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12-15-1999, 09:59 AM
AHHHHHHH!!!<P>What do you all think about Garth's statement on Crook & Chase? I know he's said it before, but I am totally stunned and a little depressed! I'm sad that there is a possibility that this might be the end, but when I think about his family and their needs, I feel that I'm being greedy about wanting another tour that will take their Daddy / husband away from them again.<P>How do you feel?<P>Jim <P>N

12-15-1999, 10:06 AM
I think it will be temporary....a few years, maybe. He's too young to stay away forever!<P>The Lamb is scheduled to come out in 2001...and he will most likely be in it. Maybe he wants to lay low for awhile until things simma down! lol<P>I can't blame him for wanting to spend some time with his family. He deserves the break. And he's a smart man...we'll clamor for his return for a few years and he'll make his 'triumphant return' with a hit country album and crazy wild tour ;)<P>He'll be back well rested and better than ever.<P>lisaN

Neal Doerner
12-15-1999, 10:08 AM
I am hoping that Garth doesn't mean that he is going to stop doing albums. I can see him retire from touring(because of the strain that It has put on his family), but I don't see him being through with music altogether. He could always put a studio in his house, and record albums from there. That would allow him to have the best of both worlds. Maybe I am being selfish as well, but I think that the world needs Garth Brooks music; whether it be as Chris Gaines or Garth(preferably Garth). To the world, Garth Brooks IS Country Music.N

12-15-1999, 10:10 AM
I'm glad Garth is going to be around his family again. The loss of his mother probably had Garth thinking more about spending time with his kids and I think that is great. I just hate the word retirement, I hope it's just a few years off and he will come out with a new CD. I don't really care if he tours again but I really want to hear more music from him. I'm proud to say I have been a Garth fan since he started, I just hope there will be something in the future from Garth. N

12-15-1999, 10:10 AM
I am sad :) I know family is important but I do feel he could go about other ways with touring or making an album. He could tour in the summer and take his kids for about 2 months or something. He could record albums while his children were ar school and make it like a regular job. :) I dunno, I mean retirment is just a word, lots of musicians have came out of it, retirement don't really mean a end for ever there is always a chance as long as he is alive. :) He did say probally so maybe with the time he will take off he can think of a way to have both worlds. :) N

12-15-1999, 10:16 AM
This is making me REALLY sad. I'm hoping he just needs some time off. God knows he deserves it. I just can't see him retiring forever, that would make me heartsick. <P>LoriN

12-15-1999, 10:25 AM
I don't think we are selfish for not wanting him totally stop. He has given us 10 great years of music and we don't want the music to stop because it effects us too much, he is either the only or one of the few who has songs about real life and that can answer your life questions. Some of us love the music because because it ahs a good tune but I think most of us or for me his music can tell me to do the right things or to some has saved their life even. Tours are nice but it's the music I am sure we love most. I could say good bye touring but it will be hard to say good bye music forever. Maybe over the past we have him asked him for a lot, from to come to our city or when will you do Country again maybe he feels if he can't please everyone then he has to stop. :( I hope not :( If he said he didn't want to tour again but still do albums then I would be the happiest if he said he was going to only do 20 dates here and there and never came to Houston I still wouldn't complain. :) I hope he will do music.<P>I don't, like someone said he has said this before when his daughter was born and was pretty close and found a way to juggle so who knows what the final outcome will be or if he even does an announces and comes back in a few years. :) N

12-15-1999, 10:25 AM
We can look at it this way..By the time he is around the house for nine or ten months Sandy will get tired of having him underfoot all the time and will boot him out and tell him to go tour. :)<P>LoriN

12-15-1999, 10:27 AM
I, like the rest of you, was shocked to hear him say the word "retirement". I feel so selfish for wanting him to go back on tour, because I know that he belongs with his girls. I am hoping that he just means he will retire from touring, but not from making albums. If he stops making albums, that would be horrible :( I would just be soooo sad. Plus, I haven't met him yet! I know that next year my parents would have no problems with me going to NYC to meet him :)<BR>But if Taylor, August, or Allie asked him to stay home, I would never be upset with him for wanting to be there for his children.<BR>N

12-15-1999, 10:30 AM
Say It Ain't So, Garth!!!I couldn't believe what I heard him say. :( No more Garth? How could he break our hearts right before Christmas? It's nice he wants to spend time with his family but couldn't he just do a little touring. Maybe one show in each city or state. I always held on to the hope that I will see him in concert again. Please Garth the world needs you. :( :( :( :( :( :( N

