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Little Alchyholic
12-15-1999, 05:38 PM
Hello I am new to posting but not new to reading. I been reading all afternoon about Garth saying he may be calling his quits. First off I think some of you may be jumping the gun a little too soon. He said in 2000 what you may see is him retiring but that was not his official statement and he did say he will lay low then come back. I think that time with him laying low will make a big difference on what he chooses to do all together. He may think now he won't do albums but then during his time he may change his mind on quitting everything. Another thing is to the ones saying Garth slow down, I agree he can do that and I saw some post saying what if Garth don't want to well if that was true he would not have gotten teary eyed and he also said he will indeed miss the road and doing music. So he said he still loves doing music not just if it has to take him away from home for long periods of time. Some of you say Garth don't want to slow down because he wants to go out on his highest well how do any of you know if Garth would slow down that he would fade so fast. What would he think he heard this from his fans. He may be indeed thinking about retirng but I do think just slowing down is crossing his mind too at this moment I hope he don't come and read these post because now he will be scared to slow down. I don't think he really wants to quit, I think he would have done it already if that was the case it is just now his kids are bigger and he wants them to have regular lifestyles not carrying them on a bus all the time year round like he did on the 3 year tour. He wants both but I think he is humble and fears running slower will bring him down. I have heard Garth say that awards and the album sales are nice but it is his love and feeling on stage that brings him back. I think he will be back, but this time doing things his way. N