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08-03-1999, 04:20 PM
Welcome All. Thought I'd start a thread for shared info on dates and times info for Lost In You video. Aug 3 12:35 on Access Hollywood, which is after Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher in many areas of North America is the only info I have. Add what you can.<P>Standing outside the fire...Dan. Cheers!N

08-03-1999, 05:17 PM
Dan - I don't get access hollywood - if anyone saw it post what it was about please?<BR>ALSO - had a "sighting" this morning at 7:20 EST - The video played on VH-1 - WOOHOO!!!<BR>KerryN

08-03-1999, 07:17 PM
<B>Majmom</B>,<P>You mean you saw the video this morning? WOW, VH1 started to play it more often :)<P>Tommy<P><B>Dan</B>,<P>I will be ready to tape access hollywood.<P>TommyN

08-04-1999, 04:49 AM
I did tape Access Hollywood and it was mainly just announcing Garth in the life of Chris and showed clips of the video. It also confirmed the NBC special next month.N

08-04-1999, 07:00 AM
<B>PJ</B>,<P>I know, Garth's part is way to SHORT! NOT ENOUGH :( Oh well, at least I got to see just a little bit of the video. very cool :)<P>TommyN

08-04-1999, 10:33 AM
The video just played again today about 45 mins to an hour ago, didn't catch the time, but wasn't to long ago. :)N

08-04-1999, 12:18 PM
It played again this morning on VH-1 on Cardiovideo at about 7:10-7:20am EST - that's two days in a row at about the same time - I'll be watching tomorrow.<BR>KerryN

08-04-1999, 01:47 PM
Got a reply from CMT about Lost In You <BR>From: <A HREF="http://cmtcanada@shaw.ca" TARGET=_blank>cmtcanada@shaw.ca</A> <BR>Dear Dan;<BR>The video has not been released in Canada yet. We will be sure to air it<BR>when it comes in. The video will premiere on the "Screening Room" which airs<BR>every Monday night at 8pm and 11pm est.<BR>Stay tuned...<BR>Theresa Toth, CMT<P>So there you go, sorry to my fellow Canadians, we'll have to be patient until at least next Monday!<P>Standing (impatiently) outside the fire...Dan. Cheers!<BR>N

08-05-1999, 05:36 PM
Saw it again this morning on VH-1's cardiovideo at 6:20am EST, with a little musicnews lead in that was similar to the stuff shown when it debuted. I'll be tuned in again tomorrow!N

08-06-1999, 02:49 AM
No, this is not a double post - it was on again this morning at about 7:10am EST on VH-1's cardiovideo! Keep watching!<BR>KerryN

08-21-1999, 06:36 PM
Lost In You video now up to #16 on Canada's Muchmoremusic countdown. It's just on right now on their weekly countdown and I'm seeing it for first time. Very cool, but more like Prince from a visual perspective. Climb those charts Chris! Vote if you wish: <A HREF="http://www.muchmoremusic.com" TARGET=_blank>www.muchmoremusic.com</A> <P>Standing outside the fire...Dan. Cheers!N

08-21-1999, 07:57 PM
Hi Dan! Glad you finally got to see it!<BR>I'm at MMM regularly voting/requesting it. I don't have CMT! <BR>SarahN

08-21-1999, 08:05 PM
<B>HOLLY SMOKES</B> :) The video is soaring onto NO.1 SPOT!! Let's keeping requesting!!<P>TommyN