View Full Version : Garth's retirement

12-16-1999, 03:04 PM
Just my thoughts on Garth retiring. I can't imagine country music without Garth Brooks. For me country music began when I heard Garth and I am heartbroken that he might be leaving. I have read some of the posts you have written and I think that if he retires it will be for good. I pray I am wrong,but I think that from what he said yesterday he will be gone for a long time. I just hope he gives his fans a great send off, and I hope he does it for longer than two months. I will miss his music and the news of his sold out concerts, but I think that he is doing the right thing and he needs to be with his family. If you guys have watched him in interviews over the last few months and I think some of you will agree with me, he has lost some of his spark. I think that his mom passing away and the bad press about the CG project has really gotten to him and also the press about him and his marriage. I do think he should spend the time with his babies, they grow so fast!! I have a nine yr old who I cant beleive is nine already. I cant imagine missing his growing up and I know Garth has been away from his girls alot. I do hope that eventually he will go back on tour but if he really does retire I think we will not see him for a long time. I do hope that he continues to make the music though in his albums, because I cant imagine not having a Garth Brooks album to buy. Garth, if you read this our prayers are with you and God Bless you and thanks for a great ride!!! I will treasure my Garth stuff I have now even more as it may be a very long time before we get anything else. Sure hope he goes out with a bang!!!!N