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12-16-1999, 06:25 AM
Who could believe that a 31 year old woman would be upset that someone is leaving the music business?? When Garth said he would probably retire the end of 2000, it broke my heart. Here's someone that is an incredible singer and songwriter, is wonderful to his fans, gives to charity, and is just a decent guy. The music industry should be thankful <BR>Garth came along. All I can do is hope that he will change his mind, because not being able to see Garth live anymore would be like losing a limb. The only consolation I have is that he wants to be with his family. God Bless Garth in anything he does, I will respect his decision and remain a loyal fan for as long as I live.N

12-16-1999, 09:22 AM
I guess that make two of us 31 year old woman. I am upset too. but on the other ahnd am greatful to have him for the ten years.To hear his music. I've been touched by him. He gave us everything Now it his turn. Like i said i am upset too. I can't believe it. I've never got the cahnce to see him in concert :( :( :( :O :0 N

12-16-1999, 10:02 AM
garthsgirl...don't feel bad. There is also a 33 year old woman who feels the same way. I am going to miss him and the music but I am glad to see he is doing it for a good reason. Jackie N

12-16-1999, 10:14 AM
Since we're all being so truthful about our ages, I'm 43 and have the red-ist eyes at work today! People are actually kidding me about being so upset.(They just don't get it)<P>I respect Garth's decision but that isn't helping my breaking heart. He has been my inspiration for so long by his positive attititude his generosity and his love for people. His love for people is even more apparent now, his giving to the girls.<P>I wish him all the happy times with his family that a person can have, he deserves this because of all he's given us. I know we'll all be here for him WHEN HE COMES BACK!!<P>JulieN

12-16-1999, 10:21 AM
Well I too am upset by his decision but I respect him for putting his family first. We must respect his wishes. Children and family are so precious and it is difficult to bring up 3 alone - when he is travelling and they need their education - at least we have his music. I am sure he'll be back. What about The Lamb?<BR>Good luck Garth N

12-16-1999, 10:24 AM
Well its comforting to know you are not the only crazy 30 year old upset by this. I have to admit its depressing, but I am keeping the hope that this will not be a permanent thing. That after a nice, long break from everything, Garth will be back better than ever. :) <P>Keepin' the Hope --<BR>LeannN

Cathy Welch
12-16-1999, 10:49 AM
Well here's another 43 year old woman who is having a hard time concentrating on her work today. Everytime I look at that lovely calendar hanging over my desk, I get all misty-eyed. I'm definitely here in body but not in spirit. And now "It Don't Matter to the Sun" is playing on my computer, so I'm going to lose it again.......<P>I'm trying not to be selfish, but I'm finding it hard to imagine not hearing that beautiful voice singing anymore. I know, I know, we've got ten years worth of beautiful music, but I always looked forward so happily to hearing something new. His voice is so full of.....I don't know...his passion, his heart and his soul.<P>He has touched my heart more than any other artist ever has. I've wanted to tell him that as well as the fact that he made me "listen" to the music; for years all I ever did was hear it, I never really listened.<P>I don't where this ramble is going....I can understand his reasons, but it breaks my heart more than you know.<P>Please, Garth, if you read these forums, don't ever stop at least making your wonderful music! I can live without the touring and all the rest, but the music must live on! I don't think you would be the same man Sandy married and the same dad to those girls without it. It's a part of you that cannot be so easily erased.<P>Cathy<BR>(I know this sounds a bit whiny and pathetic, but right now I don't care...I had to vent!)N

12-16-1999, 10:51 AM
Here sits a 51 year old lady who cried her eyes out last night and is still feeling heavy hearted today, in spite of the belief that Garth needs to follow his heart and do what he needs to do to be true to himself.<BR>I trust that in his own time and in his own way, he will be back making the music that is such a source of inspiration to us all. I share his belief that it is a God given gift and I feel he still has important work to do.<BR>Our world desperately needs his message of LOVE and I believe it will be heard. As the mother of 2 young sons, I have cut back on everything I can to be here for my boys, so I applaud his doing that for his girls. I think that the great healer TIME will help him find a way to bring balance into his life.<BR>CherylN

12-16-1999, 11:04 AM
Well, here's a 38 year old woman who has been depressed since she saw the Crook and Chase show. I was left feeling like that this cannot be happening. I agree if he wants to stop touring...that's fine but please don't stop the music. I thought this before when he said he was retiring. When he sang the songs on the Crook and Chase show you could tell he still LOVES the music and the fans. I understand he needs to be with his family but he loves the music, too. Hopefully, he will do what he has to do and then come back to us.<BR>Kathy W. from MSN

12-16-1999, 11:14 AM
i am 17 and a freshman in college <BR>GARTH BROOKS IS MY LIFE <BR>i love garth more then any thing in this world<BR>i can't believe that he is going to retire<BR>i have always wanted to get to see garth live in concert but i have never had the chance and now i will never get the chance<BR>when he said that he was going to retire my heart broke into a million pieces<BR>garth is what inspired me to go to college<BR>everything that i have ever done garth has been my inspriration<BR>i wish he would a least play fan fair this year so i would have the chance to get to met him <BR>i think he sould tour some this year so his fans would have a chance to say goodbye to him <BR>i never thought that i would ever see the day that garth brooks wouldnt be in music<BR>losing garth is just as bad as losing a member of my family<BR>i think he sould take some time for his girls<BR>but he doesnt have to quit completely<BR>he doesnt have to tour for years <BR>he doesnt have to tour at all i just hate losing that great music <BR>and if he did tour he could tour just for a fews months at a time <BR>then he would still have time for his girls and his fans<BR>garth if you are out there i love your music so much and i really hate the thought of losing it <BR>please if you dont want to tour anymore keep making music <BR>i hope that you decide to not retire but just to slow down some<BR>your fans would rather have you some then not at allN

12-16-1999, 11:22 AM
Well I'm 35 and I've thought about it all day too. I thought about it going to work... during work... and after work. My students must have wondered what could possibly be wrong with me.N

12-16-1999, 01:08 PM
Hey all, it was good getting the replies(or as good as its going to get today, anyway). Thank you for sharing your feelings with me. One of you said it so well, we care for Garth because of all he has done for us and to the World with his music and gifts to charity. To those that say they will never see Garth live, never give up, that has always been his message. Thanks, LisaN

12-16-1999, 01:19 PM
I'm 17, and since that kinda makes me still "a child", I must say that while I was as upset as the rest of you, I can totally understand where Garth is coming from with this. I know that I would be really upset with my dad if he wasn't there for all of the important moments in my life. Those 3 girls need their dad a lot more than we need him. And believe me, we all know Garth, and we know that he won't just fade into thin air. I'm sure we'll still get to see him on tv a lot, but his wife and kids need to be his #1 priority.N

12-17-1999, 05:24 PM
I hope he dont stop, like someone said he don't have to stop completely he can still make new music at least that would not keep him away from his kids. He is a entertainer. he chose to do it without nobody presureing him. He kids need him but at the same time Country music needs him. He should still do music and not tour. He got a career in music not in touring so he should keep ging with the music.N