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07-13-1999, 09:48 AM
This is just a small question, I haven't been able to come up with an answer. I've been debating myself about this for a while.<BR>How far will Garth and the Entertainment industry take this Chris Gaines thing to.<BR>If the Chris Gaines album sells will they credit the sales to Garth's total or start tallying up the number of albums just "Chris Gaines has sold?"<BR>Will Chris Gaines get a star on the Hollywood walk of fame?<BR>How will the character be remembered?<BR>If Chris Gaines dies in the movie will real obituaries be written, will there be a public funeral?<BR>If a Grammy is awarded will they annouce the winner as Garth Brooks or Chris Gaines?<BR>Can Chris Gaines play more instruments than Garth?<BR>================================================== ===<P>Will Garth loose weight to play Chris Gaines?<P>one time Garth said Chris was thinner than him<P>=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=<BR>MY FINAL QUESTION:<P>Will this whole project take off?<P>------------------------------------------------------<P>I can't answer any of these questions, and none of you may be able to, but I would like to know different opinions.<P>)))))))))))))))))))))))(((((((((((((((((((((<P> :D :D :D :D :D<P> :D Glenn :D<P> :D :D :D :D :DN

07-13-1999, 09:51 AM
A <B>SMALL</B> question!!!! :) :) (lol)<BR>I have to come back to this later when I have thought about it :o<P>BrianN

07-13-1999, 10:03 AM
This is just my oppinion.........<P>But I think it is silly to think that anyone will ever think of Chris Gains as a person, he is a character, he cannot win awards, the person portraying him can, and if Garth thinks otherwise, maybe he has flipped (I love you Garth), this is just my 7cents, but it is all a gimmick for a movie and a new experience for Garth to try, like I said before, it sure gets people talking.......N

07-13-1999, 10:11 AM
Brooks7<BR>I don't know, (past) Billboard charts have been altered to create this character. I think that some of this is less Garth creating a character and more a person. Which is why there is interest.<P>GlennN

07-13-1999, 10:18 AM
I guess I don't understand how that would work, creating a character, yes, but a person. How does he expect to pull that off, well I guess, he's Garth, he can do anything, what ever it is he is doing, it is driving me crazy waiting, I can't wait to hear and see moreN

07-13-1999, 10:27 AM
Hmmmm... interesting line of thought...<P>And if Sandy happens to run into Chris Gaines and they have a little fling while he's in character... did she really cheat on Garth? *lmao*N

07-13-1999, 10:33 AM
Snow, that's so funny <B>I</B> should have thought of it............but I guess I'll give you credit; THIS TIME!!!!!<P> ;)N

07-13-1999, 10:35 AM
I don't think that things will get that crazy. No matter which way you look at it, CG is GB and they will act accordingly. I just can't see it going that far, but who knows. Are there other fictional characters with stars? Like Mickey Mouse or something? I don't know much about those things. <P>As for the weight thing, I hope Garth doesn't get too carried away with that. CG does appear to be much thinner than Garth and lastly, I'm not sure about the other things. Only time will tell.. N

07-13-1999, 10:40 AM
I think the whole thing will take off. :) If they were not so sure, I don't think they would have released all the info they have about everything. In the LA Times article, it said Paramount wanted Garth to play the role. :) So I think it will happen. :)N

07-13-1999, 10:59 AM
i think the sales will have to go to Garth...<BR>that would not be fair if it did not,don't you think?...plus i'm sure Garth wants credit<BR>for the sales....after all he has his goal of<BR>100 MILLION! :D,and i'm sue he will get the awards too! ;).....i'm just hoping this will not only "take off" but be really BIG! :D. ...<BR>one reason i want this to be big is so Garth can laugh in the face of country music,cuz' i<BR>really don't think they give him enough credit for what he has and does do,anyone agree?.....i forgot the other questions :( :o<P>aRiN

