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02-17-2015, 11:59 AM
WSIX is giving away tickets to a secret Garth concert next week hosted by Bobby Bones. Check out their twitter for more information.

02-17-2015, 01:02 PM
Here is a link to WSIX's twitter


And some of the tweets concerning the concert....

The BIG 98@98WSIX 4 hours ago

So our buddy @garthbrooks gave us ticket's to his show in Nashville and wants us to hook our friends up with them @OnAirAsAmy has some at 10

Amy Paige@OnAirAsAmy 3 hours ago

@titansbeth @garthbrooks Semi-secret. We just can't tell you the when and where...yet. You'll get a call from us with that. #GarthGracious

Amy Paige@OnAirAsAmy 3 hours ago

@ambley79 @garthbrooks We can't give any details other than it's NEXT WEEK some time. #SHHHHH #GoodGarthMan

02-17-2015, 01:40 PM
ooo very nice! Think it's fun him doing stuff like that.

02-17-2015, 01:59 PM
Awesome! Can't wait to hear more! This is the kind of fun stuff Garth needs to do more of

02-17-2015, 02:06 PM
Here is some more information. Show is on Wednesday February 25. I am hoping this is being taped for something. Maybe a new music video...


02-17-2015, 02:21 PM
Oh wow, that is cool!

02-18-2015, 03:14 PM
very cool- reminds me in a way of the 'backyard' concert concert prize back in the day.. maybe (hopefully) this will somehow get recorded?

02-19-2015, 02:45 PM
Garth will be in studio with Bobby Bones on Monday. He has syndicated clearchannel morning show. Most of the show is available on his website afterwards.bobbybones.com

02-19-2015, 02:47 PM
thanks for the heads up

02-25-2015, 01:57 PM
any updates on this since the show is today?

02-25-2015, 02:21 PM
My friend lives in Nashville and entered several contests to try and win tickets. She called the local radio station and they said they would start contacting winners late this afternoon, up until 6:00p.m. That seems too stressful! But then again, they don't want hundreds of people showing up without a ticket. She speculates the Ryman Auditorium but hasn't heard any buzz around town. I did see on Instagram that Garth was at a small bar/venue last night and some fans got to meet him. I think it was called 12th & Porter but I'm not sure what was going on. So if anyone is in & around Nashville, keep an eye out for Garth! :)

02-25-2015, 03:51 PM
Hope everyone uploads pictures to twitter.

02-25-2015, 04:16 PM
I really wish he would do the Bluebird Cafe, but it only seats about 100. My understanding is that tonight will seat less than 1,500 and will include Country Music Program Directors.

02-25-2015, 04:30 PM
Country Music Program Directors?

huh, interesting.

02-25-2015, 04:55 PM
Today is the Country Radio Seminar (CRS) in Nashville. Garth and Trisha are announcing the Country Radio Hall Of Fame Inductees this afternoon.

02-25-2015, 05:06 PM
This year’s inductees include:

Mike Kennedy-KBEQ (Kansas City) PD and morning host
Joel Raab-consultant
Randy Carroll-KAJA (San Antonio) morning host
Karen Dalessandro-WMIL (Milwaukee) morning co-host
Sammy George-former Clear Channel/Chattanooga, Tenn. GM

02-25-2015, 05:17 PM
My friend just sent me this message.... I asked if she heard anything yet.

No but this place called marathon music works holds 1500 and a girl I know said she heard that's where it was gonna be at 9...not sure how accurate her source is but when we hear where it's at we're probably just gonna go anyway and either hope for tix or wait around til it's over. I wanna hug Garth lol

02-26-2015, 05:06 AM
Marathon Music Works it was:


02-26-2015, 05:10 AM
From USA today, here's the set list:

Brooks' set list:

Cold Like That
Papa Loved Mama
Two Pina Coladas
The Thunder Rolls
Callin' Baton Rouge
All-American Comeback Kid
Friends in Low Places
The Dance
Much Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old)
Two of a Kind, Workin' on a Full House
Standing Outside the Fire


02-26-2015, 09:43 AM
If that is the true setlist, then it does sound like he's got it narrowed down to Cold Like That and All American.

02-26-2015, 10:01 AM
Confirmed he played cold like that and all american kid via videos

02-26-2015, 11:04 AM
Watched the video of him playing cold like that a few times. Still not my 'thing' but I think it could work in live set, and could even replace MAM easily. I have yet to see video of all american kid, but I'm guessing it could fit where PLP is at. Seems like a logical swap that could work. G man said he is going to have to change the concert up a little more then he did in the past due to social media etc, would make sense.

Any thoughts, or arguments against?

02-26-2015, 12:05 PM
I think it COULD replace MAM... don't know if it will, a least not in the first year of the tour.. it's got a great KISS type of opening feel.... (at least in the video with the curtain being pulled down...).. def. ends up sounding more 'rock' and less country... I do like the song though..

AAK- haven't seen that video yet....

02-26-2015, 01:43 PM
I've looked for the video and cannot find. Can anyone PM me a link I'd appreciate :)


02-26-2015, 01:49 PM
It's unlisted I think (to stall Garths gang from stopping its existence).... Try the Garth brooks believers Facebook page. They had it there earlier today

02-26-2015, 02:06 PM
Ohhh.. wow. ;)


02-27-2015, 01:35 AM
It would really surprise me if he would NOT keep on using MAM as a show opener. It is such a spectacular opening!

02-27-2015, 02:03 AM
It would really surprise me if he would NOT keep on using MAM as a show opener. It is such a spectacular opening!


03-01-2015, 10:33 PM
Finally found the "Cold Like That" video. I don't know about that one....sounds like Garth really wasn't even singing most of it. He had to rely on the backup singers a lot. There were a couple parts where he was singing so loud that his voice cracked.

PLP really wasn't a typical country song. I say go with All American Kid for the next single.

03-01-2015, 11:52 PM
Maybe he will put Cold Like That in the opening spot. I think that and Man Against Machine are equally great openers song-wise. However, there is more material to play with for actually designing and "opening" (i.e. the mechanics, everyone shouting "WORK!", etc.) That, plus I saw/heard an interview where he referred to this (finally) as the "Man Against Machine World Tour." So the title track seems an appropriate opening. Can't remember where that interview was though. One of the countless radio interviews I believe...

03-02-2015, 05:58 AM
However, there is more material to play with for actually designing and "opening" (i.e. the mechanics, everyone shouting "WORK!", etc.) That, plus I saw/heard an interview where he referred to this (finally) as the "Man Against Machine World Tour." So the title track seems an appropriate opening.

You put into words what I was thinking.

03-02-2015, 07:28 AM
Don't forget the last tour was considered the Fresh Horses tour and the opening track was also used to open the show.


03-02-2015, 08:51 AM
Also, as we all know Garth tries to think of the CD/album as a whole... Beginning/middle/end so then composition of any of his albums has always been thought out.

garth Brooks - Not Counting You : The Dance
No Fences - Thunder Rolls : Wolves
Ropin the Wind - Against the Grain : The River
the Chase - We Shall Be Free : Face to Face
In Pieces - SOTF : The Cowboy Song
fresh Horses - TOS : Ireland
Sevens - LNB : Belleau Wood
Scarecrow - why ain't I running : when you come back to me again

03-18-2015, 05:54 PM
If accurate, it does appear that the secret concert was taped for an upcoming release...