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03-23-2000, 06:54 PM
This is from Capitol-Nashville. Most of it we already knew, but the Radio & Records honor is news to me! :)<P> <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Arial">quote:</font><HR><BR>Garth Brooks will appear on the Oscars show this year as part of a musical tribute to Oscar-winning songs. Other artists included in the tribute are Whitney Houston, Isaac Hayes, Ray Charles and Queen Latifah. The Academy Awards airs Sunday, March 26, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. <P>On March 23 Garth will perform at a fund-raising dinner for the UCLA Medical Center. His late mother, Colleen, received treatment at the center during her battle with cancer. <P><B>Garth has been named the greatest male country artist of the century by the readers of the trade publication Radio & Records. They also chose Patsy Cline as the female country artist of the century.</B><HR></BLOCKQUOTE> N

03-23-2000, 07:05 PM
Thanks for the info Cheryl! :)N

03-23-2000, 11:40 PM
Vey cool! They couldnt have chosen a better person!!N

03-24-2000, 01:21 AM
This is a great honor and a good blessing too!!WAY TO GO GARTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!N

03-24-2000, 02:45 AM
<B>Very cool!</B> Thanks for sharing this information. :)<P>PaulaN

03-24-2000, 04:27 AM
As I said earlier, there is always something here to brighten my day. <P>Thanks Cheryl, for sharing such good news.N

03-24-2000, 05:06 AM
Thanks Cheryl!!<P>WAY to go Garth!! WOOHOO!!!<P>LoriN

03-24-2000, 05:07 AM
Awesome .. Go Garth !!!!<P>JENN

03-24-2000, 05:56 AM
Congratulations, Garth!<BR>You've earned the honor!<P>Thanks for the info., Cheryl :)<P><BR>~Ann~N

03-24-2000, 06:15 AM
Congrats again to the man. Hmmmm with Patsy Cline as the female artist - and a century award....Wow. That award covers a long time and a lot of artists.<P><BR>HawkN

03-24-2000, 06:25 AM
I must tip my hat to all the reporting stations around the country that have a part in R&R. For Country Radio to give Garth that honor over George, Alabama and many others is quite the compliment. <P>Congratulations to Garth!!<P>Congratulations to country radio for finally seeing the light and getting their heads out of their _______, (well uh, you fill in the blank). <P>onairN

03-24-2000, 07:31 AM
Woooohoooo...alright Garth!!!<BR> :)<BR> :)<BR> :)<BR> :)<BR> :)<BR> :)<BR> :)<BR>Thanks Cheryl!<P>N

03-24-2000, 08:36 AM
Oh great!! My day is brigthened!! *LOL*<P>I had a nightmare yesterday trying to finish 2 papers for today :( Now that those were handed in already, what is left right now is my appointment with the bonesetter :( I hate to go through painful experience every time!!<P>TommyN

03-24-2000, 02:44 PM
SEJT!<P><BR>Cheer up Tommy :)<P>BrianN

03-24-2000, 03:12 PM
oh I am fine now :D I just came back from the bonesetter and he did not do anything to major this time :o But he did say that he won't go this easy on me next time :(<P><BR>TommyN