07-13-1999, 11:07 AM
ok i'm back to give some more stupid opinions<BR>...lol...Garth has already said he is losing weight "for" CG,and about Chris getting a Star on the walk of fame and a funeral for Chris i hope not,that would be really weird,<BR>maybe Garth has gone crazy/off the deep end<BR>....lol ;)......but still this is going to be AWESOME!<P>aRiN

07-13-1999, 01:19 PM
I think it would be no big deal :) We have to live with Chris Gaines for a while, and thats fine with me :)<BR>As for the sale I think it would go to Garth :)<BR>1. Because I think I can remember something about the CD called something like "Garth Brooks as Chris Gaines" etc.<BR>2. Stephen King is getting all the sales from his Richard Bachmann projects. (every author is getting credits for each sold book, under different name) :)<BR>3. Think of Chef from South Park where all the $$$ goes in the pockets of Isaac Hayes :)<BR>He has got an special on TV a while ago, and you could easily compare that with Chris Gaines/Garth Brooks :)<P>As for the star on HWOF I don't think that would be an issue at all :)<P>BrianN

07-13-1999, 02:36 PM
LOL... good questions!<P>Well, think this way, since Chris Gaines is dead, Garth Brooks would just accept the award for him right? Make sense to me...LOL Then I heard Garth saying that he will lose a few pounds just to play CG and for his videos. <P>TommyN

03-24-2000, 09:42 AM
Question: How far will Garth and the Entertainment industry take this Chris Gaines thing to?<BR>ANSWER: This will continue as long as the puplic, media, and fans keep biting into it and spending the dollars on what they are tasting. <P>Question: If the Chris Gaines album sells will they credit the sales to Garth's total or start tallying up the number of albums just "Chris Gaines has sold?"<BR>ANSWER: All album sales will be credited to the Artist who performs them. Garth Brooks is the Artist of all Albums he records regardless of what Penn-Name he chooses to relaease them under.<P>Question: Will Chris Gaines get a star on the Hollywood walk of fame?<BR>ANSWER: The Hollywood walk of fame "Star reciepients" are all real people. In cases where a character has become recognized as worthy of a spot on the sidewalk by placing a Star there, the Performer who portrays the character will receive the honors they deserve for an outstanding perfomance of a beliveable character. The Performer's name will be on the Star as the reciepient of the award, not the character name.<P>Question: How will the character be remembered?<BR>ANSWER: The character in this case will be most likely remembered as on e of the most profitable perfomances of portraying a believable character by another Artist whose popularity and success was already at a point of, at the present time, unobtainable by his peers. Others will try, but without the success of the magnitude that only Garth Brooks could have pulled off.<P>Question: If Chris Gaines dies in the movie will real obituaries be written, will there be a public funeral?<BR>ANSWER: Thanks for the easy one.... No and No.<P>If a Grammy is awarded will they annouce the winner as Garth Brooks or Chris Gaines?<BR>ANSWER: Both. In the format of "Garth Brooks as Chris Gains" OR "Chris Gains performed by Garth Brooks."<P>Question: Can Chris Gaines play more instruments than Garth?<BR>ANSWER: Another gimme... No.N

Chris Gaines
03-24-2000, 10:32 AM
Inside Track,<P>Actually your wrong about the Hollywood Stars..<P>One star was givent to a Cartoon Character :)<P>JasonN

03-24-2000, 11:06 AM
<B>Actually...</B><P>Both <B>Lassie</B> and <B>Mickey Mouse</B> have stars on the HWOF. That's one canine and one cartoon character... so anything's possible.<P>Garth Always,<BR>DanielleN

03-24-2000, 11:12 AM
Found some more:<P>Rin Tin Tin<BR>Pee Wee Herman<P> :)<P>I'm so excited!! I'm going to LA/Hollywood in the next few weeks and I don't have much time... there's so much to do and I can't choose!! Now that I've been looking up info about the HWOF I want to find Garth's star! Does anyone know where it is?<P>Garth Always,<BR>DanielleN

