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03-26-2000, 11:24 AM
<P>Hey guys,<P>I'm going to put the art section together for the book so if you have Garth artwork that you created, send it my way to:<P>Spooky2u2@aol.com<BR>be sure to include your name for credit.<P>Thanks :)<P>N

03-26-2000, 09:09 PM
ThankgodforGB,<P>Just go there and you will find out 9 of my drawings :)<P> <A HREF="http://gbipa_frames.tripod.com/index1.html" TARGET=_blank>http://gbipa_frames.tripod.com/index1.html</A> <P><BR>TommyN

03-27-2000, 05:26 AM
Hey Tommy! <P>I would love to use your artwork, but how do I get it fom the net so I can use it for the book? Thanks! :)N

03-27-2000, 06:43 AM
By "art" do you just mean drawings?<P><BR>HawkN

03-27-2000, 08:47 AM
Thankgod,<P>Umm.... I think you should click my drawings and select "Save As". You need to save my drawings in order to use them ;)<P><BR>TOmmyN

03-27-2000, 09:25 AM
Hawk-<P>Yes, I mean drawings and paintings and such...things created, but if you have a particularly touching photo that's not "run of the mill", I consider those kinds of things art, too. :)<P>Tommy-<P>Thanks! :)N

03-27-2000, 09:36 AM
<BR>Tommy-<P>Oops. I tried that and it didn't work. It says unable to download due to coptwrite or something. Now what? And also do you want me to use them all? You can decide. :) N