Peggy H
12-15-1999, 10:33 AM
I can't see him giving up music. I think he hasn't had time to really mourn his mother's passing, and with the Holidays coming it really has to be hard. I also believe that he will do more CD's and shows. He looked tired give him time to rest and recharge. The last few months had to be hard for him, first his mom. Then his so called fans deserting him!N

12-15-1999, 11:36 AM
Well, I am selfish, I have said it several times here :o<P>So I can't see any reason for stopping, he still owe ALL his European fans some touring that he promised way back in 1996.<BR>I really feel like cheated now, and I guess I'm not the only non-American who feels that way.<BR>If he stops then my collection will probably end up in some flee market due to disappointment in the man :(<P>BrianN

12-15-1999, 11:46 AM
I just heard this on the news as soon as I did I ran to my computer.<P>I am flabergasted and just don't know what to say.<P>The news said they would keep us up-dated.<P>So I think Garth will make some kind of statement soon.<P>THIS IS TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<P>but<P>We can all pray it is only one of Garth's phases. Like in the early 90s when he said he was retiring and changed his mind.<P>Maybe<P>He'll change his mind.<P>BUT <BR>not only that<BR>let's remember<P>THIS IS THE YEAR GARTH SAID HE WOULD BE OFF<P>was he off <BR>or on vacation this year<P>NO<P>He loves the game too much.<P>But if my assumptions aren't true.<P><I> I'm just not going to think about <B>that</B> </I><P> :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( <P>Once Garth said<BR> <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Arial">quote:</font><HR><BR>If taking chances is what got me into the game, you can be it'll be taking chances that will get me thrown out of the game too <HR></BLOCKQUOTE><P>Maybe Garth thinks that he has been "thrown out of the game" by the response of the CG thing.<P>I'll stop trying to analize this and just wait and see what happens. <P> :( :( :( :(<BR> :( Glenn :(<BR> :( :( :( :(N

12-15-1999, 11:57 AM
i WAS looking forward to the show(it has not come on here yet) :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(<P>aRiN

12-15-1999, 12:05 PM
I post this at the other topic but I, like the rest of you will be upset that Garth is re.... :( :( :( :( I'm not angry that he is re.... but I'm sort of happpy that he is. You know the whole family thing. He just lost his mom, I guess he just want to spend some time with his family only. <P>BUT, I hope he is not leaving because he thinks his music doesn't 'sell' anymore. WHICH IS NOT TRUE. I also hope that he know all his fans will miss him a LOT. BIG TIME.<P> :) :(N

12-15-1999, 12:06 PM
Kristen,<P>I could live with him not touring, but I don't want him to stop making albums either.<P>Lori :( N

12-15-1999, 12:07 PM
PLEASE, PLEASE, what EXACTLY did he say ???<P>I have just logged on after getting email and am in shock.<P><BR>Helena<P><BR>P.s. I can't get crook and chase so don't know what's going on, no news about Garth over here.N

12-15-1999, 12:09 PM
I know for me, it's one of the worse days I've had since right before finding Garth...when my Mom died. :( :( :( :( I can't imagine life without Garth Garthing it, without the "experience" of a concert, without Garthadventures, without new and exciting music from him, without the friend I just met this year. Maybe I'm wrong but if he were going to stay in the music besides writing songs for other artists...wouldn't he have said that he'll at least continue to record music...just not tour?????<P>I was at work when I saw that part of the show and I haven't stopped crying since. To me, what makes this announcement more sincere than previous ones when he said he'd retire was his eyes welling up with tears; even Lorianne was crying. I'm just so glad I wasn't at the show because they'd have had to stop it because of my sobbing so loudly and if I got to see his after the show, I would have certainly embarassed myself. It sounds soooo damn sincere to me! :( I'm convinced that what I suspected in those last hugs in NY were just that.<P>That guy in AL could have at least invited us to the backyard contest! *trying to make myself lighten up a little*<P>There was just something about that end of 2000 thank you to the fans previously posted that put a knot in my stomach.<P>Cheryl<BR>N

12-15-1999, 12:11 PM
And I do agree he needs to spend time with those girls now...before it's too late!! I'm just gonna miss him sooooo bad.<P>Cheryl<BR>N

12-15-1999, 12:13 PM
Sorry....but isn't there something we can do to let him know that we don't want him to quit altogether and he can have all the time he needs?????<P>Cheryl<BR>N

12-15-1999, 12:19 PM
:( I am SOOOOOO Sad that I don't even know what to say...He said he will be <B>Officially</B> announcing his Retirement at the end of next year :( :(<P>Still in Shock :(<BR>SueN

