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12-16-1999, 10:55 AM
Hey pgrs,<BR> I have been reading all your posts<BR>about garth retiring and alot of you are<BR>really understanding and others are not. I <BR>have read alot of people begging him not <BR>to retire. I am sorry if my spelling if off<BR>i am not real good at spelling so please<BR>bear with me. I am going to try to help<BR>some for you to understand why garth wants<BR>to retire so here i go. I am a really<BR>strong belever that god and family come<BR>first above all the rest and garth was<BR>raised that way too i believe and as far<BR>as i can see he really has not done that<BR>other wise he would have retired two years<BR>ago when he said he was going to. But with<BR>the passing of his mother he has but things<BR>into prospective he is realizing that family<BR>is everything. We are being really greedy <BR>for asking him not to retire here is why.<BR>His family has given up so much of him for<BR>us what have we given him besides of love?<BR>I have been thinking of the words in his<BR>song if tomarrow never comes guys we can <BR>all go to bed tonight knowing when his<BR>tomarrow never comes that he loved us more<BR>than anything for he gave us his time and<BR>his love he signed that extra audicave and<BR>toke that picture instead of going home he<BR>always went the extra mile for us that is<BR>the man he is and for us to ask him just to<BR>slow down and not sign autograph is just not<BR>him he has this big heart and he does not<BR>want to dissapoint anyone I would rather him<BR>look at us and say i am sorry but my family<BR>has to come first than for him to go to his<BR>girls and say i am sorry but my fans come <BR>first. Think about it guys if his tomarrow<BR>does not come will his girls be able to say<BR>I know how much I was loved by my dad I don't<BR>think they would. I am a mother of five <BR>children and I know what it feels like <BR>to dissapoint them and I could not look at<BR>myself in the mirror if he dissapointed them<BR>girls and you know they would be dissapointed<BR>so us fans need to do give garth a big <BR>christmas present this year his freedom to<BR>go be with his family and be the daddy that<BR>he feels he needs to be for this is the time<BR>that you really have a impact on your children. so as we think about everything that he has given us let us give something<BR>wonderful back to him.<BR>garth you have our plesing to go. you<BR>might be gone but not ever forgotten <BR>we will go on and always remember what you<BR>have taught us as well of letting us see<BR>the world through your eyes and we will<BR>go and try to make this world a better <BR>place because of you. We give you our thanks<BR>for all you have given us and so we give<BR>this gift to you your freedom to be the<BR>daddy that you want to be and if and when<BR>you want to come back we will be here to<BR>welcome you with open arms but until we meet<BR>again so long no goodbys for we will always<BR>have our memories that you have given us<BR>and will cherish for all times.<BR> God Bless you garth as you go through your<BR>life and remember that we will always love<BR>you .<BR>well, thank you guys for letting me tell <BR>you how I am feeling I hope I did not make<BR>any of you think that I was slamming anyone<BR>for that was not my intention I just wanted <BR>to let you know how I felt garth was feeling<BR>I don't want to see him retire like every<BR>one else I just don't want to be greedy <BR>and have him pick us over his family.<BR>God Bless you all and Happy Holidays.<P>sheila<P>P.s. sorry this was so long.<BR>N

12-16-1999, 11:10 AM
Sheila,<P>That was beautiful what you wrote. You made me think. I understand he needs to be with his family. I'm sure the death of his mother has really made him stop and think of what he has done or not done or should have done, etc. I truly believe, though, that he will be back maybe not as soon as we would like but he will be back. He loves the music and the fans too much. <BR>Kathy W. from MSN

12-16-1999, 11:33 AM
Kathy, You are right he will be back some<BR>day when he girls are older he will come<BR>back and be a big as ever.<BR>god bless<BR>SheilaN

12-16-1999, 11:46 AM
I am brokenhearted to think we will never hear another song from Garth again, but I can understand and agree that his girls come first. I just hope that he will still record some albums a couple of times a year. I cant imagine country music without a Garth song in it. I hope that the big event at the end of the year is an album and some kind of final tour so we can see him one more time. Of course if it is his final tour we will be hard pressed to get tickets. I am still so sad but I sure do wish him well with his girls and Sandy.N

12-16-1999, 12:40 PM
I understand how you feel about it in USA, but you have also had him on TV almost every night this past fall, he has done EVERYTHING to please his American fans this year and last year. But what about us here in Europe??<BR>We have had nothing of him in something like 6 years (except if you live in Great Britain).<BR>I think his decision is dead wrong :(<P>BrianN

Teddi Jo
12-16-1999, 12:48 PM
Beautifully put, he must think of his family first and like I said in my own post on this topic, we'll be here waiting for Garth when he makes his comeback :)N

12-16-1999, 12:56 PM
psa, what you said I totally agree with. I'm sure the passing of his mother has put things into perspective for him. Whenever we lose someone close to us it always reminds us of how short life really is. I think Garth is doing a good thing, I will miss him terribly and I don't think this is the end of Garth's career...he'll be back doing something, I'm sure. Just when I thought I couldn't respect the man any more, he's surprised me again. God Bless Garth....and everyone else too! Happy Holidays!<P>-KathyN

12-16-1999, 01:07 PM
I think family and God should always come first also. Let me just say that without taking anything away from Garth's announcement, musicians never "retire". I like to think of it as an extended leave of absence, and a well deserved one. I totally respect any choice for the betterment of family, especially after seven studio albums, years and years of touring, a movie, and the back story building for the movie. If everyone would take their albums and listen to them all the way through, there's a ton of music to keeps us happy til the "comeback album" which i believe there will be. Whatever will be will be, one of my favorite musicians and biggest influences, Jimi Hendrix, had an extrememly short career and i'm happy with the offerings he gave to music and I'm thrilled with what Garth has done for country and music in general. I urge all of the Garth fans to support what he's doing and try to be grateful for what he's given us. I'm glad to see so many are doing so already. N