see tons of posts about RETIREMENT (what a strong word!) But like most of you said, Garth has a family and he has the responsibility to take care of them. <P>I think I could live without Garth's TV appearances, concerts, and promotions, but I sure will miss his music. However, if this is the best decision for him, then he should "DO WHAT HE GOTTA DO" :D I am happy for him as a great Entertainer for the last decade, but I was only fortunate enough to catch the latter part of this wonderful decade :( Well, I ain't complaining because I the past 2 years have been one-hell of years for Garth and his family. <P>First, he had ened his world tours in 98, and he released his very first live album :D <P>Second, he had his very first training camp with the Padres and his charity, Touch Em' All.<P>Third, Mama Brooks passed away in August.<P>Fourth, his Chris Gaines's thing brought him several bad comments and criticism.<P>As for the past 2 years, I think Garth has learned a lot and hopefully his decision is what he really wants. <P>Ok.. just to mention about what <B>Kristen</B> was saying. I think we all forgot how Garth was brought up by his parents. His is a very critical aspect which will determine how Garth would treat his girls. If Garth was brought up with BOTH (I really mean BOTH) parents and was fortunate enough to have their love, this would also affect to Garth's parental love for his girls. Needless to say that he is a man of family values. Maybe being a father figure is very important to him because this is what he was brought up to. So, I am not surprised that Garth has to give up (for now, but not sure for how long) and to be with his family. Think about how many times he has to apologize for his absence in his family. If he is a responsible person, then he should go back and be with them. If he still loves music and doesn't really care about his family, then he will regret if Sandy really leaves him. <P>What I am trying to say is that individuals' family value varies. If Garth was brought up with his parents and understood how both of them had affect on him, then he would model his parents and be a good father. Maybe 5 or 10 years later, Garth would be back because his girls would be like 8, 10, 12.. or even older. By then even though the youngest one is still young, at least she could have all the love from his mom and other 2 sisters who can take care of her. As for now, it's really hard for Sandy to do the parental love all by herself because the kids are still young.<P>Just give Garth a time.. I believe he will COME BACK :D <P>Tommy<BR>PS: THE DANCE is a great song for now!N

12-15-1999, 04:12 PM
Well here is how I see it. Garth chose to be a Entertainer, nobody twisted his arm, he found he had a gift so he decided to use it, he didn't ahve too. Also I say why he can't cut back because has he ever really did it, no so how does he know he can't do both, I could see if he had been going a very slow pace but he hasn't really so how does he know he can't juggle?? I know he has millions of fans and some will be disapointed that he will atleast not do music no more, I could take no touring but no albums why?? Whats he going to do when his kids are in school?? or when they get teens and on their own?? he could record albums. He don't ahve disapoint people. N

12-15-1999, 04:15 PM
But I feel he could be a great Father if he slowed. George Strait spends a lot of time with his son roping because he chose to scale back and do 18 shows a year. :)N