12-15-1999, 12:31 PM
Actually he said he will probally be announcing his retirment in 2000. I think he said it like this maybe off a little.<P>He talked about honesty and stuff then he said to tell you the truth this big thing where having in 2000 will probally be to announce our retirement have one big party. that is how I heard it. :(<P>Maybe we could write him and tell him to take all the breaks you want , do hwo many shows you want, but don't quit for good then he will know that we can take him at a slower pace.<P>I do think he meant no music or nothing, he will quit everyting. :( acept he may do movie scripts and may write songs for other artist but other artist don't put feelings in their songs like garth does. :(N

12-15-1999, 12:35 PM
Have one big party???<BR>That does not sound good in my ears :( :( :(<BR>It sounds like a HUGE concert, but in USA and <B>NOT</B> in Europe :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(<P>Brian :( :( :( :( :(N

12-15-1999, 12:42 PM
He also talked about the Backyard Concert that he just did :) just Garth,Jimmy and Dave it sounded like they all had a good time :-)<P>Take Care<BR>Sue ;)N

12-15-1999, 12:43 PM
Either one big blowout or party, well even if it is in USA I can't go and I probally wouldn't anyways because I don't agree with what he is doing, I don't hate him, but I feel there are ways for him to do both. :)N

12-15-1999, 02:46 PM
I just finished watching the tape of the Crook & Chase show. Well, I just have to say that I am stunned at Garths announcement of his retirement. I am very sad that Garth is leaving the music world but I can understand his reasons why. Raising children is the most diffucult job but enjoyable job in the world and as a parent I wouldn't want to miss one moment of it and I am sure Garth feels the same way. Children grow up so fast and you can never get back the time that you miss with them. As greedy as I am that I want Garth to keeping recording and touring, I do believe that his wife and children need him more. All I can say to Garth is "You will be missed by your fans, but enjoy the time with your family. You have earned it." Jackie :( N

12-15-1999, 02:56 PM
He said probally, he didn't announce his retirement really. Why can't he scale down? He can take his kids with him in the summer can't he? or he if can't then he could just go for a few shows here or he could still do albums. The music doesn't ahve to stop. I hope he is asked this question in any recent interviews he does, I would like to know why he can't just scale down He is big but he is right along up there with George, Reba and all of them and they don't run as fast as he does. I just want to know why he can't scale down, I know it is not ticket prices cause George Strait has done only 8 shows one year and kept his tickets at 24 bucks so why can't Garth do fewer shows if George can?N

12-15-1999, 03:05 PM
Well... I don't think it is our place to agree or disagree with his decision.<P>I DO think we should let him know that we still want and need his music if it is in the cards. I don't want him to ever think that we would just let him go easily... but...<P>Look at it his way. HE doesn't HAVE to do it both. Even if Garth's bank account were wiped out today... he could live off very comfortably off of his writing and the royalties.<P>People are forever saying that it's best if a MOTHER stays at home with her kids... even if it is a financial hardship on the family. What's wrong with a stay at home father?! If he wants to stay home and he can still provide for his family... I think it is wonderful for them.<P>What does he owe us that he hasn't given already?<P>I am as upset as the rest of you... but it's HIS LIFE... HIS FAMILY. Yes he could do it both... but if he doesn't WANT to.. he doesn't have to.<P>Hasn't anyone thought that maybe this is something his family has asked of him? We all know that Garth has said that Sandy and he havn't been as close lately as they should. Maybe she WANTS this and he WANTS to give it to her. Right or wrong it would be their right to do so.<P>We could guess a long time but we won't know all the reasons behind his decision.<P>I only know that it must hurt him even more than it hurts us... but he feels it is something he might need to do. I respect that.N

12-15-1999, 03:29 PM
I just watched the show too. I'm in tears from it. I had to rewind it and watch as he said it. He is almost in tears as he says it. I do think Garth is going to take off a few years. But don't think he won't be around. Maybe he won't record or be on tour, but the man isn't just gonna disappear. His music means too much to the world and he knows this. For Garth I'm sure it is so hard to not be there as much as he has with his girls. He wants to watch them grow and we should all understand that. I'm not a parent so I don't know exactly how to put it but for all those parents out there I know you guys do. Garth may retire, but music is in his heart and I know he won't be gone for good. I know us here will miss his greatly but he is only one man and one with such a big heart that he just can't put his family through it any longer. But I can't see Garth sitting home everyday either. He will be around. And when he does return may it be 2,5,or more years. Just think about how great it will be for him to know that his music will never die. His decade of music will last forever in my book and I know all of yours. I'm one of the last people who wants to see him stop, but Garth needs to be happy for his music to have the heart and soul it has had. So I will cry when he goes but I will make sure he music never goes anywhere.<BR>Jen<BR>PS: I did post this under anothor one put it did some werid long version which is very annoying to read.N

