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12-11-2005, 10:08 AM
Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Brooks, from Mr. & Mrs. Pahl. fellow fans to love

My wife and I met incidentally met 11 years on what would become the fullfillment for a lifetime and the envy of many. Although we are quite different, we share the same ideals. Strangely we were both teachers with many more similarities than could be matched through a dating service. Purpose, direction, and a lifelong friend we tied the knot blending families. Not always an easy task. I still see the woman I met 11 years ago and although I don't verbally tell her I show her everday.

I wish you both the same wealth that my wife and I share in finding true love. I wrote a ballad for her called "whisper." This summerizes our chance meeting and the voice in our heads that tells us to pay attention and listen.

Your fans to love,

Will and Kay Pahl
Melbourne Fl.