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Brett Dale
09-02-2019, 04:03 AM
So here it is.

09-02-2019, 06:14 AM
I agree. I just wish we knew when it was coming out. I think we have had two versions already. The fan mix and the Anthology version. Will Garth just keep releasing different versions until he decides to do another Live album? Can you imagine a new version or song every time he releases a new cover. That would be fantastic for collectors. Speaking of collecting. Today I went to the used record store and found a Double Live cover I wanted. I already had one copy but like to have 2 of each for my collection. I took in a bunch of CDs to trade and when I went to the Garth section, I found the Off Stage from the Limited series. I had a copy of Off Stage in my :imited Series box set but wanted a stand alone copy to go with my other one. I was so excited. I also picked up a first edition Magic of Christmas, a 10th anniversary of No Fences, a Chris Gaines, a Beyond The Season and the McDonald CD. All free for trading in. So I was very happy. But I can't wait until I can start collection the different covers of Triple Live. Let the FUN begin.

09-03-2019, 10:28 AM
So is everyone sure that Triple Live will have the same covers as the Legacy boxed set or will it have new covers? Will it have a first edition? A lot of opportunity's for fans and collectors. When I originally heard the thing about covers I thought I hear Garth said they would be released regionally so that Garth fans would have to trade them among each other to get a full set. So does that mean only certain covers will be in Legacy? I was thinking it would be cool if Garth did something like have the back of the CDs form a picture once you had all six covers. And if he added covers, they would add to the photo and make a cool poster. Well here we are, less than 2 months or so before Legacy hits. Will Tiple Live or FUN come out on Black Friday. I am beginning to think it will depend on how Legacy does in the first two weeks. If it sells briskly I can see him dropping TL or FUN to keep the momentum going but if it doesn't go crazy I can see him using Black Friday to keep pushing Legacy. Or maybe a bundle of TL and FUN with get the new and listen to the classics live sort of thing.

09-03-2019, 10:36 AM
The reason I mentioned the covers is in the ad for the Legacy collection it says:
Limited Edition - Numbered
Individually numbered, making it highly collectible
No Fences, The Chase, In Pieces, Fresh Horses and Triple Live (3 album set)
The most rare collection of the series
Enhanced packaging
5 Album titles on 7 vinyl records, enjoy the warmth of the original analog recordings
Premium 180-gram weight vinyl
Also contains 7 remixed/remastered CDs with bonus tracks, compare the clearer sounds of the digitally remixed/remastered process
Contains 1 of 2 new Triple Live album sets exclusive to this Limited Package
Collector’s poster inside
1 of 2 new Triple Live album sets. So does that mean you will only have the chance to get 2 of the six covers in Legacy?

09-06-2019, 01:09 PM
Well Black Friday is November 29th. That is basically four weeks after Legacy ships. Does that mean Legacy has the field to itself for four weeks and then Garth drops Triple Live? Or even FUN? That would be interesting. Garth burns up the charts with Legacy for 4 weeks and then a whammy with either or both of those albums. People can buy Legacy for Christmas (and probably at a sale price by then) or pick up his new CDs. Great marketing opportunity. Nice display with Legacy, Triple Live and maybe FUN. If he can work it out, I would try and get the entire catalog on display for a few weeks. It would be a good way to introduce people to his older stuff and give those not into vinyl a chance to buy his older music. Then between Legacy, Triple Live and his catalog he can pad his numbers in both RIAA shipments and Nielsen Soundscan sales. I know, I know I am focusing on numbers again. I am just tired of waiting for the music to arrive and need a distraction. LOL I would love to see Garth dominate the Billboard charts with Legacy and then have Triple Live and all its various covers keep it going after Thanksgiving. With the CMA awards in between and his possible 7th EOY award, the stars seem to be aligning for Garth.

Emerald Isle
09-06-2019, 01:20 PM
Releasing Legacy Nov 1 and then TL and Fun over Black Friday would be a good plan, I think. Especially with the CMAs in between, like you said. That could work!