View Full Version : Do we not know our Garth?????

12-16-1999, 11:55 AM
Hey<P>After reading all these posts, i have to point out several things.<P>1. First off, if we truly know our Garth, we would know that for Garth, retiring means just slowing down. Another words....only giving 109%, instead of the usual 110%.<P>2. He's still producing Ty England's album. They've always had this goal that they would go as far as they can, then become successful SOLO artists, and then come back and do DUETS TOGETHER as equals. <P>3. I'm sure being around TY will help rekindle some of the youthful fire that Garth needs right now. I think thats the main reason for his break. Not just his family, but to remind himself of why he got started in the music business in the first place. As soon as that starts happening, GARTH WILL BE BACK. <P>4. He's a celebrity. After awhile he'll realize that even if he stops making music and doing anything, he'll still be written about, talked about, and approached in public. Eventually he'll say to himself: <B>If i've still got the celebrity stuff, its only fair to continue with the music stuff.</B> (Im not sure if I worded that right, but i hope you understand what i mean.)<P>I'll leave with this point:<BR>EVENTUALLY HIS DAUGHTERS WILL GET SICK OF HIM BEING AROUND ALL THE TIME. DAUGHTERS GET LIKE THAT SOMETIMES, AND THEY'LL SAY <B>"LOOK DAD, YOU'RE JUST NOT AS COOL AS YOU THINK YOU ARE. NOW GO OUT AND GET US SOME MORE GIFTS"</B>. (Thats meant to be humorous! :))<P>Scott <BR>If I seem optimistic, its cause garth made me that way.<P> N

12-16-1999, 12:37 PM
I'm sure that every wife will know what I mean when I say (& especially if your a stay at home mom) Sooner or later Sandy will tell Garth "Go find something to do!" LOL <P>Lovin' Garth Always & All Ways...<BR>RAYLEENN

Teddi Jo
12-16-1999, 12:50 PM
Yeah, I'm hoping Sandy gets tired of him puttering around the house and sends him back to work, even if only part time :) (fingers crossed for that one) :)N

12-16-1999, 01:09 PM
If I know my Garth, he'll realize even though he's not making the music, it's still there. Not near as exciting, emotional, or just plain good, but it is there. I also think his daughters will realize, when they get a little older, that their dad is the HOTTEST thing to ever happen to country music!! Not just looks, but in making the music. For the last 10 years, it's been about Garth, and in my life, it always will be.<P>Rachel<BR>OklahomaN

12-16-1999, 07:53 PM
Well I'd have to say I agree. And from this wifes point of view...As much as I love my husband and want him home, I could never take him away from something that makes him happy. His happiness is as important as mine. Thats what relationships are all about. Give and Take. There has to be a comprimise somewhere and I'm sure Garth and Sandy will find theirs.<BR>Peace and God Bless, DeniseN

12-17-1999, 04:51 PM
From a 18 year olds girl point of view.<P>From the husband/wife thing, well I can't comment on my my Mom and Father because they hate each other and always have they just stay for money reasons so of course my Mom wants my Father gone and of course my Father wants my Mom out of sight but from relatives who are married and love each other my aunts always get tired of their husbands being around all the time and they love each other, it is just men are from Mars women are from Venus thats how it is.<P>From a child point of view. Right now Garth's kids may know a little as to what he does but right now but they are kids they like playing, eating and sleeping but when they get older they will read about their dad and what his shows were like and they will want to encounter that, what child would not like to look out and watch your dad perform to thousands of people singing his songs, I would be very proud of him. Now of course I would not want him gone all the time from home but I wouldn't mind a few dates here and there or small tours, if he comes back it will probally be slower and I can accept that. :)N