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03-30-2000, 06:48 AM
Hi,<P>I got the news yesterday. But my computer was acting up. N'SYNC sold 2.4 million albums on their first day. "No String Attach" Breaking the record by BSB by A LOT. :o which puts Garth in 3rd place :(<P>Honestly, I prefer the BSB having the record then N'SNYC. :o<P>NellyN

03-30-2000, 07:35 AM
The only difference is (and I don't mean to put the guy groups down)...they won't last.<P>Anyone remember The New Kids On The Block, and what about Boys II Men?<P>A few years from now the Backstreet Boys and N'Sync won't be nearly as popular as they are now.<P>Garth on the other hand...well he'll be the one with 100+ million sales!N

03-30-2000, 08:56 AM
I found it hard to believe that N Snyc has sold 2.4 millions in one week :o It's not because of who they are, it's the number that is hard to believe :o <P>Ok, do you think Garth could break their record? or even the BSB's? <P>In my opinion, I think Garth might have another chance to break BSB's and become No.2 fastest selling album in one week. But I doubt that we could break N Sync's :o <P><BR>Maybe a free concert would help!! :D<P><BR>TommyN

03-30-2000, 09:09 AM
I could care less about BSB and N Sync. Their music has no instruments in it its all that dancy computerized stuff and all they do is dance. Some of those BSB are close to hitting 30 I think they can lay of the name "boys" and quit the dancing.N

03-30-2000, 09:36 AM
You have to remember like Garth has said<BR>numbers are numbers but "Time is always the test of sincerity" <P>and who will last in time and in our memories is what counts. And for all of us here we know it is Garth. <P>Anyway the Boys II Men just incase you wanted to know are my next door neihbors and I don't know what they are doing but I don't think it is singing ... but they are nice guys.<P>JENN

03-30-2000, 11:14 AM
I have to agree with Tommy :)<P>2.4 million IN ONE DAY!?!?!?!?!<P>I also find it hard to believe :o :o :o<P>I mean, it would be more correct if it was 2.4 albums :)<P>2.4 million????<P>America has a problem! ;)<P>BrianN

03-30-2000, 12:50 PM
i know that is soooooo SAD, not about Garth becuase the stupid BSB already broke it...but i just think its sad 2.4 million in a week...o well, they will be here for awhile longer then be forgotten! :D....they are only popular because they are "hot".... bottom line: WHO CARES! ;)<P>aRiN

03-30-2000, 05:09 PM
I agree iwth Tommy and Brian. It is unbelieve if you think about it. :( I thought BSB are more popular and like I said before BSB is a lot better then N'SYNC.<P>But like Garth said numbers are numbers. but...<P>NellyN

03-30-2000, 06:47 PM
It was 2.41 million in the first week, they sold around 1.3 the first day from what I heard :)<P>I wonder what would happen if they created a group that sang country, just like Garth did with Chris Gaines (singing rock)...I wonder if the music world would flip out over it, or praise it since they are the flavor for the spell :)<P>dwayneN

03-30-2000, 08:06 PM
I would love to see Garth sell 7 million in one weed. That would be very cool. I don't think it will happen because his whole seven million fans are not devoted like the million who bought the Double Live, me being one of those million who not only bought it the first week, but bought all six covers in the first day. :)N

03-31-2000, 07:53 AM
Thats a bit obsessive. Why do you need 6 album covers? I got one, and thats enough! How many can ya listen to at one time anyways??N

03-31-2000, 08:02 AM
I also have the 6 covers, infact all 8 different covers :D<P>I am happy for all mine :) :D<P>BrianN

03-31-2000, 10:46 AM
Hose_Head,<P>Each covers represent a milestone. I have 5 and looking for the last one. :)<P>It's a collection edition. and some people would buy the CP edition because they went to the concert or others may buy the Taxas one cause they were there.... ;)<P>NellyN

03-31-2000, 01:49 PM
Yeah... even though I do not have all 6 covers, I am happy with my multiple collections :) <P>Well, it's only a matter of spending money right ;) If you are happy about what you bought, then that's enough ;)<P><BR>TommyN

03-31-2000, 03:36 PM
Being a teenage girl myself, I just can't understand the fascination with the BSB or N'Sync :o :o :o Personally, I don't think they have much talent, and I certainly don't find them attractive :o :o :oN

03-31-2000, 04:31 PM
Well I guess I am all alone here with the BSB's :( I really do enjoy them...they are My kid's favorite group :) I enjoy there music and there dancing...I couldn't do the moves that they do,not even close.<P>I understand they don't play instruments (Actually they do play we just don't see them in concert playing them) but that is no need to say they are NO GOOD!!<P>And as far as age goes WHY should they change there name becasue they are getting older???? That is what they are known as..so it makes no sense to me to go and change there name because of there age!!<P>As for N'SYNC I don't mind them either..but I don't know much of there music...I do think the BSB will be around longer than N'SYNC though!!<P>No bashing here guy's it's just my opinion :)<P>Take Care<BR>Sue ;)N

