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04-04-2015, 12:03 AM
I was thinking that maybe those who refused to offer permits for the Irealand Shows could reconsider. They could see how he preforms , does multiple shows, and has no problems with the cities in the United States that he could do his entertaining in Dublin. They could use the U.S. as an example or proof that it could be done.

The Fever
04-04-2015, 04:46 AM
I've seen this on the front page, live shows across the pond. You got my heart rate up for a moment.

But yes, I agree they should reconsider. I'm still crying over those concerts, it isn't a joke. We had him on our doorstep. It was once in a lifetime opportunity to see him, it was for me and you don't know what the future holds.

04-04-2015, 09:36 AM
Not from across the pond... But do please tell me how many people would fill Croke Park? Now I'm assuming that is the venue these concerts were to take place in. Looks to me this place holds 80,000 or there about. Most stops here in the States are at venues holding around 20k. So two shows in one evening brings in 40-45k into the city.

TWO of our nightly shows only files up half a stadium like Croke Park. Garth rarely does stadium shows here and sticks to the smaller arenas. I know there's loads of folks all around the world that want him to come.

I think it's terriable what happenen with the government and Garth that lead to the situation. The fact the Garth wanted to come there to as the place where he came back says a lot. He's said many times they have cities booked here on the US leg of the tour unti 2017. Hopefully they an come to terms when the time comes.


04-04-2015, 07:09 PM
From what I've heard in some articles that there were gonna be calls of street protests that would've been borderline riots if the concerts had went through. I know it sounds extreme but I know I heard something along those lines.

The Fever
04-04-2015, 08:03 PM
It doesn't sound extreme at all and I believe it.

There was a bitter dispute between croke park and the residents that went on for years. To cut a long story short, croke park was to knock down an old hand ball centre and build a state of the art centre. The new centre wouldn't have a bar. The old one did. And that is the reason the concerts were cancelled, because they didn't get a bar. The residents would try and get to croke park in any way they can, until they get their bar.
They did the same thing in 2009 when there was four concerts at the stadium, claiming the same things they did last year, claiming it was one too many. In 2010, when there wasn't any concerts, the residents blocked off the roads to prevent people from getting to a match at the stadium.

They threatened the council the week before the licences were granted. Threatened is a strong word but came out with a statement urging the council not to grant the licences. Their work was done, they had their input submitting objections, which by the way some of them were fake, and it was up to the council. The council met them half way to please everyone, but there was still an injunction sent in on the other three. The injunction wouldn't have held up, it was from someone who didn't live in the area. They were going to stop those concerts any way they can.

And Garth Brooks was the perfect artist for them and their issues to shine. They wouldn't let their bitter dispute go with 400,000 people who had nothing to do with it. But they wanted to do as much damage as possible.

I will never be able to get over the cancellation of those concerts. The DVD that was to follow. The memories would have lasted a lifetime.