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05-11-2005, 07:50 PM
I'm a big Garth fan and have recently been trying to collect the back catalogue of his stuff. I have a couple of questions to ask as I have hit a wall in finding what I am looking for.
1. What is the extended version of The Thunder Rolls as featured on Double Live from?
2. Where is It's your Song from?
3. Where is Tearin' It Up from?
4. Where is Wild as The Wind from?

I feel like I'm missing a cd. I have searched everywhere and I am sure I have everything. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. great site!!! :-D

05-11-2005, 08:45 PM
The live version of The Thunder Rolls is from one of his videos...I think "This is Garth Brooks". If not that one, then "This is Garth Brooks Too". The first was sold commercially, the second was televised but not sold.

It's Your Song was recorded live at one of Garth's concerts...my memory escapes me as to where it was - some where in middle America I think.

Tearin' It Up was from his Ireland and Back video (I think), also televised and not sold commercially here, although I believe it was released in Europe.

Wild as the Wind...I'm not sure where that was recorded...I don't think it was on any televised video.

Another PGer may correct me on the above since I'm a little fuzzy.

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05-11-2005, 11:14 PM
Not all songs on Double Live had been released before. It's Your Song, Tearin' It Up, and Wild as the Wind were new songs released on Double Live.

The video for It's Your Song was filmed in Vegas (if memory serves) but not sure that's where the audio is from.

When Garth and Pat Alger wrote The Thunder Rolls before Garth had a recording contract, it had the 3rd verse. Tanya Tucker actually recorded it with the 3rd verse but never released it as a single. As the story goes, when Garth got his deal he also wanted to record it to make it a single but "forgot" about the third verse when recording. It was too late to add it to the CD but Garth has always performed the third verse live.