04-01-2000, 05:33 AM
I'm glad you spoke up Sue!!<BR>My kids love Garth, but they also enjoy other kinds of music. So do I!!<BR>I'm not ashamed to say that I bought NSYNC's new CD for a couple of reasons: I met a couple of them last year when they were at the CMA's with Alabama and I really like their new single, "Bye, Bye, Bye". My daughter and I are watching Garth right now (one of the 12 tapes that PJ did for me. Thanks, PJ!) but the first thing she'll ask for when we get in the car will probably be NSYNC. Only because it's new. Usually it's Garth.<BR>Anyway, I'm rambling, but the point is people like different kinds of music, even Garth himself has been influenced from all aspects of music.<BR>NSYNC and BSB aren't deep or meaningful most of the time, but some of their music is fun and easy to listen to.<BR><BR>My opinion, for what it's worth.<P>Garth is the biggest selling artist OF ALL TIME!! Don't slam the others, just because they break ONE,only one, of his records.<BR>They (at least the ones were talking about) will never top that accomplishment.<P>CatherineN

04-01-2000, 06:45 AM
Sue and Catherine,<P>You are not alone... ;) I used to hate them so much... but I have 2 FRIENDS that talks about BSB as much as I talk about Garth. When I am at their house, it's BSB heaven and when they are at my house, they are in Garth HEAVEN... lol.. Now I don't mind them at all. but I am still a Garth fan. I only like a few of BSB songs. I like they space clothing though.. <P>That's why I said I prefer the BSB holding the record then N'sync.. <P>NellyN

04-01-2000, 02:36 PM
Though I don't own either of the two groups albums, BSB is better sounding. Let's just hope they don't change the name...we all know what happened to New Kids when they became NKOTB...but that's beside the point...Garth may not hold the record for album sells in a week, but I don't think that's is main goal in making albums. It's more likely to entertain, inspire and maybe to make you think! :)N

04-01-2000, 02:46 PM
Well, frankly, it was bound to happen. :o Let's face it, Garth is not that young anymore and teens are the most influencial in record sales. :) <BR>So it is only natural that a teen band would come out infront in records sales. :)<P>Personally, even though I am a teen (19), I am really not crazy about the members in either BSB or N'SYNC, but I do enjoy some of their music. :) <P>Erin :)N

04-01-2000, 04:03 PM
Hey,<P>38 is YOUNG... LOL :) 70 is old... :D<P>NellyN

04-01-2000, 04:10 PM
LOL :D<P>Nelly, I agree that 38 is young :) but when the majority of CD sales are from teen consumers, 38 is considered old. :o<P>Erin :)N

04-02-2000, 02:15 PM
<P>Since you`re talking about other artists...Does anyone know when the new Michael Jackson album comes???<P>Glenn WTP<P>(Pilgrim: Looks like you`re heading for the Champions League...hope to folow you next season, but I doubt that..U gotta see the Spurs-Midl. game Monday..we`ll win 7-0..Simon Davies is getting his debut...I think he`ll be the new Beckham)N

marla with a b
04-02-2000, 03:28 PM
Hi!! I just had to post on this one! I am one of the biggest Garth fans going!! And my 15 year old daughter is with me for every concert! <P>But she is also in LOVE with NSYNC......so, I've had to take her to a few of their concerts.....her comment was "You'd go there to see Garth." How can I argue that??<P>Anyway, I am surprised that their sales did so well ---- most kids around here are BSB fans --- but after seeing NSYNC in concert THREE times -- I have to tell you they have an energy level second only to Garth Brooks -- I even told Joey (one of the members) that his show (energy level wise) was second only to Garth....(I couldn't believe I said that!!!) <P>I hope NSYNC makes it -- they need to take nice lessons from Garth but I guess that comes with age and maturity....however they do make good music....<P>just my thoughts,<P>m-w/abN

04-02-2000, 08:43 PM
I would just like to say one thing.<P>I won't mention my sex appeal argument, you all know it.<BR>But when you say "It's only one record, he has many" I agree but what if they put out 6-7-8-9-10-11 more albums. These teens don't understand, and they don't care. They will simply buy the album. They have the jobs and the money with no bills. Then suddenly we'll have the ultimate record look like this: <P>N Sync<BR>BSB<BR>Britney Spears<BR>Christina Aguilera<BR>Garth Brooks<BR>Beatles<P>How sad is that? Which is why it sucks that the record execs are selling the sex and not the music. N

04-02-2000, 10:17 PM
Glenn<P>I hope they trash MiddlesboroughD :D<BR>I can't stand that club :o :o<P>gbking<P>I don't think any of these teenie bands or artists will EVER pass GB in sales.<BR>They also get old, and sooner or later the fans realize they are getting fooled by their idols.<P>When most of the fans pass 18 years I am sure atleast half of them will find something new in their life -----&gt;MUSIC!<P>And then BSB, N'Sync, Britney, Christina are doomed :D<P>The simply can't compete against music in the long term :D<P>BrianN