View Full Version : Cool Chris Young moment of paying respect to Garth

07-21-2019, 09:14 AM
I went to the Chris Young concert in Dallas last night. He's someone who keep off as pretty humble He talked about how he and the band wanted to play a cover song during their show that was a classic. He went on about how they selected a song they all liked and rehearsed it. He then said his manager sent a copy of the rehearsal to the original artist to make sure that artist had no issues with Chris playing it in his shows. Chris didn't know his manager had done this and was a little horrified/embarrassed. He said the artist got back to Chris' manager and said Chris sounded awesome and should keep playing the song. Chris told the crowd it was Garth Brooks, then he sang Papa Loved Mama. The crowd went wild and and he performed it similar to the way Garth performs it in his shows. It was awesome.

07-21-2019, 04:41 PM
That is a great story!