View Full Version : Garth Ranked #10

09-01-2019, 06:56 AM
They did a poll of the topped ranked Las Vegas entertainers of all time. Garth cam in 10th which is cool. The nine ahead of him ( Elvis, Rat Pack, Celine etc) deserved to be there. Here is what they said....
Steve Wynn loaned Brooks a stage and a theater, and gave him a private jet to shuttle back and forth from Brooks’ home in Oklahoma. And in return, Brooks delivered a spellbinding one-man show of musical storytelling—just a cowboy and a guitar. Brooks played songs, or snippets of songs, from the artists who inspired him, sampling George Jones, James Taylor, Ricky Skaggs and Bob Seger. Then he dove into his own career, making self-effacing jokes about his inability to tune a guitar, or sing nearly as well as Taylor. He closed after three years of sold-out nights at Encore Theater. A man and a guitar. He didn’t say, “Top that” when he left, but the message was clear.

I was sick and disabled and wasn't able to see the show. My friends who went rubbed it in. LOL. But could he do it again? With all the stars coming to the strip it would be cool to see him do a short residency. It would also be a way to add to his Legacy and sell lots of product. The Legacy boxed set and his catalog would be big and even a re released Blame It All On My Roots could be sold. Less wear and tear and he could do a concert here and there. He could even do a residency only CD and see how many he can sell.