View Full Version : Dive Bar slips a notch

07-15-2019, 08:22 PM
From 24 to 25. But Trisha's song went from 34 to 35. It looks like it was a weird week on the charts. Kenny Chesney debuted at 20 but when you glance at everything, it seems like everything got bumped a spot with an exception of just a few songs.


What insight do our insiders know on what to make of this weeks stats?

07-16-2019, 09:15 AM
Chart position doesn’t really matter this early. It’s all about if the song is gaining spins or not. It gained about 100 spins last week compared to the previous. Not great, but ok.

Blake’s God’s Country will start falling from the top spot soon. You’d think many stations don’t want to play two Blake songs in heavy rotation so that could help.