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12-15-1999, 10:05 AM
On Dec. 15, 1999 on the show "Crook & Chase" on TNN:<P>Garth Brooks announced his possible retirement from music by the end of the year 2000. Reason for retirement are wanting to spend more time with his family. N

12-15-1999, 10:08 AM
He'll be back. I'd call it a temporary retirement :)<P>lisaN

12-15-1999, 10:19 AM
Darn it, maybe I'm in denial, I refuse to believe that it will be forever. :(<P>LoriN

12-15-1999, 10:20 AM
I can't believe this.I am torn on how to feel about him saying he is going to retire.I love him so much for finally taking off to be with his family.But at the same time I hate it because I still haven't had the honor of meeting him and so if he retires that really pushes back my chance.I cried so much when he said he was retireing.I to hope somehow he can juggle a little bit of touring with family.But like he said he doesn't think he can because when he is touring or doing an album he gives it 100%.We will see I guess.Thanks for the decade Garth and best wishes for your future.Take care and know we all love you and your entire family.<BR>N

12-15-1999, 10:31 AM
He didn't announce it, he said he will probally announce it at the end which means he is not 100% sure. Well thats what I heard, the word probally in it. Can someone correct me?<P>I hope he finds a way to have both worlds. Whether it by not touring and just doing albums or very few dates. Just I hope he don't stop the music. :)N

12-15-1999, 10:38 AM
I just want him to do whatever makes him happy. :)N

12-15-1999, 10:53 AM
I posted this in response to PCL's.." topic on Garth's business side. I know I don't post like you other people do every day but I do read every day. I've just got to say this and get it off my chest. I'm so disgusted after watching the show.....well read what I pasted from the other post....<P><BR>And now we find out today after watching Crook & Chase ...how much he "loves" his fans. We all know we can never count up how many entertainers, musicians and whatever that can make a balance of music and family. I have followed and been a fan since just about the beginning of GB's career. I've bought everything, taped everything that I know he's on. Been loyal fan in defending him when things came up about him. I think today is just about the end of the rope for me after his announcement. If in the beginning it was all about the music and the fans, then how could THAT burn out so quickly. He has always told us "AS LONG AS WE WERE THERE FOR HIM AND THERE WAS A DESIRE FOR GB, THAT HE WOULD BE THERE." He had just felt at times like his appeal to the fans would die out. This hasn't happened, but IF he does retire then I could never accept him in the same form as I have always done.<P>I know how it is to love family and your kids but there is always a balance that can be found. I think I have lost my "love as a fan" for him. I'm so disappointed after watching the show today I really wish I could say something to him personally. Take another year off, come back and tour "as you please," but don't DUMP the people that have supported you all these years and GAVE YOU THAT wonderful life style that you have now.<P>I guess I'd just better stop for now. I know I will be bashed for what I have said but it doesn't matter anymore. WE as GB fans aren't important anymore...........................N

12-15-1999, 11:10 AM
Well...I didnt get to see this show, but after reading the last few posts I dont know what to say.<P>Believe it or not, Garth is human, and I think that sometimes we as GARTH FANS may come to expect certain things. He has the right to retire if he wants. YES we will all<BR>be sad and miss him...and NO we will not like it...BUT if he feels that he has to do that, then we have to respect his decision.<BR>I for one would be upset if he does retire..but what can you do?? I would, however, be upset if this is a marketing ploy..<P> :)<BR>MichelleN

12-15-1999, 11:11 AM
G-f...<P>I understand your feelings exactly. I'm tempted to give in to them myself. I've often held to that quote that he made about being there as long as the FANS wanted him. It upsets me too. I didn't get to see the Crook & Chase interview... and I don't know exactly how he worded it... but I understand that he didn't say for SURE that is what he is thinking about.<P>I believe like everyone else that he won't completely disappear... that he will find a balance in his life.<P>Anyway... even if he did mean it... I STOPPED myself from being angry or disappointed and looked for compassion. I put myself in Garth's shoes for just a moment. Things in his life are not what they were when he made the orignal quote about being there as long as we wanted him.<P>We've all seen how much losing his mother has torn him apart. At a time when he took a big risk with Chris Gaines... and was shaken by the reaction... to lose the one person that knew his heart from the very start must have been devestating. I was AMAZED how he held it together through the rounds of publicity for Chris Gaines. Perhaps it wasn't healthy for him to do that. He didn't give himself any time to deeply grieve. I think perhaps it's all crashing down on him now and he's not sure where he's going.<P>Of this much I'M sure. Losing his mother has made him take a fresh look at his family and he sees that he needs a change. I also know that performing is in his SOUL... and even if he leaves for a while... he'll have to come back.<P>So... I'm leaving the self-pity and anger that I'm tempted to feel as a fan... and giving Garth any space or time that he needs. He's going to have my unconditional support in any decision he makes. It will BREAK my heart to not hear anything new after the next project... but if that is what it takes to make him happy... he will have it without my grumbling about it.<P>Garth has been very lucky to have had the sucess he's had. He's financially set and can do ANYTHING he wants to from now on. Don't we all wish we could have that option?!<P><B><I>My prayers are with you GARTH. May God give you the strength to stay with us, if it is his will. May God give you the strength when you miss the call of the road and the roar of the crowd, if that is his will. May God give me the strength to accept whatever decision you make. Thank you for everything Garth... and I'm ready to climb back on the ride anytime you offer.</B></I><P>Sorry this was such a long post my Garthnutt friends. I'd like to think we will always be friends in Garth no matter what the world brings.<P>-DebbieN

12-16-1999, 04:47 PM
wow, i just have to say that that was a beautiful prayer. on a positive note, think of it this way, we all have a better chance of meetin him if he isn't in the spotlight!! :) next time yall see him, i will be his duet partner and we will be tourin together! that is my new goal in life...he he he Well, i gotta think as positive as i can. God Bless Garth, only you can say what is best. He has given so much to his fans, that his fam really does need some lovin too! Also, on a personal note, i think this will definately get the press to leave him alone about the Trisha affair thing. This is a smart move to get them to leave him alone, and prove to Sandy how much he really cares. <BR>Love,<BR>Shanna MuretischN