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12-15-1999, 06:20 PM
This is from Yahoo News Wire:<P> <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Arial">quote:</font><HR><P>Wednesday December 15 08:24 PM EST<P>Garth Brooks into the Sunset?<BR>Looks like Garth Brooks could be hanging up his hat. Again. <BR>The biggest-selling solo artist in music history says he will "probably" retire next year to spend more time with his kids. <P>Brooks, 37, who has three young daughters with wife Sandy, dropped the bombsell today on the Nashville Network's Crook & Chase show. <P>"I never, ever thought in my life I'd say this, but music is not the first thing in my life any more," Brooks said. "Those girls somehow come along and they just take your energy and all of a sudden all you want to do is you want to do things that make them smile... <P>"The time has come to settle down and focus on them." <P>His Garthness said he'd lay low for most of Y2K, throw a big end-of-the-year bash then "probably announce our retirement [note the use of the royal we] at the end of next year." <P>But before you Garth fans get choked up, remember that the Hatted One made a similar vow four years ago, only to pick up his guitar and hit the road months later. And earlier this year, he took some time off to pursue his baseball fantasy, spending most of spring training as the San Diego Padres resident sideshow attraction before being cut. <P>Garth left plenty of wiggle room this time around, too. He didn't go into the specifics of his pending "retirement," other than saying he would quit touring. He added that he'd continue writing songs and maybe take a crack at movie scripts. "Writing seems to be what my bag is," he said. <P>He also said that he might make a comeback after his daughters--who range in age from 3 to 7--are grown. "But right now, definitely I've got to step up and take care of my responsibility," he said. <P>Brooks' label, Capitol Records, declined to comment about the possible loss of its biggest cash cow. <P>Brooks single-handedly jumpstarted the country music boon of the past decade, selling close to 100 million albums during his 10-year recording career--a total second only to the Beatles. <P>His well-stocked trophy case includes a Grammy, 11 American Music Awards, 10 Country Music Association Awards, 14 Academy of Country Music Awards and eight People's Choice Awards, including six straight Favorite Male Performer Awards. In a restatement of the obvious, Blockbuster named him Artist of the '90s. <P>Brooks might be better served retiring his latest creation, Chris Gaines. Conceived as a pop-rock alter ego to Brooks (and as a way for Garth to break out of the pop-country mold), Gaines was the subject of an underachieving (and critically derided) album, a made-for-TV concert and a still-in-the-works mockumentary called The Lamb.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE><P><B><BR>Some harsh comments made in this article.. :( <BR></B><BR>N

12-15-1999, 06:32 PM
And so it starts.......does the man not get even one day off from these pinheads???? <BR>N

12-15-1999, 06:48 PM
Cheryl,<P>They are pinheads. :) <P>But I'm going to take the optimistic point of view. Everything they quoted about C&C was true. Although he didn't say probably he said "I think" He did leave wiggle room, and I am happy about that. Never say never, I always say. :) <P>The other garbage is just that, garbage.<P>LoriN

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12-15-1999, 07:28 PM
Everything is fine, but the last paragraph about Gaines :(<P>Oh well.. <P>TommyN

12-15-1999, 09:13 PM
So this was from Yahoo, eh? They got alot wrong, including the part about Garth pursuing his "fantasy" playing baseball with the Padres, as a sideshow? Nothing mentioned about Touch 'em All? Where do these people get off? For being a news service, they may want to hire some people who are informative, and not plain ignorant. :( Do us a favor Yahoo! Don't hire some "yahoo" to write a story! Yep, venting here! :) Only when it's justified though! :)<BR>AmyN

12-16-1999, 04:30 AM
What I don't understand (and I hear it everywhere) is that he got cut from baseball, where do they get their info, he did not get cut, they wanted him to stay on, even if he was not that good, but he said he did not want to take the spotlight away from the great players......<BR>He only did it to live out his dream and to raise money for kids, am I wrong? N

12-16-1999, 05:07 AM
Whoa, <P>In the last paragraph, did I see a made for TV concert? Is that gonna happen? That would be cool if it did. Well, I saw that and had to say something.<P>-AliciaN

12-16-1999, 05:16 AM
Can we all say <B>"BONE-HEAD REPORTER!!!"</B><P>Man that steams me!!<P>N

12-25-1999, 02:40 AM
i got into garth in 1994 when the rumors of him retiring were being blown around...do i want him to retire..no. of course not..but if he feels it is best for his family then let him ride off into the sunset..he can always come back later....also we will always have the many memories that he has provided us with over the yearsN