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03-28-2000, 04:26 AM
Guys, <P>Last night, I was kinda cleaning my room and I came across a 5 paragraph persuasive essay that I did on Garth last year for English 3. I thought y'all might wanna hear how good it is :) The figures won't be the same, but it's still good.<P>Garth Brooks is the hottest country singer around. He has sold over 83 million records. He sells out stadiums wherever he goes. To top it off, he is a nice guy. Garth is the best entertainer, role model, and family man./Garth is the second biggest selling artist in music history and he sings about real life. Second only to the Beatles, Garth Brooks has sold millions worldwide. Garth is almost, if not as poular as Elvis. Garth's music touches people's hearts. He can be a total nut on stage. He can also be a sensitive balladeer./Garth is a good role model for kids. They look up to him because he is a good singer and a nice guy. He knows he's a star, but he goes out of his way to prove he is just a normal guy. I think one of the reasons he is a good role model is because he does not, or does not seem to have an ego problem. People really connect with him and his music./Garth is a devoted family man. He takes his wife and three girls on tour whenever he can. He really cares about his fans and the fans really care about him. He will stay after shows and sign autographs and pose for pictures as long as the people are there. He says, "The people take good care of me." What he gives in return is pure loyalty. The fans give him pure loyalty,too./Garth is a good role model for kids and adults of the 90's. He is an excellent entertainer, with really cool live shows. He still manages to juggle being a good family man. It boils down to the fact that Garth is an all-around great guy and he loves doing what he does. He comes across as a pretty normal guy that would be fun to be around. Garth could not be a better singer if he tried, he already is the best./<P>So, what do y'all think? I especially like the last line, it pretty much wraps up Garth to a tee in whatever he does. He strives for nothing but the best. Whether it's music or baseball :) When I wrote that, I wasn't a part of this great family, now I know all the stuff I wrote about him is true.<P>-Alicia<BR> <P>N

03-28-2000, 06:52 AM
Very nice;<P>I like the line and the truth in it that states; "He really cares about his fans and his fans really care about him".<P>HawkN

03-28-2000, 09:32 AM
Very cool :)<P>Brian :)N

03-28-2000, 12:25 PM
Alicia,<P>STRAIGT TO THE POINT!! :D <P>Thanks for sharing ;)<P><BR>TommyN

03-29-2000, 12:21 PM
I wrote one about Garth to a couple years ago for English class. N