12-15-1999, 03:40 PM
OK come on. :)<P>Now some think a fan who wants Garth to slow down is being selfish but if you want you can look at it both ways. Garth spent 10 years entertaining people, he has met fans and I have heard him tell stories on how people come up and say his music has saved their life so he knows he has millions of fans that will be crushed if he saids he is done with the music. I think it is in his humbleness that he feels his decision may not affect people but it will. It is not selfish to ask him why he cannot scale down the tour if he indeed feels he has to do a tour to promote an album. Or why he has to stop the music? Some people look forward to new Garth music to see if their is an answer to a problem they may have, how many artist songs do that?? Not many. As fans we have a right to know why this decision has come, we deserve to know the whole truth as to why he cannot continue because out of everyone we will be the ones that hurt too maybe more than Garth. We should have the right to know why he can't scale down like other artist. He spent around 2 minutes on a subject that will hurt millions of people. I am not saying that Garth has to give us in depth marriage or parenting reasons but he should say I can't scale down because of this or that. I can't make anymore albums becuase of this or that. He said on C&C that of course he will miss touring and doing it so it is not that he hates it now all of a sudden or is tired of it. :) I understand he grew up with 2 parents but he also chose to be an entertainer and to run a long time and when you become an entertainer your life becomes public. :)N

12-15-1999, 05:19 PM
Well, I agree with most of you that I am sad if the retirement is true. (even though I think he will be back; it is too much in his blood). I, for the last 10 years have listened constantly to Garth music and seen him in concert whenever I had the chance. But to say he has let us down is absolutely ridiculous. He, for ten years, has put together great musical packages, every CD as cheap as it possibly could be so we could buy them. His concert tickets are the lowest of any performer in music today and he put on twice the show. He did things like sign autographs for 23 hours straight at fan fair, and we are saying he has let the fans down by this decision? That is unbelievable. If the man wants to retire and spend time with his family, than that should be his first priority. We, the fans have been his first priority for ten years and it might be time he puts it where it belongs, with his family. Garth, I personally want you to perform again as soon as possible because the energy you put on the stage and the passion you show towards your craft is unparalleled (plus I absolutely love all of your music), but if you do choose to retire and leave for good, thank you for the wonderful things you have done for the last ten years, and have a wonderful life! You have supplied many hours of enjoyment to us, and your messages will not be forgotten. -I could have missed the pain, but I'd of had to miss the Dance!-N

12-15-1999, 05:59 PM
I've been lurking around this site for a year or so, but until now, I've never been compelled to register and respond to anything. I've read the previous posts and can see both sides of the issue. On the one hand, I can see him wanting to resume somewhat of a normal life, spending time with family and friends. I've seen many posts that admire the messages in Garth's songs, I agree, many of his songs speak to my heart also. However maintaining this communication FROM his heart to us, (not his family), while being apart from his real family, has to be exhausting. Additionally, there has been some backlash from the CG thing. I personally like it, but many don't. At the same time each person must look at their own life and decide what is right for them.<P>God Bless, whatever the decision.<BR>N

12-15-1999, 06:42 PM
Well, like the rest of you I was shocked to hear him say retire! I am in tears just thinkin about it! :( :( :( For the past 10 years I felt like I had the best friend in the world. He never let me down with anything that he did. When he talked about retiring when Taylor was born I was upset, then hed realized that he could do both and came back to us. I feel that this is the real thing, he has been around for 10 years and is finished with the business. I wish it were not true, but I actually have said this awhile ago that I though this was his last year and today he made it a reality for me. I am so saddened by the news it breaks my heart. :( What a Christmas present for me! :( I have lived and breathed this man for 10 years and now have nothing to look forward to. I know that sounds a little addicted, but I can't help it. I understand his wanting to be with his girls, how many fathers out there have the chance to do what he is doing? My husband works 12 hour days and has since my kids were born. But the way he talked today he did not mention any cds or anything. I understand not touring, because that takes so much out of him and he is constanly away, but to never record another album? I am so sick to my stomach. :( I wonder if all the negative review from the Chris thing turned him off. I for one love that CD!I guess he is also still recovering from his momma's death and he has said it was "her song that made him sing". Maybe he thinks that he can't do it without her. Oh well I have blithered here enough, sorry for all my boo hooing, I just feel that I lost my best friend in the world and I am mourning one super huge talent! I love you Garth!!<P>DonnaN

12-15-1999, 07:09 PM
This has got me so depressed I have to try and lighten up. I really don't think we have seen the last of Garth Brooks. <P>So that said, I'm gonna stake out that Taco Bell in Nashville.<P>LoriN

