View Full Version : Surprise concerts, album promotion...at the expense of paying fans?

11-12-2014, 10:44 PM
I don't want to start any sort of war, but just wanted to get some other opinions on something.

I went to the first 6 shows in Minneapolis. Thursday and both shows Friday were outstanding. Friday night was probably one of the best Garth shows of the 40ish shows I've been to. Then he came out for the early show Saturday. Something was wrong...his voice was failing. Obviously it got worse for the late show on Saturday night...and Sunday was one of the worst shows I've seen.

Now he's barnstorming across the country to Facebook and Twitter HQ, Entertainment Tonight, GMA, surprise shows in San Fran. I can't imagine it's ideal for resting a voice that was REALLY rough just a few days ago.

Tomorrow starts a run of the last 5 shows in Minneapolis. If the voice problem rears its ugly head again Friday or Saturday, I'd say the ticket buying fans have a right to be disappointed.

I know people come for the "show" and that was much the same. His energy/passion was unquestioned. But if you can't sing your songs, that's an issue when people are paying to see AND hear you. It just bothers me that many people are seeing THAT as maybe their first, or certainly latest Garth concert. Doesn't leave the best impression.

(and yes, I get the need to promote the album and the launch of social media. I'm happy about those things. I just question the wisdom of 11 shows in 10 nights during it all. Hard to do everything at a high level and typically something/someone gets the short end of the stick)

11-12-2014, 11:00 PM
I heard his voice on some interviews and GMA it is rough and crackled. I think he should take a break form the touring and rest till his voice is better. it would be better for him and his fans.