View Full Version : Well I think my experiment has worked

11-11-2014, 10:03 PM
I had made a vow awhile back to not play Wade Bowen's newest record until I got Garth's "Man Against Machine" because I wanted to play both albums at the same time with the hope that playing both albums at the same time today would feel like playing two Garth albums at once. Well low and behold, my expectations were exceeded today, over an hour of new material combined with both the strong songwriting behind both albums, I gotta tell you it felt like an out of body experience and moving towards honky tonk heaven.

I can not stress enough how strongly I feel that Wade Bowen has been the best I discovered since Garth and playing his album alongside Man Against Machine just furthered my belief in that. If you ever get the chance, pick Wade's album up and play it alongside Garth's hopefully you'll like it.