12-15-1999, 04:59 PM
<B>Kristen</B>,<P>Well.. I can't speak for Garth because I don't know him. But I can relate to what he is thinking.<P>Let me put it this way. Yes, you think Garth should not quite; in fact, he could still make albums and do less tours whenever he is free from family. <P>Here is my personal story (since you shared your's ;)). When I was grade 9, I started bo play basketball. Before I was even a school team player, I didn't know if I had the skills needed in order to play DA GAME. But the lucky me got selected into the grade 9 basketball team, but I was a bench player most of the time :( However, towards the end of the season, because our team sucked, some players didn't even want to come to play anymore. As a result, I got more play time and I was able to learn from the game. <P>At the end of the year, I was so surprised that I got "Coaches' Choice" for our grade 9 basketball team. Since then, I am viewed as a good player (but of course I was good though!). Anyway, I easily made into my grade 10 basketball team, and I was the starter for each and single game. I was even the few players who got to play the WHOLE GAME. At that time, I truely enjoyed the game and I didn't think I would trade anything for other stuff. <P>It was not until the end of grade 11 basketball team that I finally made my decision of quitting the team. I knew I had the skill to play the game, but guess what? I HAD NOT CHOICE BUT TO CONCENTRADE ON MY SCHOOL WORK. Well, maybe you would think that this is a different situation than Garth's, but there is some similarities.<P>Now that I am in my second year of UBC, and I was glad that I made the right choice. Because I didn't play for my grade 12 basketball team, I had more time to concentrade on my school work; as a result I averaged 82% and got accepted by the university :) And now, my cousin, who played for grade 12 basketball, is regreting not to have enough time for his school work; thus, he stayed one more year and is retaking some of the subjects. Surprising, it was a few days ago that he told me that he was pissed to stay one year behind most of his peers. <P>Now, to Garth, yes, it's true that MUSIC is what he enjoys, but if he has to choose in between his career and his family, the man has to pick one. Maybe this is just the kind of personality that he has. I think it's pretty much similar to me because I knew I could always play the game, but I don't want to because I have made up my mind for school stuff. There were a lot of friends who wanted me to play, but I just told them that noone would change my mind.<P>If Garth's decision is best of his family and his life, I don't think it matters to me that much. Family is for his life, performing on stage is not. He maybe be remembered by thousands of people, but he would never trade his family for the fame. <P>Remember, Garth is a very dedicated individual. If he wants to do well on music or a concert, he'd bust his butt to give all he has. And now, since he has decided to be a good father, it's either all or nothing. Being with children requires tremendous amount of attention. <P>Ok.. maybe some of you would resent Garth is he did go the training camp next year, but you have to realize that "going to training camp" is not a pressure to him. In fact he enjoys doing sports. Of course music is also his favorite, but once he has decided to do music, he can't slow down like other artists. <P>It's like I knew I could still play for grade 12 basketball team, but I couldn't take the chance for not concentrating on my study. Of course I would still do other sports like soccer, baseball, or football, but I wouldn't play basketball. why? Because I knew I had to put out everything and that I wouldn't be able to study ;)<P>I hope this would make sense to you.<P>TommyN

12-15-1999, 05:12 PM
Quote:"Of course music is also his favorite, but once he has decided to do music, he can't slow down like other artists"<P><BR>Tommy,<BR> Garth can slow down though that is the thing, he is not that different from Reba or George popularity wise. Realize Garth has been in 10 years they have 20+ years so when Garth was getting in the biz they had been in 10 years so they were beginning to slow down then probally and take longer rest to where Garth had to keep going at it because he was a new artist and new artist have to run run run in this biz. If Garth chooses to slow down, in 10 years he will be like Reba and George and there will be hardly any evidence that he cutted back. :)N

12-15-1999, 05:16 PM
I will also say that Garth can afford to cut back a lot too. :) N

12-15-1999, 05:21 PM
The thing is Garth may not WANT to be a "part-time" entertainer like the others. You say he doesn't have to totally retire from performing... well maybe for him he does. He's an all or nothing kind of guy.... at least in his thinking right now.<P>Maybe (probably) in a few years he will see things differently when he feels the call of the road.... but for now... this is HIS decision.<P>I don't want this decision. I want the same thing you do... to me a little Garth is a whole lot better than no Garth at all.<P>But maybe Garth doesn't want to be 'just good enough'.N

12-15-1999, 05:22 PM
well.. it's simple. Just because George and Reba can, that doesn't mean Garth can ;) or if he WANTS to.<P>TommyN

12-15-1999, 05:23 PM
<B>snow</B>,<P>LOL.. you are fast! I was just saying that Garth may not want to slow down. Even if he really wants to, then he might want to hold for another few years.<P>TommyN

