View Full Version : video change tmyfml???

11-21-2007, 12:58 PM
ok, i may be wrong, but i am not sure. but... when "to make you feel my love" came out, (the video), there was this shot of garth, where he is coming down the stairs in the house, and i was thinking that i remembered there being this really cool shot, right there either on the wall or on the stairs. is was like you could see water, kinda like a lake or something, right there on the stairs as garth walks down them, or maybe it was on the wall next to the stairs, i can't remember. but anyway, i noticed that in the new dvd version, the water isn't there. and i can't find my tape that the video was on back when he first released it. so am i remembering it wrong, or did they change the video?

11-21-2007, 06:24 PM
Yeah, I posted it somewhere else and nobody commented back about it, but the ULTIMATE HITS version is different, there is no HOPE FLOATS footage in it, like the original version put out!

11-22-2007, 02:46 AM
i like the TMFLY video more without the Hope Floats footage now that I've seen it. I hadn't watched any of the old videos on the DVD yet. Cool that you noticed this, I'll definitely have to look at all of them now,lol

funny though the TMYFL removed the Hope Floats clips but When You Come Back to Me Again still has all the Frequency footage in it.

11-22-2007, 08:31 AM
Yeah, sure some red tape got in the way somewhere. One band I love, GIN BLOSSOMS did a song for a movie called EMPIRE RECORDS, the movie bombed but the soundtrack sold better than the movie, because thier song, TIL I HEAR IT FROM YOU was a major pop hit in the mid-90's but didn't let them put it out on thier DVD. Just stupid.

Anyways I was going to show my wife the scene where they actually play the song in the movie, then it hit me, there are NO clips from HF.