View Full Version : Cool Seeing People Playing Their Vinyl

11-10-2019, 08:12 PM
On the Facebook Garth page, people are posting video of them playing their vinyl albums. Lots of people opened their boxed sets.I opened my single Limited Edition but not my 3 box set with birthday. I also some people selling their vinyl copies on e-bay. I wonder if Garth will start releasing individual copies with out Limited Edition, remastered etc labels and just plain old albums to public. It will be interesting to see if he will release his new album as vinyl. One of my groups that I collect, the Barenaked Ladies just released a vinyl only copy of their recent album release. Will also be interesting to see how second week sales go after the hardcore fans bought theirs the first week.

Brett Dale
11-10-2019, 08:24 PM
Cool that people are posting on facebook, seems those that bout the Legacy are extremely happy with it!!!

11-10-2019, 10:07 PM
My parents had bought a vinyl turntable a few months prior and allowed me to finally give the LP's a spin last night, their stylus needs to be adjusted because sometimes it got too distorted, even when I played the records at a reasonable volume. On a more lighter note, it was pretty neat to finally witness a spinning record with Garth's name on the center label.

I plan to get this one turntable at Target that runs for $99 and from what I'm hearing it's a good beginners turntable by heyday. But in case any of you don't have a record player yet, DO NOT GET A CROSSLEY BRAND! Those machines will damage your records and make you run the risk of spending $50 again just to replace the records you already bought.