12-15-1999, 05:32 PM
Snow, I think you are right about Garth not wanting to be a part timer. He has always talked about hopefully having enough class to know when to call it quits. In his opinion, this is the time, and he is going to step down with all the class in the world. He has something special planned for us, it's not like he just said today "that's all folks" and then disappeared. Of course, I hate that he has made this decision, but I understand where he is coming from. I think he knows how many hearts he's gonna break and it's probably killing him.....but he's doing what he needs to for right now. N

12-15-1999, 05:52 PM
I don't think George or Reba are in the biz half way but..... :) they run slower at the right pace I thin :)<P>I just think he loves it too much to just quit for good he has said that the numbers don't count or he don't care much for them. I could see if he was indeed fading away then yes of course he would want to step out at his most highest part but with him that is nowhere near happening whether he quits or slows. :)N

12-16-1999, 07:43 PM
You know that you guys are right to a point<BR>garth could slow way down and not do any<BR>more touring but the big question is does<BR>he want to and i don't think that he wants<BR>to I have really seen a different garth the<BR>last few times that I saw him something<BR>has changed in him like he said music is<BR>not first anymore his family is I could be<BR>wrong for none of us know garth like sandy<BR>and the rest of his family does but<BR>we should all take a step back and think<BR>garth needs to do what is best for garth<BR>and if that is retirement then so be it<BR>what is it for us to say what is best for<BR>garth because we are not garth we could have<BR>missed the pain but we would have missed<BR>the dance.<BR>Garth we will never forget the dance.N

12-16-1999, 09:00 PM
I agree with a lot of you. Maybe if Garth see's what his fans are saying, he will think about. Not that I think he shouldn't retire because the fans don't want him to. That is his choice, and if does call it quits, I wish him the best of luck. I met his wife 2 years ago, and I know she will stick by him in whatever decision he may make. As much as I want to see him keep on performing, maybe what he needs is more time off for him and Sandy to maybe think of way for him to be a dad, husband, and entertainer, which is what he loves to do. I just hope none of his fans doubt that he loved doing what he does. <P>God Bless you Garth.<P>Kerry R.<BR>Colorado/MaineN

12-17-1999, 05:04 PM
OK Just want to point out one other thing...<P>Garth stated a while back that he would be here with us (The Fans) until we don't buy his concert tickets or the radio won't play him anymore...well there is neither of them happening and some say we owe it to him to do this well ..NO we don't he wouldn't be where he is today if it wasn't for us (The Fans)we are the ones that got him where he is today without us who knows where he would be.I am not being Selfish I am just stating the truth..I will always LOVE Garth but this is what saddens me about this whole thing.He can take a break for 1yr or 5yrs but he doesn't have to say the "R" word and get everyone upset if it doesn't really happen!! He should never have stated that until it was official!!<P>Take Care<BR>Sue ;)<P>Now don't run all over me for this PLEASE!! It's just how I feel!!N

12-17-1999, 06:18 PM
I agree with you Sue. :) I don't think I am being selfish for just wanting Garth to slow down or just not tour but make albums. :)<P>He has said a lot that he will be there as long as we the fans are there. Some of you say he wants to go out on top and he don't want to slow down and that if he can't go 100% then he don't want to go at all. Now I can see the going out on top thing a little but not much, that sounds like more like an athlete than a artist. Garth really never ran at a slow pace like other artist that are his size in the Country music biz he has done big things so how does he know we will not be there for him at his slower pace or if he just does only albums here and there. If he tried and then saw it didn't work and none of his fans showed up then he would have reason to quit because he treid slowing as much as he could or he tried to do just albums here and there. I love new music and would take only that way before a tour. I think the going out on top thing is merely just numbers and size and if that is what he saids at his decision time then I will have only one way to take it and that is he loved the size and numbers more then music because if he loved it so much he would do it as little as he can then not at all. <BR>N

12-17-1999, 06:55 PM
i think there is more to this then what we know!i think we will find out after christmas!N

