View Full Version : New Garth Record...well sort of.

12-21-2007, 02:34 PM
I'm just kidding. I know you hate me. But on my I-Pod I created a Bonus Track Garth record out of the extra/bonus tracks from all his records except for the Lost Sessions. Here is the playlist:

1. More than a Memory--Gotta kick it off with the new classic
2. Uptown Down Home--Classic country tune
3. Anonymous--A great third tune
4. Midnight Sun--New "friends in low places" classic tune
5. This Ain't Tennessee--Another classic Garth love song
6. Something with a Ring to it--gotta country after a slow song
7. Which one of Them--A short Garth tune but one of my favs
8. Wild as the Wind--From Double Live
9. Tearin' It up--The only version of this tune is the live version
10. Workin for a Livin--Not my fav but I want to finish this record on a high note
11. It was your song--Plucks at my heart strings
12. To Make you Feel My Love--Great tune
13. Leave the Light on--i cannot think of a better way to finish this record
14.Its Midnight Cinderella (from the Jay Leno show 1995) I made an MP3 of this song and it sounds so good that I used it as a bonus track. I wanted a version of a Garth tune that hasn't been released before.