03-24-2000, 11:20 AM
Okay, okay, I should have completed my research before posting. Here's what I've found...<P>Lassie<BR>Rin Tin Tin<BR>Mickey Mouse<BR>The Simpsons characters<BR>Big Bird<BR>Pee Wee Herman &lt;-- not the actor's name, the character's name<P>That's all I've found. If I find more, I'll keep it to myself, I swear! I'm having fun researching this!<P>Garth Always,<BR>DanielleN

03-24-2000, 03:49 PM
Very cool :)<P>Thanks for all the info Danielle :)<P>BrianN

03-24-2000, 04:03 PM
I think they should just call Chris Gaines Garth Brooks, because when you refer to him as Chris Gaines and then you find out that it is really Garth Brooks playing Chris Gaines, and you did not know that, it gets confusing. I speak for myself on that one.N

03-24-2000, 08:08 PM
Ever hear of Ziggy Stardust?N

03-25-2000, 04:55 AM
Amazed,<BR>I think even David Bowie forgot he was only playing a character when he did Ziggy Stardust - he's been playing characters though almost throughout his career (only settled down when he married Iman).<P>The weight thing - Garth has lost what appears to be a lot of weight every time he does photo shoots or publicity as Chris Gaines. (This worries me as I've mentioned on other threads, purely for health reasons) The best example has to be SNL in November. Don't look at the Chris Gaines performance - look at Garth's introduction to the programme - that sweater is hanging off him, and he's definitely a lot thinner than the Concert of the Century only - what - 3 weeks before?! The man's dedication amazes me...<P>Angela xN

03-26-2000, 06:22 PM
How far will Chris Gaines go? How about dying for his music and the fans he believes in. I see tons of Garth in Chris and I KNOW Garth would do that for his fans as well. I met Garth through Chris Gaines, so don't anybody be insisting Chris is merely a character in a movie. Can't you see he's just having some fun with us too? There is a serious side of Chris that won't be denied, because he brings out the best in Garth. I can't wait for the movie!N

04-05-2000, 08:49 AM
Again, how far will Chris Gaines go? Look closely at the 4 corners of the earth encircled by his initials 'CG' and joined by a square on his limited edition holograghic CD, then YOU tell ME!N

06-04-2000, 02:59 AM
fuzzwuzz55,<P>Once again, you've amazed me. I see a cross like a religious cross, and I'm at a loss for words right now. I BELIEVE every word you write about Chris' and Garth's personalities entwined into ONE. And THIS will tell US everything WE know is REAL about Garth Brooks. And ask yourself how far will Chris Gaines go? And you shall find that in the enormous effort Garth goes to make his fans happy, and find they (Garth and Chris) are so similar. So I think Chris will go to the ENDS OF THE EARTH for his fans, just like Garth. This is how Garth is expressing his feelings through Chris. We really need to STAND UP and let Garth know we LOVE HIM! And we're behind him 110%..<P>Let's all say a prayer for Garth. I know we have lots of GarthAngels here...so let's take care of who we're all here for. The "reason for the season." 'Da Man...<BR>He has already graces us with enough music to last a lifetime..so let's not act like we're demanding him to be here or there. Just love him for what he's done and is doing for us NOW! RIGHT NOW!!N

06-04-2000, 06:44 AM
Wow Amy, you're a Chris fanatic like me!? It's funny you should bring up the cross. Right now, hanging over the altar of my church, is a huge, pure white Christian cross, with an 8 pointed star radiating out from the center. It looks exactly like the one in the "Lost in You" video that our Christian is standing and sitting on! Except this pure white one has gold lines streaming out to the tips, instead of being half blue. I asked the lady who made the cross what the 8 pointed star means. She said "VICTORY". She is going to give me some more info on it. But what I'd like to know, where was that video shot? Does any one know?N