Peggy H
12-17-1999, 09:27 PM
After watching the Charlie Rose show a couple of things struck me. I don't think he is worried about the numbers as much as other people are depending on the numbers. The comment that Pat Quigly made about Garth's profits where used to promote the other artist instead of them going out and doing all the hard work. Also the comment that Rose said or asked Garth that people and the industry expect big numbers or it's afailure for you. Maybe Garth is tired of the industry reaping the rewards of all his hard work and sucess but critizing him at the same time. Maybe this is Garth's way of telling the industry to shove it. Anyway I think he wiil come back but just to play music and release Cd's, but smaller scale. Sorry so long!N

12-17-1999, 09:55 PM
Hey Peggy H. -<BR>I missed the Charlie Rose show, but I've thought that myself, that Garth never twisted anyone's arm's to buy THIS many albums! It's just that he's a BLESSED, give it your 100% performer, that has driven his sales so high. He is fantastic! He'd like to hit 100 mil., but at this time in his life, he is thinking things alot differently. He's not written it in stone that he'll always be able to be here for us..that's impossible! Remember this, "the only thing that stays the same, is that everything CHANGES!" People's lives, feelings, and emotions CHANGE. Your priorities CHANGE. Whatever Garth decides will be respected by me. I will cherish the songs of inspiration he has already made, FOREVER! He's a legend, second to NONE!<P>Peace, Love, and God Bless.<BR>Amy :)N

12-17-1999, 10:49 PM
Michael (gb85)<BR>I meant to thank you for such a very nice post. It's how I feel too. Thanks again. :)N

12-18-1999, 07:55 PM
Thanks Amy for the words (and everybody else) I don't want anybody to get the wrong idea from me. It's not like I want Garth to quit either but look at it this way. Whatever Garth does he does because he can. If he decides to "retire" forever and never make an album or tour again that's fine with me because that's his life not mine or anybody else's. I will always be a Garth fan no matter what and he still will always be my favorite singer/artist/entertainer. Thanks for the time again and will talk to you ya'll later.<P>Michael H.N

12-19-1999, 06:26 AM
To everyone concerned,<P><BR> Mr. Brooks is not all the other singers out there. He is Garth! Why is it that you cannot be happy that he wants to give all his attention to his family? For a long time now he has given all his attention to us. Isn't it enough that the gossip pages puts garbage out there about him, and we are taking the time to put him down about wanting to spend unconditional time with his family. What is up with you guys? You have no right to be "XXXXed" as some of you guys say. It's not your life. We can argue about this all we want, I'm sure you will all get over it eventually. Leave the man alone!! It's easy for us to say "stay", but we don't do what he does, now do we? We are not doing all the traveling? We need to support whatever he decides to do. It shows respect!! I'm sure down the road he will come back with a bang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<P>Dearest Garth, you go! Stay home with the ones you love and know you are in our prayers. Take care!!!!<BR> N

12-19-1999, 08:56 AM
Frankie...<P>Perhaps it is because you are new to the PG Forum... but if you will carefully read the posts being made then you will see that 99% support Garths POSSIBLE decision IF that is what he decides to do. They of course are sad to see him go and have a right to say so. There have only been one or two that have voiced their opposition... and even they have not disrespected Garth for the idea. They understand his reasons... they just think he could find a way to do both. I have only read one persons post that used the word pissed and it was from a person that is a huge fan that is going through a hard time accepting this. We know him to be a caring person and that for some people anger is a natural part of accepting something painful. He'll move past it.<P>No matter which camp they fall into they have a RIGHT to their opinion on Garth decision. That is why this Town-Hall forum is here... so that they can talk and learn from others. I don't think they deserve to be condemed for expressing their frustration and sadness. If you support Garth's decision (as do I)... then feel free to tell us about it and why you feel that way. I don't think it's nice to attack people for their feelings even when you don't agree with them.N