12-15-1999, 07:58 PM
If the truth be none right now Im sick. I want to throwup, cry, scream, and wish Garth the best all at once. <P>The man owes me nothing. He has gave me more joy and love for music than anyone ever before him. <P>I lost my voice at a concert a drove 500 miles to and my own parents didn't recognize my voice a month and a half later. NO LIE!! He pointed at me seven times that night and I want forget it EVER. <P>Two weeks laterI drove about 300 hundred miles the other direction and paid some scalper to see it again. It was still the best and I brought home more garth gear than you have ever seen.<P>His music is all I hear it wakes me up it puts me to sleep it is the one thing that all who know me know I'll talk about. He sings with something that I will never understand, Call it soul if you will but I just think its perfection whatever it is.<P>I live for his new releases waiting for monthes for everyone of them and trying to bring as manyfreinds along as I can to by GARTH. Fearing that he will say the unsayable word retirement wishing I could see him in Ireland (I beleive this is the true GARTH meca only their do people roit for his tickets only there does he crowd surf and for only there does he sing a final song(the final ones his favorite)on a CD)<P>All of this comes to mind today as I sit here hoping THAT IT AINT so but I know that it should be the man gave us more than any before The Dance, The River, Wild Horses, Unaswered Prayers, The Change, That Summer, Fever, Face to Face, The Night I called the Old Man Out, You Move Me,Anonymous, White Flag, Is't Your Song, and on and on. I love everything the man ever did and long to here more but at the same time I know he deserves all he wants and if he says it's time to go then I say good luck and GOD BLESS but I also say lets give him his last album.. <P>I mean the man deserves the 100,000,000<BR>mark and he deserves it this year. So I say lets all get togther and buy everybody we know a Garth CD. There Christ Gaines for the Rock Fan, Sevens for the modern country fan, Frech Horses for the cowboy, No Fences and Garth Brooks for the classic hits fan, Ropin the Wind for the puzzler (if you look on the back scrambled in white letters is the message GOD BLESSS U on the original and GOD BLESS YOU on the box set version), all thats left is The Chase and In Pieces both of which I think are the best for old Cowboy lyrics. <P>SO ANYWAY IF you didnt get anything else from this country boys crying just remember to buy Garth let him know ya still love him. I myself have already bought three Garth CD for people so dont think Im not going to do it myselt. Now I just want you to to. So he be remembered for a 100,000,000 in a decade what a record that would be and not soon broken EVEN THOUGH THIS GARTH FANS HEART IS STILL BREAKING<BR>N

12-15-1999, 08:34 PM
I still don't get it why he can't run his career like Springsteen :( :(<BR>There would be no problem with that.<P> <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Arial">quote:</font><HR>for the last 10 years have listened constantly to Garth music and seen him in concert whenever I had the chance. But to say he has let us down is absolutely ridiculous.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE><BR>Well good for you, but I live in Europe where he promised a tour in '96, and didn't come.<BR>Then it was changed to '98, and if I am right there was even printed European cities (or countries) on the t-shirts then.<BR>He has also been blabbing about his last world tour which is a very strong word to use because he has never done something lke that in recent years :(<BR>No need to say that I am VERY disappointed with him, AND pissed because he has been lying all the time to his European fans :( :( :(<P>BrianN

12-15-1999, 09:01 PM
Well I am not sure what to say...I think I'm still in denial. I didnt get to see the show...didnt even know it was on. I just heard about it on the news and came right up to planet Garth. When was he on Cand C? Is there a transcript somewhere? Can someone get a copy of the show for me? I dont get in to PG as often as I used to so if someone has a copy would you email me? Please be sure to identify yourself some how in the subject because I delete unfamiliar emails. This is important to me. Selfish or not...I dont want to see him go. I have always felt that this music means as much to Garth as it does to us. I cant believe he could let it go for good. I think he needs us as much as we need him. I also believe Sandy and the girls are alot stronger and more understanding than we give them credit for. Someone please help...I need to see this for myself.<BR>Peace and God Bless, DeniseN

Jo Cloud
12-17-1999, 08:01 AM
Let us tell Garth how we all fell about him.Here is how I feel about Garth He is the best country singer around and no one will ever take his place in my heart or soul.Garth we all love you and do want you too leave us.I want to see one more concert and I would like too be on front row not in the nose bleed seats where we can not see you.The concert I went to was my first concert ever and then I ended up in the nose bleed part.I stood out in the cold every one was cold but me&gt;I just wanted to get to see you in person and I did it was the best day of my life I got too see Garth Brooks even though i was in the nose bleed seats.We love you Garth and allways will.<BR>Jo Cloud Frankfort In.N