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09-18-2007, 02:08 PM
So I know the "official" list of the tracks on Ultimate Hits hasn't been released.... let's just go by what cduniverse says the tracks are ....


now....based on that info........let's say ...what....18 songs would you put on a CD called Garth Brooks: The Best of the Rest? It can be any song from any of Garth's albums that isn't in that suppossed list of the tracks on Ultimate Hits....

I'll start...

1. Not Counting You
2. Alabama Clay
3. New Way To Fly
4. Wild Horses
5. We Bury the Hatchet
6. In Lonesome Dove
7. Night Rider's Lament
8. The Night I Called the Old Man Out
9. The Cowboy Song
10. The Old Stuff
11. Do What You Gotta Do
12. How You Ever Gonna Know
13. Rodeo or Mexico
14. Mr. Midnight
15. When You Come Back to Me Again
16. My Baby No Esta Aqui
17. You Can't Help Who You Love
18. Under the Table

09-18-2007, 03:28 PM
I think "Wolves" and "Face to Face" would def. make that album. Some other of my personal faves would include "Cold Shoulder" "Cowboy Bill" "That Ol' Wind" "In Lonesome Dove" (What an awesome story!) and "Take the Keys to my Heart"
But that's just me.

09-18-2007, 05:02 PM
I vote for "Every Now and Then" to be on that list somewhere...

That is my favorite unreleased Garth song.