12-19-1999, 12:55 PM
Because I don't understand why he just can't scale down before quitng everythng. He is not different from other artist, other artist have families and contrary to what anybody thinks Garth does run neck and neck with a lot of artist, I think it is just some people who like to make him out to be the biggest over every single single when in fact if he would run slower the stas would equal up. :)N

12-19-1999, 12:56 PM
Because I don't understand why he just can't scale down before quitng everythng. He is not different from other artist, other artist have families and contrary to what anybody thinks Garth does run neck and neck with a lot of artist, I think it is just some people who like to make him out to be the biggest over every single singer in fact if he would run slower the stas would equal up. :)N

12-19-1999, 05:13 PM
I haven't yet commented on Garth's announcement that he may probably announce his retirement at the end of next year and am still having a hard time putting my feelings into words (and keeping my eyes dry). I keep hanging on to the fact that he used the word "probably" when he made his announcement. When I told one of my friends that he didn't say he was <I>definitely</I> retiring, she said I was in denial.<P>Like so many of you have said, I am hoping that he will take all the time he needs to focus on his family and give them the attention that he feels he has not been able to give them. As much as I will miss seeing him on TV and reading about what project he's working on, I support him in his decision to take this time for himself and his family. However, I will continue to hope that he will be able to find a balance that will allow him to have both time with his family and time to continue with his music. Whatever he decides, the music and the memories will always be there for me.<P>I think it was Teresa who threatened that she was going to give Sandy a bottle of Super Glue if Garth didn't follow through with his decision at the end of 1998 to take some time off to spend more time with his family. Maybe Sandy needs a larger bottle.<P>PaulaN

12-20-1999, 03:47 AM
Thank you Snow! :D<P>All I can say is that frankie should have lived in Denmark for the past 6 years :)<P>BrianN

12-20-1999, 12:43 PM
Hi GUYS !!<P>I have not long given up my own business,which included alot of long hours and time spent away from my wife and two boys,i worked hard to get where i was in the industry which was very competitive,i too was brought up with both loving parents and high family values.<BR>I am NOT Garth,but i have now lost both of my parents.<BR>I now see things a little differently when it comes to my own family,and so can relate to Garths situation,especially this time of year.<BR>I too want the albums to keep coming,BUT if Garth does decide to retire then my best wishes for him and his family go with him.<P>Thanx Garth for giving me so much of your time and GOD BLESS YOU.<P> Danny N

12-29-1999, 10:01 AM
OK, listen up, i totally understand what you guys are saying, i am glad that he's gonna be happier now, and spend time with his family and stuff like that. But i am extremely pissed off, i have been a garth fan since the very first time i heard "Standing outside the fire" and i have been faithful and bought every cd and tried to get tickets everywhere he went, but not once have i ever seen him in concert. My dream has always been to see Garth in concert, now what am i going to do? My whole life has completely fallen apart, i just came to this site and read the news just today, i didn't watch the show and i haven't been to this site in a while, and i am extremley sad and pissed off at the same time. I am happy for garth that he is moving on with his life, and doing something for him, but this means that i will never get to fulfill my dream since i was like 10 years old! I am very upset and yes i did shed some tears, i don't think it's fair, after all this time of me hoping and praying, and for what, now my dreams are shattered and i don't want to even bother to pick up the pieces.<P>I'm very sorry about this folks, but this is just the way that i feel.<P>From, Kelly, a very distressed Garth fan foreverN

