View Full Version : Heard Garth on Vinyl for the first time

04-19-2012, 08:33 PM
Now don't freak out just yet because truth be told with the power of Winamp and a plugin called "iZotope Vinyl" I heard the 1989 Album for the first time in Vinyl form.

Now due to the fact that I been born around that year I never heard vinyl much because CD and Cassette dominated the landscape at that point but with the power of the Winamp player and that app I get to hear a dead on version of Garth on vinyl.

My closing thoughts on this is: with stories of Vinyl Lp's making a comeback and sales increasing at that point I say forget Garth going to Itunes bring his music to Vinyl so that way some of us can hear it.

04-21-2012, 11:55 AM
I got the first 5 albums on vinyl, but never listened to them, scared to screw them up! LOL

04-21-2012, 03:48 PM
not to start the debate (as I don't want it to get heated :)) but in the vinyl vs. iTunes thing? forget Garth bringing his music to vinyl, get with the program and bring your music digital... the protests/points that are made about "by song" and "for the artist" etc, just don't hold up- music can be made 'by album only'.. it is a matter of control, and letting go, and being stuck in your ways... IMO.. NOW, on to the vinyl thing- sounds cool!! wish I had a plugin like that for my mac- I prob. could get one..

Garth on Vinyl .... I have (somewhere) a few .45's of Garth... I almost got the first album on vinyl- one of my (not too many) regrets, Garth memorabilia wise...

how much ARE vinyl lp's making a comeback though?

04-22-2012, 12:55 AM
My friend is recording a EP and Apple (the company with $500 billion in offshore accounts wants 33% of each song/EP he sells...So it could just be fighting over money but neither wants to looks greedy?!

04-22-2012, 01:06 AM
I think it's definitely a money play.. Apple's got their 'policies' for certain (not all completely beneficial to the ind. artist..) and Garth's got his 'standards ' (previously stated by him... (and shown by examples of other artists on youtube as wrong in the album only area) . . it's money and control plainly.. interesting how some close to him, be it by marriage or by influence, aren't of the same vein of thinking apparently.. Garth could generate a nice swell of influence and new fans I'd imagine, if he'd join the 21st century and promote his music on iTunes... whether he likes it or not, music's going digital- it already has.... Garth could sell music on his own website too, and bypass iTunes.... sell it by album.... but then again.... that means he'd have to put (or have his people) put some effort into his website... for crying out loud, the 'garth gear' section needs to be updated, the 'buy it now' buttons go to walmart's site and then to 'product not found' pages... The front splash on the website is almost 2 years old if not older (the nashville shows)... it's time for an update- I'm sure there are several peeps here who could manage/update/promote Garth better than his own 'official' site does! :D

there's plenty of greed in the garth digital realm.... but plenty of chance/time for change... there are possibilities.. if only they will be realized..

EDIT- after seeing my earlier post- let me try to make this my last post mentioning this in this thread... I said I didn't want to start the debate- and I don't... (diff. thread maybe, but not here)