View Full Version : Trade Six Tickets for 11/6 for ANY night but 11/7

10-27-2007, 01:42 AM
Hi All!

I'm brand new here (second post), found this forum by Googling after the mayhem on Craigslist really turned me off...

We have six tickets for the Tuesday 11/6 concert that I am needing to trade for ANY other night EXCEPT 11/7; we can't go either of these nights because of a work schedule conflict.

Our tickets are in Section 218 Row 5, and all the seats are together. These aren't the greatest tickets but not the worst either as I'm sure you've heard Garth is playing to the whole stage so these are actually quite close to the stage.

I don't want to sell these UNLESS there is some way I can buy six together for face value to another night, and then I would sell ours for face value plus TicketMaster fees and shipping.

PLEASE if ANYONE has tickets that they need to trade, as long as they're together (we could even take 4 and 2 if absolutely necessary) and not for 11/7, reply here or email me through the site.

THANKS SO MUCH!!! I cannot wait for this show and don't want to miss it!

Scott in MO