12-29-1999, 11:01 AM
Good Afternoon, Fellow Garth-ians.<P>I have to say that Garth's potential retirement does not come as a<BR>huge surprise. <P>First of all, I think it's mighty "big" of Garth, to realize and decide that he want's to be a better father and husbond. Not a lot of men (that I know anyways...) would have the "balls" to do such a thing.<BR>If this makes him retire, then I've got only one thing to say to Garth.... "Good for you!! :-)"<P>Other then this, I can certainly understand why this desicion would be easy to make... I mean... what can he do to top what he's already done? I honestly can't think of anything "bigger and better" then when he sat on the end of the stage in Central Park, and had the (had to be..) largest choir in the world sing his songs right back to him... <BR>If a man stives to do better and move forward with everything he does, then there isn't many "places" for Garth to move forward to as far as I see it. <P>Do I belive that he'll "retire"? Yes. I do believe he will do so. To some extent anyways. I am absolutely sure that he will continue to influence country music, and be involved in many different ways. I doubt that he will be able to stay away from the stage and studio's permanently. His talent and love for the music will drive him back. <P>I'd just like to conclude with the fact that Garth is the greatest. There's no doubt about that. And if he retires and we never hear from him again, I will do what a true Garth fan should do: <P>Continue to love his music, the person he is, and be the best darn fan I know how to be. <BR>As a fan, Garth will always be on the top of my list.<P>Kind regards,<BR>Frank<BR>flarsen@hotmail.comN

12-29-1999, 11:02 AM
I agree with Brian and all the others who are upset with this whole "I'll probably retire at the end of 2000" thing. I've never seen Garth in concert except on TV. And that's not enough. I understand that he wants to be with his family, but he can do both family and career. I would be sorely upset and disappointed if he just up and quit now. I understand that he's upset over the death of his mom and christmas must have been really hard for him, but he wouldn't be "Garth Brooks the greatest country singer ever" *LOL* without all us fans supporting him and buying his CDs. I wrote this on the Garth Box but I'll write it here too. Even though this Chris Gaines project hasn't been too hot it's still being supported and people are buying his CDs. Who are those people buying those CDs? It's us. His loyal and devoted fans. All he said was that he probably will retire, and he didn't give any definite reason why. He said he needs to spend time with his family, but he's said that a lot. I would like him to do a tv appearance where he gives his decision to retire or not and his reasons for saying he'd retire. He shouldn't be leaving us all in the dark about his reasons.<P>Okay, I'm gonna climb down off my soapbox after I say one more thing. I still love The Man and I still love his music, I'm just confused and scared about this whole retirement deal. Sorry if I offended anyone.<P>NikkiN

12-29-1999, 11:40 AM
I think we need to drop most of it, afterall he said he may retire not that he was going to. I don't think he will or will for long be retired, he will never just disapear he will always be around retired or not so what is the worry about?? Nothing really. We haven't heard much else on the subject from Garth and I think he would talk about it a lot more than he did on Crook and Chase. He will be back in some form whether it is music or something else. he will always do some projects. N

12-29-1999, 11:47 AM
Kelly,<P>I understand a lot of what you are feeling. It crossed my mind at first too... and since you just found out today it is still pretty raw for you.<P>I've been a fan for a very long time as well and due to a lot of reasons I've never gotten to see the man. A trip to the gates was as close as I got and he wasn't in town at the time.<P>But ya know... I've just decided that God has a plan for everything. I think even if Garth does retire that it won't be permanent or complete and we still have an excellent chance of eventually seeing him.<P>I also have to think of what is best for him and his family. He doesn't owe me that meeting or a permanent future of Garth's music. No one can promise that anyway.<P>Well... I've had a little more time than you to think on all this and I've just decided to accept whatever happens.<P>Glad to see you postin' and don't be a stranger.N

12-29-1999, 01:05 PM

12-29-1999, 01:05 PM

12-29-1999, 01:27 PM
I understand what your saying and I think he will continue in a small pace.<P>I think we should wait and see what Garth plans to do in a year, he didn't anounce he was retiring he said he may so lets just see and wait before getting all upset. He could have been having a bad day or time when he was on Crook and Chase or is feeling a little down. Who really knows right??? A lot can happen in a year and I don't think Garth was saying he was quitting music entirely neither I think it just came out that way I think that is his way of saying he is going to slow down and do things more his way.<P>Lets wait and see. No more goodbyes, because there will never be a goobye.N